Folks the intro you're about to see is what
we shot before we actually went out and tackled The snow and uh we thought we had everything
planned out just dialed in ready to go and We quickly found out we were incredibly wrong
folks how we doing you know we recently put Out a video using the snow blower on the summit
tractor this is part of the same snowstorm The same blizzard that we're dealing with
but we're using two different Tools in this Video gonna tackle all of our non-pave surfaces
well except there is some concrete the pads Outside the barn we're back by the bar in
the back of the property right now and I'm Realizing a conundrum because I don't want
to use chains on the the concrete areas and I could drag the summit out here and tackle
that but I'm going to I'm going to give it A shot I'm going to use a 1025 we have some
big drifts just on the other side of the wall Right behind the camera big old drifts there
I'm going to try to use a back drag I think And pull the snow back away and just be really
careful like straight lines only make sure I don't slip all that kind of stuff with the
chains on here I don't want to damage the Concrete out there but what I really want
to show you guys are two attachments and action That I've never used for snow removal before
first one is going to be a rear blade that Spun around and in the opposite direction
so it doesn't want to dig in to the snow and Then down into the gravel and the stone and
drag that off the plowing surface and off Your driveway and make a big mess for spring
cleanup and cost extra money to get more of A hauled in everything else so we spun that
around so that curved blade is kind of curved Back away and so it'll it'll kind of Glide
along a little bit and you know we saw the Angle to kick it off to the side in theory
we're going to see how that does I do have My weight brackets on here my hitch hangers
on there we can add suitcase weights forward Down pressure if we need to I'm not sure if
we will or not we're going to try it without It and then over here on the 2038i we're going
to try another totally goofy looking one but It's a landscape rake and again a lot of good
feedback out there from folks that have used This with success on gravel lanes and it does
a good job not collecting all that stone and Kicking that off your drive and still does
pretty good at getting rid of the snow too So we're going to give this one a shot as
well I don't know I we're going to see if Either of these are a success or not but I'm
just experimenting having some fun playing Around with different equipment and seeing
if we can get more versatility out of a tool Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music]

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to charity so it's going to a good cause [Music] Alrighty folks so if you watched the previous
video you know that this was a a blizzard That we had and I don't honestly know how
much snow fell I I want to say about nine Inches but it really depends on the area you're
in and uh the two track and the gravel drive Were the last area we're going to tackle and
I want to try out a couple new tools well I quickly found out what the 1025r that the
the lane in between the two pastures was pretty Darn deep and on top of that we'll show you
some footage too but this this Lane had been Rutted up and just muddy as I'll get out and
you know I was holding off graveling this But we're going to have to gravel it just
because we can't deal with this and so these Muddy ruts had Frozen up and that compounded
the issue and I wanted to try to get down This Lane with the rear blade seeing how it
tackled the snow it didn't take long before I realized that this was not going to work
and I think it was a combination of things And it's honestly the first time that the
1025r has ever let me down that I can recall In any way I mean I I love the 1025r but I
can't think of another time where it failed Me like it did today and it's really because
of the ground clearance and it just did not Have enough ground clearance on it to be able
to to get over the snow and those drifts that Just kind of piled up down in there and then
the compounding ruts when we get trapped down In there and I couldn't steer my way out of
it no matter what I tried I was able to to Get back up uh to the barn and add on suitcase
weights to the hitch hangers and hopefully That'll visually see but that that extra weight
did make a big difference in traction I was Able to really get through a lot further but
you really couldn't push any of this snow I went forwards I went backwards with the
rear blade I tried the snow Pusher you know I was using diff lock the entire time had
the chains on the rear tires I don't know What else I could have tried but it just didn't
have enough oomph to get it done so as far As traction with the chains I honestly don't
know if they made much of a difference or Not at the end of the day we failed with this
setup here and it was a total letdown I was Expecting bigger things out of it but that's
the limitation I guess of a small tractor

And uh perhaps a front mount blower would
tackle that um but that'd be in a muddy Ruddy Lane like that you know you're going to be
that's that's going to be a struggle for anything I feel like and and a bigger tractor is the
answer now a couple of points here is that One I waited until all the snow was done for
the most part the majority of the storm has Already blown through I was doing that intentionally
when I would typically go out and every three Four five six inches whatever it is stay on
top of clearing that and so I would that's Kind of the idea is you don't get yourself
into these situations to begin with you know Everything was closed because of this blizzard
so typically you're going to be working from Home or your business is going to be closed
it's you're going to have more opportunities To get out there and stay on top of it and
number two even with chains like the ultimate Traction device that there is there is still
a limitation to the machine and we found it Today all right so then it was time to try
things out with a 20 38 hour and I I put the Snow Pusher on there as well 54 inch wide
typically I'd put a 60 or 66 inch wide on A 2038 or a 2032 but you know that that's
just what I have out here so we got the 72 Inch landscape rake on the back of it and
at this point I'm I'm starting to get cold And a little frustrated so I want to power
through that lane and just get down to the Gravel drive so we can try out a tool on the
gravel driveway so I did just that with a Bit of effort and I'm gonna probably talk
about this a couple of times but I really Don't like R4 tires they are they're just
well they last a long time so that that's A good thing is you don't have to replace
them probably as often as you do some other Tires not that you're replacing tires very
often anyways but they just do terrible and Snow and this just brought back nightmares
of years ago when I got stuck off the side Of my driveway in my old neighborhood where
we used to live with our four tires on a 1025r They're just terrible for snow traction but
finally managed to get down to the Gravel Lane and here is where we get to experiment
with a landscape rake and seeing how that Does if that minimizes the amount of stone
that gets picked up and and kind of plucked Off and and moved over to the side of the
driveway into the grass and that didn't go All that great and I think part of that's
because the gravel is not completely Frozen Up yet and it was quickly I could see just
there was plenty of stone getting caught up In the snow that we were moving it was moving
snow it was clearing snow off the drive but It was taking a lot of gravel with it and
I didn't like that at all and I tried to play Around with it I've got a hydraulic top link
so I adjusted that a bit to this way and that Way I went forwards and backwards with the
rake going backwards did seem to work a decent Amount better so if you could go backwards
with the rake then that is definitely a solution

Um if you can maintain light contact instead
of completely dropping it down I found that Also was more effective on on carrying just
the snow and not the gravel but with that You need to have a very smooth surface that
you're clearing otherwise that rake every Bump and undulation you hit the rake is going
to go up and down because it's you're trying To kind of ride it just on the surface instead
of just dropping it down and letting gravity Do its thing so you know our experiment so
far is not going all that fantastic all right And so last thing we were doing needed to
get the snow away from the doors and everything Else and we're some really deep drifts were
and all that kind of thing up in the concrete Pad near the barn now I want to preface this
by saying that these rear tires on the 2038 Are not loaded so that is not helping either
because that's hundreds of pounds of ballast Weight that we could really use and also if
I'm going to push snow with a snow Pusher I need a lot of ballast weight back there
and that could be with a pusher or a plow Realistically so you'd have the tires loaded
maybe you have wheel weights on here at least We have the hitch hangers with six of these
weights but I would also have a ballast box Or like we sell a a versa bracket with eight
more suitcase ways you can put on there you Need a lot of weight on the backside to get
traction and we weren't fully set up for that Because of our setup and what we were experimenting
with and so anyway that that struggle really Showed and you can just see these tires just
Spin and they can't get traction to save their Life and um boy it was it was really frustrating
this little Pusher that was on this 20 38r Should have easily been able to handle this
snow on the 10 25 hour with like the Versa Turf tires that we have on there or at least
proper battle Hood out here it would have Made such a huge difference it was one of
the biggest struggles I've had in years trying To move snow today and pretty much every setup
in every situation that we had so the experiments Did not go all that well I wanted to give
you guys some more helpful insight into what Was going on with these different setups and
different tools that maybe you already have Or maybe you're considering because you can
use them for work in the summertime and work In the wintertime and I wouldn't completely
rule out the rake and the rear blade but I Also wouldn't confidently say it's going to
work great for your situation either so a Couple points to consider though one if you
live in an area where your gravel or your Winters I guess are a constant freeze thaw
like what it is kind of becoming the norm Here and what Michigan so it was like single
digits it was one degree and my truck thermometer Yesterday at one point um wind chill they
said right now is minus 11. so it's it's cold Out there but a week from today it's supposed
the high is 50 degrees so it's just it swings A lot and with that it's really tough for
gravel or dirt you're just going to have a

Mess a lot of the time a couple things that
could help with the rear blade and the landscape Rake on the rear blade you can get gauge shoes
not on the 60 inch but the 72 inch and larger And so kind of some Skid shoes on there I
said gauge shoes skid shoes that's what I'm Talking about and those could really help
keep that rear blade from digging down in And on the landscape rake you can get gauge
wheels on there that also control the amount That it's going to try to sink down in and
really help you to kind of keep it riding On the surface too so those are a couple possible
improvements that we could look to make in The future when we try this again because
I'm not going to give up just because it didn't Work out great the first time doesn't mean
I'm going to give up on it but we're going To make some tweaks and and come back stronger
next time well I hope you enjoyed watching The struggles today it doesn't always go perfect
and you know what we still got the snow moved Right but if you want to see more videos of
the good times and the bad times we try to Keep it real hit subscribe right down below
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to stop by and until next time stay safe we'll See you soon [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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