Testing this Massive Flail Mower on the TYM T574

Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here with Daniel from the Arms family Homestead and I'm here Because I've got this mosio flail mower That is way too big for my tractor and I Made a I made a comment on your YouTube Video when I watched your little John Deere tractor not able to lift it I was Like hmm I know a guy that's got a Bigger tractor yeah and this big machine Right here I'm excited he's going to let Me run it actually and I think it's just About the perfect size for this this Weighs 1300 pounds which is Right over the lift capacity on my three Point so should be a lot of fun we've Got a lot of room out here to play Around yeah we got 80 acres of mostly Untouched property that I mean we cut a Little bit of hay off up there's a lot Of overgrown brush and stuff I've been Working on cleaning this place up for a While and I mean there's a lot that Still needs to be done so all right my Best to convert you to a tym guy today Yeah I mean that's a lot of tractors so I'm excited to try it out you ready to Get that thing hooked up let's do it Locked in Two more inches back All right he's going through and finding All the grease Turks they call this The Terminator

They've got a lot of different models of Flail mowers and a lot of them offset And angle and everything else this one Is so heavy that they basically said They couldn't make it Angle it's just got About maybe 12 inches of side to side Offset on it before you turn it on I Want to show you what those blades Looked like I did that in the other Video but see if we can get a little bit Better look underneath Foreign Is blunt And thick I mean the steel on those Those hammers is yeah I think it's thick So if you've used a brush hog a lot but You've never used a flail mower This is actually my first second time Using a foil mower so not like I'm an Expert but the difference is this is not Throwing some material out and Windrowing anything It's not leaving really anything behind [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] It's always deceptive but I can't reach Around that it's pretty good size Foreign

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Small yeah that's pretty big What he backed over here turned into Nice mulch I think it does a fantastic job for this Maybe not perfect for backing over those Trees because if it if they just lay Down it's not going to hit them as Easily but when it does I mean it's Grinding them up So I think I'm going to give it a try Then I'll get Daniel's thoughts we'll Kind of do a wrap up on our overall Thoughts on the product Foreign Foreign Thank you [Music] [Music] All right so uh what were your first Impressions of the machio Flail Mower Well it's going to take some getting Used to it's going to take some learning

Um as far as Calling it a mower when I actually Looked at the tag it's it's called a Mulcher when you think of it there's a Difference in a mower and a Mulcher and This thing will mulch we There's just gonna be a learning curve On that that tree I don't want to run my Tractor over the top of a three inch Diameter tree but if we can back over Them and then pull forward it just it Literally turns it into garden mulch Like you would put on your flower beds And that's pretty impressive you can't Do that with a with a rotary style brush Hog so there is going to be a learning Curve but when you went through the the Timber and went through that Briar Thicket I said on my video you literally turn a Briar's ticket that you couldn't walk Through into like a campground you could Go in there and set up a tent and walk Around in flip-flops now and it'd be I Was back there like two or three minutes Yeah it wasn't nice you drove in pulled Forward backed up a couple times just so You could turn around and drove out and We're with a rotary cutter I feel like If you were trying to drive through that Thick of a briar Thicket they'd get Tangled up on your on your blades you'd Be able to cut them and you'd make a Trail through there but it wouldn't be

That finished look so if you're Interested in Flail Mower as an Alternative to a brush cutter Marshall Makes a lot of different models this is One of the larger ones I think they even Have a bigger one than this and then They've got a lot of smaller ones you Can put them on a even a sub compact I Think and they've got them that Articulate so you can go These are for sale on agfolks.com some Of them you can also go to the mossio Website and look at them there and get More information I really I'm hoping that I end up with one that's Sized for my tractor and we're gonna Leave this one here and let Daniel play With it for a while so if you want to See some more content on this Daniel's Channel is pretty pretty darn good Already they do all kinds of stuff Daniel's a great guy and I appreciate Him having me down yeah I mean we're not Just a tractor Channel I do a little bit Of everything but a lot of it involves Farm life and tractors are Huge in farm life so yeah my grandson I Think I've said it on the channel before Is five years old and could watch all Day watch him and his son fishing so They do a lot of that too but I Definitely appreciate you having it yeah Thanks for coming down man I really Appreciate you bringing this to me like

This I've thought about looking into the Flailmower world Um for quite a while just was kind of Scared because I've never used one and Uh it's just kind of worked out Perfectly I'm glad I commented on your Video and I was like hey I know a guy Hey but we're going to shoot some more Content here and I'll have some more Videos on it so until then we'll see on The next one Ah

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