The Best Compact Tractor Flail mower Crushing Trails and Forest

So this is probably the biggest thing I’ve done right here Break one link Hey welcome back to the channel I’m Fired up this is going to be a fun video For you guys that are following the Channel uh you know we’re testing this Bottle light flow more this is the Bottom light FMP 260. if you’re not if You’re if you’re new to the channel I’m Tony and this is Tony’s tractor Adventure where we we build things we Are using our equipment to build our Homestead you guys follow our journey So like I said before this is the Bomolite FMP 260. and as far as I can Tell this is the heaviest Duty UH 60 Inch flow Mower on the market I’ve it’s 950 pounds of goodness now if you’ve Seen in some of our other videos we have Taken this thing through some pretty Intense stuff and and we will continue To do that but today today’s gonna be a Fun video we are going to take this flow More slash Mulcher through probably the Most extreme stuff that you’re ever Going to see anybody do so let me tell You a little bit more about the flow More in just a second so this particular Flail more comes with these heavy duty Steel hardened teeth you will see other Film Wars with some wide teeth like this But they’re not like these these are Hardened steel and these teeth are

Absolutely heavy this is the mulching Setup so the way it’s written in the uh The book it’s capable of A three inch diameter I’m pretty right Now I’ve already went over three inches And I believe if you take your time and You’re patient you just go slow It’ll it’ll do a lot more and uh When bomb light asked me to test this I’m going to test it Okay here’s another big surprise we Bought some land some more land the land Beside our original property you know it Came open and we were able to purchase It and now we’re completely broke but we Own some land this land is pretty much Untouched as you can see the Siamese Tanya’s out on the road but behind us It’s basically Woods for the whole Entire property so we’re not going to Get into the details of our property we Don’t try to put all that stuff out There but we got some property so this Right here is going to be an awesome Test for the bomolite flailmower slash Mulcher this thing is rated at three Inches of mulching and like I said Before if you are smart with it and go Slow you can do much more and we’re Going to be smart with it and move along Slow but we’re going to clean all this Up that’s kind of got overgrown and then We’re going to start our trail that Works back around into the woods and

Goes all the way around both of these Properties now which we will at some Point combine together and make one Property so I know you guys are tired of Hearing me talk but throw me a comment Section about land buying land I think Land is the perfect thing to buy guys You just never they’re not making more Of it let’s go to work Do you think you can do this Looks pretty tall I mean it’s about uh Oh gosh that’s some of that stuff’s like 10 foot tall It’s totally lame this is uh this is Invasive this is not from here this is From another country isn’t that kind of Tree we had in the old house in in Smyrna when I thought it was like I Forget what it is but it’s there were Some of that up and land between the Lights and went by this is this is in This is invasive and they say come from Another country it’s really fast growing So there’s supposedly a trail here Find it when we get rid of this did you Know This why my flowers is a herb Did you know this yellow flower is used For allergies They tend to give me problems All right let’s go to work I think oh let’s see it’s hot So what we’re going to do here is turn The PTO on went through it four-wheel

Drive I’m going to keep it pretty high off the Ground put about three inches off the Ground and I can do that by adjusting The The top link up and down [Music] So by keeping the putting it all the way Back it cutting about three inches off The ground so we may come back later and Lower it down and cut any stops that are Sticking up but I’m just going to go With it we’ll see what it does I think This flow mower is going to just rip Through this I did service this I greased it really Well [Music] And I Prior to getting here I’ve checked all The old serviced I’m pretty happy with That [Music] Put it back in low range I actually didn’t even phase it [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] So this is probably the biggest thing I’ve done right here Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay now we’re gonna get Brave And I’m gonna just cut out through there In the woods we walked this yesterday we Got a pretty good understanding of the Terrain so I’m pretty happy with this this is Freaking awesome that’s that’s why this Thing is probably worth the extra money So let’s go to let’s go to work Gonna put my uh I’m gonna put my grandpa Down a little bit low just to make sure That I don’t get anything A few trees down [Music] A lot of little stuff here across the Road and uh I’m just gonna drive over it

Bolt it all up I push that big one out Of the way [Music] [Music] I’m gonna go right through that [Music] Pretty rotten So we went got the little chainsaw and Just kind of chopped this up [Music] Trying to keep this pretty natural so I’m not going to like Get rid of this I’ll put it over to the Side so that animals can have a place to Hide [Music] It’s kind of going to be our little National Park [Music] Time mandia So this is the new tonlandia this is Going to be our little National Park Woodlandia So we got Thailand where’s Tony landia At I get I get a I get a sawmill that’s it Okay Yeah and one closet I got it got it All right so let me get this out of the Way and then we’ll get back to Mowing And running that flail more Today I’m gonna take this one little Tree up here Not really free

[Music] [Music] So we get this all cleared out we can Come back with the brush tiger on the Front and just kind of get some of the Low hanging limbs down And make this just an awesome walking Trail [Music] [Music] So I didn’t have come across any snakes Yet except that one little green one but Anything else I haven’t come across it So hopefully this stays this way But he’s making all this Ruckus here That they’re probably running But yeah this is just beautiful out here I can’t wait to get this Trail all fixed And we actually can walk this Trail Around and not have Briars it’s just This is awesome I know I keep saying That but this is just gorgeous out here [Music] Foreign [Music] S We ran over beautiful turkey tails too Now out of all of what we did the teeth Still look awesome But we did break one link and I have Extras on hand So I will do that any day of the week to Clear that much in that short of time And still be able to mow the yard

You see here where I got a couple Nicks Where that’s where I hit some rocks but Listen The wood what we hit out here today That’s not a problem That’s impressive so one two one one two Sit come on That’s really impressive Now that was hickory too [Music] All right we want to show you what we’ve Done we’re so excited it is super hard To explain how excited we are so this is What we did yesterday but I wanted to Come back today and shoot a video Showing you what we did and walk you Through our Trail so if you be patient With us walking through our Trail I Think it’s it’s just pretty awesome We’re back over here early in the Morning Just Sun just come up about 45 minutes Ago and we just want to walk you back Through here we’ve already seen deer uh Run across in front of us but This is this is Tanya’s Enchanted Forest What do you call it Say it say it louder where they can hear It yeah I think that’s kind of a yeah German forest Yeah so anyway we used to walk some Trails in Germany back in the day when We were stationed over there when I was Stationed over there

Yeah but uh so we we cleared this trail Out yesterday and then we’ll walk back Up this one this is the one we made That goes back up to the towards you the Other property But this is just absolutely beautiful And I’m I’m holding the camera So bear with me I am really impressed with that Obama Light platform or with the you know with A mulching kit on it it just absolutely Uh devired This all these little trees and stuff Now I will say that I did go over the Size limit on that one little hickory Tree and I did break one tooth off So there’s one one tooth we broke off But to pay somebody to come back in here And do this would have cost probably You know a thousand twelve hundred Dollars to have somebody do this and That little tooth was about 10 bucks I Keep I got some extra on hand so that’s Well it’s just one boat to swap it out It’s a big spider web right there see it Y’all see that big spider web right in Front right here right there Moving Yeah you walk first So anyway guys this is uh it’s hard to Really hard to really see this but we’re Going down fairly fairly significant Grade here We get to the bottom of this hill I’ll

Take and turn around with a camera level Give you an idea of kind of the grade It’s hard to It’s hard to see grade in the camera but This is so it is enchanting I say it so Our goal we’re probably not going to Really develop this property very much It’s going to mostly be just kept in Woods and we’re just going to keep this Trail clean so that we can walk around But we’re not we’re gonna try to leave a Lot of this in in woods so this is where Tanya’s gonna put a a nice swing and You’ll be able to look here now you Yeah Right here is your swing Yeah if you can look over here And I’m gonna hold the camera level You can see how far that goes down so It’s pretty steep great and then I’m Going to come right here And hold the camera level again And you see that’s pretty good that’s a Pretty good grade back up But uh nothing nothing too bad but What’s beautiful out here So we’ll walk you down a little bit Further And then we’ll go back up the top and I’ll bring you back to the uh Uh To the new the new Trail this was Actually an old trail that was so here Is the end of where we stopped yesterday

And then the trail will actually turn And go down that is about an 80 foot Uh drop off if you will and great not Not in distance it’s like 80 foot Elevation drop it’s about 200 yards back We found that we have a live uh spring Back there so All year long because it’s very dry Right now and there’s still water uh you Know coming out that spring so this is a Year year-round spring and we’ve had a Very dry year so that’s very that’s very Promising So I know all you guys are seeing is Just the woods but Like I said it’s hard to it’s hard to Say how excited we are about all this We get this we get this Trail done it’ll Be all the way around both properties And that will be probably close to a Three mile Trail because it’s not going To be straight It’s going to be wandering around Yeah this is it just don’t get no better In this guys we’ve worked our whole life Started out with nothing and and then And we’re We’re proud landowners of new land but We’re so we’re broke After buying this we’re broke So anyway But uh now we’re land locked in nobody Can build build by us Uh we’ve got plenty of land forest and

We already had our own forest but adding On to the outlet yeah but no one can Build around us and eat any any place That’s you know significant so Everybody’s way away from us so taking Us a long time to get here But uh Wow A bunch of bunch of rambling [Music] We have our own So this is kind of our end goal I know We’re rambling a little bit and I’ll try To edit this out a little bit But we’re going to want to have a uh It’s gonna be kind of like our little Our little National Park you know and For our family and friends to come over And visit and I can see some hay rides Around these trails and Yeah you know part of it’s going to be More like a uh Roller coaster yeah yeah with a zip line Zip line and I do have that’s crazy who Wants a zip line I’ve got six about 600 Maybe 700 feet of high tinsel half inch Steel line that I I come across and Didn’t know what I was going to do I Picked it up for 100 bucks And it’s it’s crane cable but boy it Would make an awesome zip line It gets more leading away hang it right Buddy Hey go this way

We’re gonna go this way So this is the new trail that I cut back In this takes us back over If it takes us back over to the pasture And uh then that attaches over to our Property Or other property So what we will do is get all of this Look at this this was all trees it was All like this And that bomb like Mower with the mulching kit just Just ripped it up and here’s another Cool spot She wants to put a bench here Also you tired before you get out the Open field you can sit down and take a Break she’s huffing and puffing pretty Good right now yeah that Hill’s pretty Tough now It’s all uphill and then it goes kind of Flat up here but So this Brink this comes out into The pasture What do you think [Music] That’s awesome Mosquitoes mosquitoes hey that’s enough Rambling for today I just hope you guys Are already as excited for for us as we Are for for us we’re pretty excited for Us this is it’s been a long process Getting this property and yeah this is Really going to open a lot of avenues up

For us as far as having some trails and Just places to go back we can go camping Back here you know we never have to Leave the farm ever again yeah we’re Never leaving the farm ever again so Listen I really appreciate you watching This please leave us a comment what you Think we should do on developing a Property and uh God bless have a great Day bye [Music] Foreign [Music]

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