[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you So the other day we got five Stomps dug Out of here five decent size dead stumps That had been here since we moved in uh I got a couple other really big ones Maybe I'll hook up our our heavy duty Stump wrecker and

Put it on the JCB the the teleskid and Tackle those uh I don't know I didn't Really rate it for that size of a Teleskid but we'll see if that HD bucket Can hold up to it that'd be a fun a fun Test but today what we're doing is Getting rid of those stops and filling In these holes we're just going to do Some back filling and I wanted to show You guys I really like this three-point Carry-all I really like this added Grapple on the bucket too so I wanted to just kind of give you a Visual on how those work in a couple Different scenarios and uh you know for Our purposes here we're only moving Those stubs I kind of have this whole Little I don't know some kind of Some kind of habitat row that I'm making I think maybe that's what it's called I'm hoping it fills in with grass and Everything I kind of lined the edge of a Little marshy area with all this Dead Fall that we had and I'm hoping Louise And the grasses Fill in around there and make it look Not so Like it looks and uh pull some some Critters give them some good hiding Spots and everything else when the Coyotes and the fox and all that good Stuff so today we could have moved Everything over there just with the

Grapple right but I wanted to show you The carry-all as well because this is a Cool product for folks that don't have a Loader don't want to get a loader or Maybe they've got a loader in a bucket And you just want to have another way to Carry stuff so more of the visual the Conceptual idea behind it just to show You what that's all about there's a bit Of learning curve you put it all the way Down to the ground that latch will Sometimes release on its own and I do See down there where you could Definitely put a pin through there to Prevent that from happening so it Wouldn't come unlatched if you don't Want it to I I didn't feel like that was That big of a deal today took the ball Pitch receiver off the back as well to Make it more look like a regular bucket Edge on there too I do think what would Be the cat's meows if you had a Hydraulic top link on your three point To really adjust that angle on the fly With the carry-all that would be pretty Slick we'll have a hydraulic top link on This tractor at some point soon we do Have them on other machines I am Impressed by this attic grapple though This is you you know there well I like a Regular grapple because it doesn't fill Full of dirt and all sorts of other Stuff that just hangs out in the bucket I like a grapple rake because of the

Fact that you can it's like a rake you Can rake along the ground and push Debris into a pile and then grapple it Up and take it away but this is a really Cool concept it's a lot cheaper Especially with the prices going Sky High these days on everything I know I'm Not alone on on that it's a nice way to Get into a grapple at a much lower price Point utilizing the bucket you already Have it doesn't it doesn't mean you Don't need to have the additional Hydraulics on your tractor right the Summit tractor comes standard with those Additional Hydraulics our other partner Summit Hydraulics separate from Summit Tractors sells these add-on hydraulic Kits for the front the back all over That you can get as well you still need To have that okay there's not an Electric option available right now but Super handy much lower cost I'm really Happy to get these videos out showing This added gravel because I think it's Going to be the solution for a lot of Folks out there so getting towards the End of filling in all these holes I Realized man We don't have enough dirt and obviously That makes sense we just pulled out some Big root balls and everything else and So we had some big holes to fill and Fortunately I've got a pile of topsoil At the back of the property so I just

Made one trip back there and that's Really handy right it took fewer trips Because I've got the carry-all on here And the bucket on the front so we could Do a double scoop that way and get them Both and uh other examples I think you Know we've shown loading up like the old Tech trailers and and Hauling a big load Of dirt that way too so that's another Option to do that of course but really I Think just that one scoop with the front And the back was enough maybe who knows We're gonna let this sit for a little Bit Um we're heading out of town for a few Days and then maybe this will kind of Dry out and we'll get lucky I want to Till this all up that's the next step Here is to till it all up and common Question especially this time of year And you see it a lot in the fall too is I need to level my yard out right and The biggest challenge was leveling a Yard is the existing side It's all clumpy when you try to rip it Up with a box blade or any other tool And I think a tiller is really hard to Beat it's going to just chop up Everything very evenly and consistently It's going to eliminate those high spots In those low spots if you do have severe High spots and low spots at that point You can take a box blade a land play in Your bucket even a landscape rake

Whatever and whole material where you Need it to go but you're going to be Able to do it a lot easier with Completely tilled up ground and while it Seems like you're almost starting over From scratch it's going to give you by Far the best results So folks I guess this is kind of step Two right ripping out the stumps but we Gotta get it in the condition that we Want to be in so step two is filling all Those holes back in getting rid of the Stumps getting them out of here then Filling the holes back in and kind of Getting a rough grade just sort of back To normal this is plenty good right now And that next step is going to be Tilling it out this whole area is going To get Just tilled up probably two or three Passes piece of cake and get our Renovation that close to being ready We'll be ready for seed right after that And you know this is the second best Time of year to see it all right the Best time of year is is early fall but Early spring is the next best time of Year to seed and so we're gonna jump on That as best we can here and I think by The time mid or late summer comes it's Going to look like a normal lawn so if You want to see more about this project Make sure you watch that last video About digging these stumps out hit

Subscribe to be notified of more videos In the future and if you're looking for Something for your tractor for the front End loader or the three-point hitch more Than likely we can help you out check Out goodworkstrackers.com we include Shipping rewards and financing too I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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