The BEST “Not A Morning Person” INSTANT Breakfast! | SUPER EASY Multigrain Hot Cereal Mix

Just because a food is instant does not Necessarily mean it's bad for you and That's the case for this incredible Amazing breakfast when you make your own Instant mixes at home you can create Some absolutely amazing things that are Super healthy for you for just pennies And today we're going to be looking at My latest favorite Instant Breakfast it Whips up in just a few minutes it's Going to sit on your shelf until you Need it and it's ready to serve with Just boiling water in a few minutes of Time Check it out Well if necessity is the mother of Invention then not being a morning Person or a breakfast person has led me To all sorts of amazing inventive ways To get a healthy hot breakfast on the Table for my family first thing in the Morning without me having to do much Cooking or ingredient mixing or standing Over a stove because that just doesn't Happen real well for me I'm just not a Morning person this is one of those Amazing meals I absolutely love this It's low in sugar it is high in fiber it Uses lots of really fresh Great Grains And gets a whole lot of different Nutrients into the body and it is Absolutely delicious and the varieties Are endless but what's even better is it Just sits there waiting for you until

You're ready to use it today we're going To be roll rolling our own grains I do This I've done this for years this is The grain roller or the oat roller that I have had for about 18 years now like It has gone that long this thing has Lasted me forever and it's still limping Along just fine it doesn't do a great Job with some of the smaller grains but It does wonderful for the oats so we Just keep going with it I'm going to Roll them all that way I get the Freshest grains possible now if I'm Going to roll my own grains that means I Don't really want them just sitting on My counter afterwards or on a shelf Because they'll be losing vitamins They'll be losing all the nutrients and All the goodness that rolling them fresh Gives us therefore I want to go ahead And keep this particular mix in the Freezer and I don't want to make too Much at any one time just what we'll get Through in about two weeks so it can sit In the freezer it'll still be ready to Go at a moment's notice if you don't Have a grain roller and you're going to Be buying the rolled grains all ready to Go then you don't have to worry about That too much Unfortunately they will Have already lost all the goodness of a Freshly rolled grain you can just go Ahead and keep your mix on the Shelf Okay let's get started now the

Ingredients here are really flexible and You can leave out different grains you Can add in more grains whatever you want To do but we're going to start with Three quarters cups of Oats I'm going to add in half a cup of a Whole wheat this is a whole wheat berry We're gonna flake that up just like a Rolled oat so that'll be different Then we're also going to have half a cup Of barley Toss that right in there and about a Half cup of quinoa now you could also Add Millet you could add amaranth you Could add all sorts of different grains To this whatever you wanted but that's What I'm going to go with for right now We're going to turn it on and let that Roll Foreign [Music] There we have it all of the grains are Rolled that only took a couple of Minutes it doesn't take very long to add A freshly Rolling step you know I can remember Getting this oat roller Because my first son was just about to Be born I was probably about this Pregnant with my very first son and he's Just about to turn 18 so that tells you How long some of these things can last That was the hardest part of the whole

Thing again if you don't have a a grain Roller like this you're not interested In one then just go ahead and get Old-fashioned oats at the grocery store And look for all your other ingredients Already rolled and they'll be good to go Let's look at what else we're going to Put in here we have about two Tablespoons of chia seed right here so I'm just going to put that right over The top you could add oat bran if you Had that you could add wheat bran you Could add all sorts of goodies in here To kick up that fiber just a little bit More and give your family a really Really Powerhouse breakfast there and Then we're going to add in half a cup of Walnuts again add in whatever you want If you'd rather have almonds or pecans That would be phenomenal half a cup of Dried fruit this is just some apple Juice sweetened cranberries dried Cranberries that I get from Azure Standard I absolutely love these things But you could put in raisins you could Put in dried apples dried peaches think Of all the amazing flavor combinations You could come up with what about an Apple cinnamon Walnut and that that sounds really good Or maybe even a vanilla with peaches and Some almonds that would be an amazing Combination okay and then you get to add Some spices to it I've got about a

Teaspoon of cinnamon I'm going to put That right in A teaspoon of Ginger and about a quarter Teaspoon of cloves You can see how simple this was this was Just dump a bunch of things in there and Look at that I wish you could smell it It smells really good with the dried Fruit in here I don't find that it needs Any sweetener for me and I prefer not to Have any additional sweetener in my Breakfast but if you and your family are Just sure that you're going to want some Sweetener in here you can add it right Now make sure it's a dry sweetener Because again this is a mix that's going To sit for a while until you're ready to Use it otherwise if you want to add a Little bit of Honey or maple syrup just Wait until you go to serve it now we're Just going to mix this all together and Get it into our storage container you Could use a Ziploc bag if you wanted you Could use a different type of Jar Whatever canister you had this is going To make about seven one-third cup Batches give or take a little bit that Always seems a little small to me that's A traditional serving size but for me I usually serve it up closer to half a Cup we're just going to use a funnel to Get this into our jar and then we're Going to put a lid on it make sure it is Labeled if you jump over to the blog

That's attached to this not only can you Get the written recipe for this Downloadable and printable but you can Also get the label that I'm including For you as to directions on here so you Can put directions right on this jar for Your family so if you're not on hand They know how to feed themselves and Again if you're using a freshly rolled Grain in here you're going to want to Get this right into a freezer so that You keep all of the vitamins that you Can locked in there but if you're using A store-bought grain that was rolled Before you bought it then feel free to Keep this on your shelf for oh probably Up to about six weeks before you really Need to move it out eat it up and get a Fresh one on there wasn't that easy that Was just so simple and what's amazing About it is that if you were to buy this Kind of instant mix at the grocery store It would be really expensive something That's this healthy that has this much Just real food in it good high quality Ingredients it's absolutely amazing what You can do when you make it at home and How much money you can save on it Especially if you're buying bulk if you Are not used to buying bulk you may want To check out Azure standard I'll put a Link down in the description that's Where I get almost all of my grains my Dried fruits anything we don't make at

Home or raise or grow ourselves that's Where I get all of those different Things you may want to check that out Okay let's talk about how to actually Serve this up now this is really well Mixed smells great it's ready to go I Have some boiling water and a kettle Right back there shared I'm going to put About half a cup into a bowl now again However much you want to eat that's Totally up to you If you wanted to add any liquid Sweetener to it or any individualized Sweetener this would be the moment to do That I'm just going to keep mine Completely non-sweetened I'm just going to take a little bit of Water just enough to cover it Then I'm going to put a plate right There I'm just going to let it sit for About two to three minutes it's not Going to take very long just to let the Grains absorb all of that water and Start to soften it all up and then That's it it's ready to go all right This has been steaming for about three Minutes not very long Let's take a look and oh it looks so Good can you see that I wish you guys Could smell this it smells so rich and Hearty and just filling in a really good Way but without all the sweet I really like that [Music]

That is really good check out this video Right here for another amazing mix that You can get on yourself to have it ready For you whenever you need it

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