The Best of the 2023 Equip Expo

The Best of the 2023 Equip Expo – Innovative New Equipment for 2024

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At Rockhill farm we think outside the box and put out daily equipment videos. Running our 2038R compact tractor, 325G skid loader and a variety of other toys.

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And we are out here today at the equip Expo in Louisville Kentucky and I'm Going to walk this show and show you Some of the coolest equipment like this Bad boy and anything I find interesting We'll throw it in here I'm also going to Do some Standalone videos I think this Alas switch is so cool that it's going To get its own video there's also a ton Of other YouTube channels that I'm Friends with here and we're going to tag Along with them get some of their Thoughts too I think it'll be a lot of Fun all right so I ran into my friends Brad and Lucas from Piney Grove and Peeks Peak hobby Homestead all right we Got a mini skid steer here I think these Things are wild have you ever used one I Have never used one i' like to you're Going to have to go outside they're They've got a lot of opportunities to Run them I'll do that but this has a Lifting capacity probably more than your Tractor oh I'm sure weighs probably About the same amount but a tiny Footprint and you're not you're just Standing there on the back this would be Awesome I'd like to take this home and Build some jumps on our dirt bike Track I am Absolutely I love the idea of a mini Skid here compared to a compact tractor And I've only ran them at the shows

Where you've got a pile of loose dirt You can move it here to there I'll tell You what this would be great for it's Already got the grapple on it is setting Logs on the mill absolutely yeah and one Thing that's really interesting is where It's almost like with tractors Especially hydrostat if you've driven One you've driven them all it's not that Way with these they all have different Control Systems oh really so when you're Picking a machine I would almost base it On the control system cuz some of them Aren't comfortable yeah so is is one of These steer and drive and one is bucket I bet it is and I'm 100% I think I think This is the best there are some that Have two handles for your steering yeah And I've ran those and I didn't care for Well yeah it would tie up your hands for The other options too I'm not sure how That would work you have to go out and Try it um Toro Dingo is one that I Didn't wasn't crazy about but never seen A New Holland before all right we're Still here at New Holland construction And I didn't notice this machine I Thought there it is another small Excavator but someone said this is Electric you were just asking them about It is this a fully electric machine it Is this is a fully electric machine and That's why I was asking the Representative about it because having

An excavator myself and you've rented One before they um you know they're Noisy and they have the emissions and All that and just the fact that you can Get a powerful machine like this and It's electric I just thought was Fascinating so I did an interview and Talked to the guy about it and um but The the biggest drawback was the price Point this machine right here and it It's it's a fabulous machine it's nice And small it's got the expandable tracks It's got the front Dozer blade but it Was 70k for this machine and I don't Know exactly what the lift capacity is And so you'd really have to have a Specific need for that that's the Penalty you pay You overpay if you're buying the first First wave of a product like an electric Exavator cool that they're getting there But I don't know if it's for me but Pretty cool well one thing that I really Like that he had to say was that the Runtime on it was about eight hours so You figure when when I'm using my mini Excavator I I rarely use it for eight Hours straight so that's always been the Drawback of electric is you can't do Like with the solar track tractor you Can only go about 4 hours br Shing it Sounds like you can get a full day of Work iname with this so that might be The tradeoff especially if you're

Working indoors yep so if you guys want More information about this machine he Got a sales rep from the company on There you can check out Brad's video at Piney Grove all right just ran into a Couple friends that I see every year at This show this is uh who are you Tony Tony's tractor Adventure you've Seen him on my channel and this is a Viewer I'm Ed love coming to these shows for the Equipment but also just talking to People So if you ever see us out say hi you see Ed out here say hi too he's here every Year every year okay so I'm walking Through the show and I see DeWalt log Splitters didn't know that existed said I've got to find out a little bit about It so you want to tell me first the Company you're with and and the other Types of products that you guys make Yeah we're ytl International we're the Largest manufacturer of log spitters in North America Canada we do some business In Europe as well um we have products in Lowe is in an Craftsman brand uh Tractor Supply under the county line brand and DeWalt is new for us this year so we Have a full line we have a 28 ton a 32 Ton and a 38 ton um those have already Launched we have them in our warehouse Where we actually just had a really Great show with their dealer group um in

San Antonio had a really strong feedback From them um and then this we're really Excited about this is our 35 ton logless Litter it kind of takes some of those Pro features and brings it down to a More obtainable kind of Semi-Pro grow Consumer level so we're targeting a uh $3,699 price tag on this usually you Don't get this log lift feature until You get into the5 $8,000 Mark so really This is an appealing item for a lot of People both commercial semipro and um Some of your residential users that just Want to save their back because the nice Thing about this a lot of people will Put logs on here and just lift it up and Kind of assembly line it off so and guys That're doing this where they're Actually Cutting they're doing cors of wood for Sale they'll get two three guys Operating this machine okay so this is Kind of the premium model of the three DeWalt log splitters you guys currently Have out correct yeah and you can see This we have our 28 time back here we Don't have the 32 or the 38 GE um but Most of the market you're like the Volume is going to be in this unit but This is a really nice premium unit to Round out the top and then we'll get a Shot of this in a minute you actually Have a little Electric split you want to Tell me about the idea behind that and

The capability of it well I think if you Walk around the show I mean you're going To see everything there's a little bit Of battery coming out everywhere um and Again with California regulation we Don't want to be left behind we don't be Kodak so again we don't think it's going To replace our gas Biz but it's nice Complement and it comes with some Benefits so it's same hydraulic same Pump you get the same power but it's Push button start less maintenance you Don't have to deal with an engine you Know it's going to start when you go out To to work on it so you don't have it Takes away Sol those headaches plus a Lot of people split in the winter so if You're in a garage or a barn you can Operate in there and not suffocate so Nice little uh feature ad fantastic so You're saying that's going to have as Much splitting power as the traditional Homeowner L yeah so that's that's a nine Ton so it's a smaller unit um that's Going to get about an hour of runtime Off of one of their 12 amp hour flexvolt Batteries uh we are also planning do a 20ton unit uh for them as well so um Again you get as much power as you go up In tonnage um but yeah it's the same Hydraulic system same pumps that you're Using in your current model and yeah You'll get the same power awesome well I Appreciate you takeing time to tell me

About it yeah appreciate it okay so I've Got Mike here from ironcraft and I've Got a couple of their products been Really happy with the quality on it and He's been telling me about a product That I thought you guys might find Interesting so behind me is a Harley Rake a lot like the one that I have and You were telling me you got some other Variations on the Harley rake yes sir so Uh you know we we've got a 4 in one Bucket right everybody's aware of 4- one Bucket clamshell it open and then we've Got this Harley rake which is on the Other end of the spectrum and you Wouldn't think those two products would Go together but what we did is we Brought those two products together so We've got a 4in one power rake is what We call it we just won an award on it We're very excited about it and so I Think you were kind of saying why why Did you guys make this and it's it's not Easy to see until you show somebody but When you show up at a job site with one Of these uh Harley rates it's a big Attachment it weighs a lot it's got to Go on the trailer go to the job site you Got to hook it up unhook it but with our 4 in1 power rate it's all in one you've Got the ability to go up and clean up a Job really quick Get Around the Edges Use the power rate portion to uh you Know braid the material and spread it

Out and get the rocks and the clumps out Of it when you get done with the power Rake at the and there's always a pile of Rocks or a pile of debris without that Ping one part you just grab that debris And you can take it off you didn't have To disconnect you didn't have to bring An extra attachment it was all in one And you're off the job site in one quick Moment so I've got the opportunity to Use a four-in-one bucket a couple times And I think it's very underrated I Really think it's fantastic not having To change attachments because to go to The point you just made what I found is When I find a job I need to do that's Not on my property it's one thing to Understand I have the equipment and I Know how to do the work but I have Limited real estate within within a Trailer to say I need this and this and This to get the job done okay I'll take Three trips to the job nobody wants to Do that whether it's bringing material And the Machine back with me or whatever The case is anytime you can save that Room and you guys won an award for that Didn't you we got equ today top 50 Products so we're very proud of that There's about 2,000 products here so uh Pretty cool to get that yeah now in Terms of ironcraft in general I've told This story a couple times already but You guys used to be Titan attachments

Right implements implements which is Very different than Titan attachments Which is an important distinction but What I like about ironcraft is you guys Make just about everything for a tractor To a skid steer to these back here are Min skid steer attachments there's only A handful of attachments that we don't Make and that's usually where I start With people we have over 500 different Products that we offer from the a side The construction side the mini skid We're getting into the mini excavator We're just expanding every day to make Sure we've got that full product for the Customer and to Generalize most likely the viewer Wherever you bought your tractor can Probably get ironcraft attachments is That accurate yeah we've got over 600 Dealers out there selling our products From the east coast to the West Coast so What I find with dealers is sometimes Even the salesman at the dealership Doesn't know that they can access Different brands they always sell one Brand to whoever comes in and I've said Hey can you get this and they said well I don't know and they look oh yes we are An ironcraft dealer so you can don't be Afraid to go in your dealership and ask For other brands absolutely well I Appreciate you taking time to talk to me Thanks Brock appreciate it all right so

I'm at the cabota booth now and I've got Jacob here and I ask him you know what Do you guys have here at the show that's Maybe new or people haven't seen before From Kabota and he's highlighted this Machine behind me so you want to tell us A little bit about this yeah I would Love to so this is our brand new RTV X130 and the concept of this vehicle is Taking our beloved diesel series X Series in fact and creating a one row Long bed configuration so what's Different about it is it's got a 6 foot Long cargo bed it's got 123 lbs of cargo Capacity which is the most of any of our X Series it's got a hydraulic dump bed Um and a htx transmission which makes it A favorite for anybody looking to get Work done around their property their Work site and everything in between Fantastic so you just said the number But what was the capacity on that dump Bed it's 1,213 PBS the other benefit though to Our bed is that it's made of steel a Liner comes standard and we've got our Hydraulic dump as well so not only can You dump material much more quickly than A over hydraulic dumped uh for example And you can also control the speed of Dumping if you need to dump more Precisely so I don't think anyone's Questioning the quality of a Kabota side By side they've been popular and they're

Going to continue to be but the most Unique things about this is that it's Got that bigger bed on it and then What's the model number on it it's the RTV X130 and I would say at the highest Level some things that set us apart like You mentioned the quality the durability That's a given but having a diesel Engine common fuel source right um a Little bit more of a durable engine Typically but then that VHX transmission Ease of operation one pedal uh operation Primarily you got the dynamic braking You got some of the Hill hold assists What makes this model extremely unique Is that long bed configuration and not Only that but we also have a pro convert Feature which means you can open it from Either side you can open it from the Tailgate you can fold all the sides down Or without tools you can convert it to a Flat bed okay so you said that this bed The way it set up and the way it unfold F is a little bit unique if you could Show us that yeah absolutely and we call This our Pro convert feature which again Allows you to fold it down from either Side I'll show you here you basically Leverage this Latch if you come over to this latch and Once those are down you're able to fold It not only that it folds all the way Down now you can do it on this side you

Can do that with the tailgate you could Do it on the other side number one Number two um without having to use Tools you can take the sides and the Tailgate off completely and then you've Got a flat them so I immediately see an Advantage to this fold down if nothing Else if you go get firewood rounds and You want to split them this is about the Same height as my splitter I could pull Right next to it and work out of it Without having to lift over right and The other thing that's of benefit to is The loading height is about 4 in lower Than the other competitor that has a Long bed configuration so when you Imagine yourself loading material in or Unloading it having that low loading Height makes it easier for all types of Customers to load in onad the other Thing that's worth mentioning is you'll See these integrated Pockets so you can slide a 2×6 in if This is up and separate out the cargo The the cargo bed but it also allows you To extend the height of the sides and The tailgate for hay bales and things of That nature yeah and that that probably Kind of opens you up to other Aftermarket accessories even simple Things I have you know chain hook things That are specifically designed for a Steak pocket so that's definitely a good Feature was gloss over you saying at the

Beginning of the diesel engine because a Lot of your less expensive side by sides Are pretty limited on power so having That diesel engine sounds like a major Plus yeah and Ty I mean this is a work Machine it's not like a race machine or Something but do you know what like a Speed range is on this yeah so this is This max speed is about 27 miles an hour And when you look at that versus some of The other competition what their top Speed is a lot of people say well that's Not fast enough but when you really Think about how you're using the machine You're starting and stopping frequently You're using it to do work again around Your property uh a municipality a work Site and people aren't going over 27 all That aome no so my tractor I don't need My property is so bumpy I don't put it In high very often so right yeah it's Not a highp speed machine but looks Really sweet and I appreciate you taking Time to show it to me absolutely I Appreciate the time as well I'm being Honest I probably didn't even do justice To this cabota side by side I got Another 15 minutes talking to the sales Rep after I turned the camera off and Man topof the line they've Got not just the winch for the front but They've got an integrated winch system On the back and lights and you know Add-on features that you can put on it

Phenomenal probably worth checking out The Kabota site and see what kind of Information they've got on it okay so I Just found a product that solves a real Problem that I have and as I talked to The owner of the company we found some Pretty cool information is that he's From Southeast Kansas where I'm from and I always enjoy talking to and and Showcasing products from small Businesses like yourself y so the Problem that we're solving here today is That my viewers know I've got a ton of Equipment and I was frustrated the other Day saying I still don't have a good way To lift my mower up what I had done in The past on one of my most popular Videos is I lifted the front of the Mower with tractor hydraulics and then Crawled under it and I was uh the Comments on that were not very kind Because that's safe do better than that Yep I get it and they're right and I Actually had stuck a concrete block Under the deck which is not the greatest Option and then since then I've gotten a New bigger Mot The Hustler X1 and I was Trying to lift it just the other day With a floor jack the floor jack Wouldn't go under it and then when I Found a way to get it under it it Couldn't lift high enough so I've been Driving my mower up with one wheel on The side of the mower ramp and the other

Wheel just dangling out in the air which Isn't very safe either so I've been Looking for a product like you have so I'll let you tell the rest of the story Well I mean great opportunity for you to Be at the Outdoor Power and Equipment Show and see the whole world out there And stuff and God bless you for dealing Candas companies and keeping us going so Our product we found in 2007 a couple Small farmers had made this to be a Product that would be easy to change La Mower blades and Fort to be safe so let Me show you a little bit about that so This particular product is the mojack EZ Model this kind of consumer product this Particular product is sold at Lowe's Other ones are also sold at track Supply And Home Depot but they all work Basically the same way they're designed To just out to the size of your lawn Mower so this will handle any traile Mower any small ZTR mower up to about 60 In deck you just drive it on and easily Wind it up now how do I let that down Safely same way you just do this there's A safety Point here locks in three Different places in case there was some Failure it'll be protected again but you Just simply lower it down like this the Great thing about it is it's safe so you Get up underneath the mower you've got All this junk and stuff you got to use a Wrench or an air impact gun to take that

Blade off but it needs to be safe Because you don't want to shake that Mower off your block whatever you got This is solid and safe you get up Underneath it about two and a half three Feet put an air impact gun up underneath It it's safe easy to use and then lower It back down okay and you said this one Can handle about 450 lbs but that's not The weight of the mower that's the Amount of weight that's on the jack Itself yeah so this is 450 500 lb of Front end weight so a ZTR motor there's Not much front end weight a little bit With tractor it's completely safe to use That and then you've got a bigger Version like I have a one I have a large Commercial motor and you have a bigger Version that's very similar that's going To handle that bigger mote absolutely I'd be happy to show you that model as Well okay and generalized price point is This something that's going to be Affordable for a homeowner yeah this is $300 roughly at retail you can find us At the moj.moj Same kind of concept this will fit any Size mower that size or smaller you just Drive it on same scenario Crank It Up is Super easy the other thing is every step The way this locks in place for Safe once it's up it's solid it's safe Put another again another air impact Wrench clean out underneath de easy to

Use so it's safe and salt awesome looks Like a great product yeah I appre Appreciate you taking time to show it to Me absolutely good luck cleaning out the Deck frog okay so we're over here at the Tym booth I've run into another YouTube Channel who watches me apparently I've Already apologized for that but uh you Want to tell them real quick what your Channel is and what you guys do okay uh My name is John cabala I run the YouTube Channel the turf junkies small YouTube Channel um I'm a full-time firefighter Uh several of my guys that work with me They're firefighters too we do jobs Basically on our off days um I've got One law enforcement guy that helps out Too and we just I record the jobs and Kind of do more of a how-to of how to do It and you know let people see different Ways to do things and uh we do a lot of Stuff from cutting grass all the way to Tree workk and pressure washing and uh I Try to get a little bit more of a bunny Of commentary because I've got you know Guys that I've worked with in the fire Service for many years and they uh we we Throw you know some hashtags at each Other and Bash each other while we're Working so you said as from an equipment Perspective you use a John Deere tractor Yes we we have two um 3038 uh 790 and a 750 and I'm hoping to get um like the One series like 125 arm so I'm really

Curious why 3038 um for me uh in the business aspect Of of stuff I do it was a small enough Machine that was capable of doing some Stuff uh at the time I was most Affordable uh option I could and when I Bought the 3038 E I got the uh back ho with it and The graphic because I wanted to get as Much for my money and value as I could And I've been a big John Deere fan most Of my time yeah so his tractor is the Same horsepower as mine but it's going To have bigger tires and actually cost Less so that's been one I've been Thinking it'd be nice to get a Head-to-head comparison with I've done Several of the three series but not a 3038 you but anyway Check out the turf junkies it was nice Meeting you oh yeah thanks Guys here we've got the tws from Michelin and I had those on a zero turn Before is actually on my John Deere Mowers phenomenal never goes flat and I'd like to get these on my Hustler all Right so this has been a fantastic show Had so much fun I've got more videos Coming about the show I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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