The Best of the National Farm Machinery Show 2023

All right I've got John here from Rhino Ag and 
he's going to tell us a little bit about their   Products so I first became familiar with Rhino 
AG because uh tractor time with Tim running that   Ts10 on a little 2038r and then yeah as of it to 
me it seemed like it's impossible to run a mower   That big on a tractor that small but the the 
uh bat wings give you a little bit more ability   To do that but so I've been really curious about 
what else Rhino AG has to offer so you guys kind   Of specialize mostly in brush cutting or we do uh 
we've been in business since 1930. we we started   Out doing a lot of dirt work with rear blades so 
many of you may have even heard about the Rhino   Rear Blade the big Rhino and the little Rhino but 
for many years we've been focusing mainly on brush   Cutting and fine finish mowing making Tall Grass 
short and so when I walk around here everything is   Too big and too heavy looking for my tractor but 
you guys do make them for us guys with the smaller   Tractors right you have you have something all 
the way down to a sub compact or probably mine's   A 38 horse John Deere yeah absolutely so Rhino 
does make its living on the roadsides mowing the   Heavy duty stuff Mo reclaiming pasture land but 
we didn't forget about the guys with the small   Subcompact tractors so you're 20 38 or 2030 
mower we make a single spindle what we call   A single spindle mower mounts on the three-point 
hitch and we make those in four five and six foot   Mowers and that's clearly writing the game that 
you're looking at so nowadays there's a hundred   Companies that make brush Cutters yeah so from 
your perspective why would someone choose a rhino   At we weld these right here in Illinois right here 
in the United States so that's a super important   To me to represent a company that is right here 
in the states we do buy some parts from overseas   I'll have to say but we have Craftsmen and women 
right in Gibson City Illinois who take pride in   Their job weld them weld them up there and we 
distribute all around the United States that's   The thing that I like about Rhino and so I've got 
another brand of brush cutter that hasn't held up   Very well I bought an economy brush cutter yeah 
and what there are points in the market for an   Economy product they're sure built product and 
I've kind of focused on this as being one of the   Heaviest builts and uh looks like a great product 
sure so the mower behind us here is a tw-37 that's   A three inch cut the 30 the three means three inch 
cut capacity it'll take down a tree seven feet   Wide so yes that's the one we show at the shows 
but the TW 14 or 15 is a one inch cut five foot   Wide mower that would go right on your tractor one 
of the other guys told me that you didn't bring   It because you're having trouble building them 
fast enough for the demand on them it's amazing   Truckload after truckload go out of Gibson City 
with those tw10 series all lined up on flatbed   Semis heading out to go to all parts of the nation 
we can't build them fast enough and so what size   Tractor would you need to run this one at least 
60 horsepower we don't want the tail wagon the   Dog we want to make sure that the tractor's 
stable enough to pick up that size more that's 2   000 pounds worth of cutter behind the tractor no 
popping wheelies so you're you guys focus a lot of  

Attention on brush cutting what other kinds of 
implements do you still make so at Rhino we do   Rear blades still which is our bread and butter 
from 1930 so we make rear blades that fit your   Tractor as well as long as we as as well as we 
distribute a lot of landscape products uh rear   Rock brakes uh pulverizers box scrapers driveway 
scrapers rear tine tillers the rear tine tiller we   Have right next to us is painted in New Holland 
blue we'll paint them the color your tractor if   You want us to yeah and so if someone's watching 
this right now and they said boy howdy I want one   Of those Rhino AG Cutters how are they going to 
go about getting it 10-4 you're going to talk to   Your local Rhino dealer and to find them you'll 
check out check us out on Facebook   You'll check out rhinox YouTube channel Channel 
hey and see me telling you how to adjust clutches   And how do you do a different few things don't 
have my hat on but you'll notice me awesome well   I really appreciate you taking time to talk to us 
that's great let's get let's get some Rhino stuff   On the back of his tractor that's what I'm talking 
about so I thought I had met everyone here all the   YouTubers just ran into a big Channel that I 
didn't know much about this is Ryan from how   Farms work how are you guys doing and uh he's 
meeting at the Rhino AG Booth or even here all   Week I'm here 10-4 today tomorrow we're walking 
around the show this is Dad's first time at the   National farm machinery show so we wanted to make 
sure you had time to walk around and check out a   Couple of his favorite booths he plays with the 
big tractors though oh yeah it was really nice   To meet you though it's nice to meet you too 
hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms I'm   Out here at the national farm machinery show 
today we're gonna walk the whole show and I'm   Gonna show you guys everything that I think is 
interesting or that I think you guys might like   So I've already ran into a bunch of my favorite 
YouTubers we're going to say hi to some of those   As well and should be a lot of fun so I think the 
first place I want to go is the solar track Booth   Select track almost said it wrong and look at 
what they've got going on with electric so I just   Walked up to the select track booth and they've 
really been making waves in the compact tractor   Market being the first that I'm aware of electric 
tractor to come to Market with this 25 horsepower   So when I talk about electric power equipment 
on my channel it's like talking about politics   People people are very uh polarized sometimes on 
one side or the other and I just want some basic   Information so first this is like a replacement 
for a 25 horse tractor correct and and just to   Echo up off your uh your first comment this is a 
Tracker there's nothing political No Agenda here   Right I mean the last time I checked tractors 
do tractory things and so do we yeah and and   Then I can definitely just ride off the bat see 
some advantages for a certain Market but who do   You think for this tractor right here is an ideal 
customer well because it is a direct replacement   It's good for anyone so you have you know your 
uh hobby Farmers your homesteaders uh you have uh   Equestrian owners equestrian centers because we're 
quiet uh governments municipality school systems  

Um you know nurseries landscapers Greenhouse 
operations really so anywhere you would use a   Traditional 25 horsepower tractor you can use this 
I know tractor time with Tim has been doing some   Tests on it and he's been getting some pretty good 
results comparing this to a 25 horse diesel so the   Next thing is what is a standard run time and I 
know it can depend on the task you're doing for   Sure well like anything else right the harder you 
work something the quicker you're going to pull   Down your power source uh just like with a natural 
electric or diesel so if you're really working the   Tractor hard you can expect three to four hours 
of constant work out of it like pulling a rotary   Mower or a tiller or something but if you're 
doing light duty stuff pulling wagons cleaning   Stalls you could get maybe almost a day out of it 
I think at the initial release of this in my mind   I think this is a great option maybe if you put a 
couple hundred hours a year on your tractor I kind   Of think uh someone who's putting thousands of 
hours on it they might be have a hassle with the   Um with Chuck needing to charge it but if you an 
average homeowner probably isn't going to run the   Battery down in one day that's correct right 
I mean so you're looking at the the average   Homeowner the the Homesteader the weekend 
warrior you know they're not going to put a   Lot of hours on it and this is a great alternative 
for them you know when you disconnect the battery   Supplies and you leave the tractor and you come 
back to it and you turn them on you've got your   Full power right uh but on the flip side of that 
we've actually seen opportunities we're selling   These into commercial applications like a large 
Nursery where they're running you know 100 or   200 tractors out there well they'll take and run 
one ship with the electric tractor pulling wagons   Uh the laborers can all communicate safely to one 
another over because it doesn't make any noise and   There's and there's saving a lot on fuel right I 
mean that's that's a big thing so I started off I   Was trying to be negative now let's talk about 
some reason other reasons that you would want   One that's right because number one like it sounds 
like a small thing but I don't don't like carrying   Diesel cans around or storing it or have I have a 
big diesel tank I have to go fill that up and so   There's a big hassle you save you mentioned it's 
not noisy nope we run about 40 decibels quieter   Than the convention our conventional tractor so 
literally this convention hall that we're in right   Now is as loud if not louder the ambient noise 
than what this tractor operates at so besides   Not annoying your neighbors you're protecting your 
hearing yeah that's correct hearing protection and   It's got immediate torque yep it's got instant 
torque you don't have to start this and let it   Warm up for 10 minutes or anything like that so I 
can see the advantages now right now where are you   Selling this tractor so right now we're setting 
up and recruiting dealers all across the U.S   Um so right now if you're a dealer and you become 
a dealer uh we are so we're   Recruiting dealers all across the US in open areas 
where we don't have a current dealer we we will   Sell direct and support that tracker with our own 
dedicated team because the next objection back to  

The negativity the next objection is going to be 
well this is new I won't if something breaks I   Won't be able to get any support well that's right 
that's why we're going with a blended approach   Right where we've got our own field support staff 
but they can't take care of all of it that's why   We're going through traditional dealers tractor 
dealers power equipment dealers to have level of   Support you know they're required to keep special 
tools they're required to do training they're   Required to have Parts on hand to become a dealer 
but then as far as everything outside of the fact   It doesn't have a diesel engine on it everything 
else is the same right it's PTO your three-point   Your hydraulic fluid your couplers all that's 
just a standard the solid tractor just a normal   Tracker it just again operates quieter with zero 
emissions and with instant source and performance   I think there's no question that there's a future 
that has electric compact tractors being popular   And then we'll see how long it takes to get into 
the bigger machine but I think this is definitely   The future and it's coming so well good uh it 
is we're very we're excited you know we're the   First to Market in North America um you know we we 
uh we're excited about the product and basically   Just spreading the word that there is a cleaner 
alternative out there well um congratulations on   The succession thank you I appreciate you taking 
time to talk thank you thank you for the signs   We're going to head down to the tym booth right 
now because in about five minutes they've got   Their big YouTube Meetup Daniel's over there we 
almost like jokes because he has a line This is   The line to meet Daniel owns I'm about to break 
the rules here which are don't record someone   When they don't know they're being recorded but 
you'll see Hank Hamilton is the same guy in person   As he is on video better I be twins yeah that 
means I feel so good they need to be too happy Yeah I I was making a joke about the fact that 
uh his line goes all the way out yeah I mean I'm   Talking about going against my camera so that I 
could just kind of film that oh yeah I told him   We were going to come down here and see who had 
the longest line but it's not you and it's not me   So no it's not well it's only Daniel really you 
guys don't know this is Evan from Country View   Acres here's Tony Hanks right there and then 
Stoney Ridge is on past him Nathan's in there   Too from out of the woods yeah great group 
of guys we're having a good time today as I   Turn here you'll see Mike from dirt perfect 
and then Courtney from Good Works tractors   Ask tractor Mike was over here for a while too 
and it really was great getting to know these   Guys better and I've ran into my one of my best 
friends and one of my favorite YouTube channels   This is Tony from Tony's tractor Adventure say 
90 of you know who he is but just in case you   Don't tell him who you are real quick so I'm Tony 
with Tony's tractor Adventure my wife Tanya and I   We're building our Homestead we we've got into 
sawmilling we actually just built a greenhouse   So we're gonna eventually work our way over into 
nurseries and we that's the plan anyway but we're   We're cutting our Homestead Out of the Wood
ourselves and doing because me and her do 90  

Of everything we don't quite hire anything out 
hardly at all I think a roof on a barn is the   Only thing that we have not done everything else 
we do ourselves so it's awesome content and if   Any of you guys are in the Louisville area for the 
next three days you can see Tony here at 10 A.M at   The tym booth so 10 30. yeah I got to have my my 
beauty sleep I need all of it I can get all right   I guess we need to swing through the John Deere 
Booth see what they've got going on treatment Here we go this looks like what I need [Music]   I've said since I started the 
ideal tractor to me is the 4066. They are proud of it but it's it's a nice machine Kubota is one of the few brands that 
I have not really featured in a video   Or at one of these farm shows but I promise 
you guys I'm gonna get one of their reps on   Camera with me walking through their Booth 
today I was kind of impressed with their side   By sides I'd love to get a chance to drive 
one of these around I'm in a big city which   Is uncomfortable for me but this thing 
looks like a luxury vehicle extended cab   Six person I think if I called an Uber 
today this might be what picked me up A lot of you have probably seen I mounted 
an electric winch on the back of my tractor   With the receiver Mount and it's fine but 
it barely pulls harder than the tractor so   I think a huge upgrade and it is more 
expensive but a huge upgrade would be   Getting one of these actual skidding winches 
and they're not cheap but I think they'd   Definitely be worth it and the only reason I 
don't have one is that I have a skid loader You guys know I'm in the market 
for some new mowers this year   And there's a lot of great Brands out there and 
I spent quite a bit of time looking at them but   I decided not to go too deep into mowers on 
this video so I've been coming to this show   For a little while and I come across this booth 
today and there's a wide range of attachments here   But the brand is iron craft and I thought I've 
never heard of this is this a new company and   So I've grabbed someone who can maybe answer that 
for us yeah thanks Brock so uh we've been in this   Booth for several years actually the founding 
company was founded in 2014. it was called Titan   Implements of Athens Tennessee and middle of last 
year uh maybe let me back up just a little bit   Previously Titan name got confused with some other 
Titan Brands and products and industries that are   Very similar to ours but we actually manufacture 
in Athens and Decatur Tennessee we also have   A facility in Denton North Carolina we pride 
ourselves on focusing on American made first and   Then we will Outsource and we will use some parts 
that we can't get here but uh since 2014 we've   Been building the product and in since 2014 we've 
been in this very booth on their Titan implements   Uh middle of last year we changed our name to iron 
craft and we think it's really taken that Fusion  

Out of the marketplace and allowed us to display 
all the great products that we have and just a   Quick story for you guys and for you as well I saw 
some of your products online and in my mind I said   I think there might be two Titan attachments and 
I don't I'd heard some negative things about the   Other one and that kind of stopped me from buying 
so a Rebrand is probably a good thing but there's   A Titan in every category I think it's a really 
really another product name so you want to tell   Me a little bit about the products you guys have 
yeah so uh we have three point attachments we've   Got skid steer loader attachments and we're adding 
in several mini excavator attachments we have a   Few but we're adding and we're working to expand 
that portfolio all of the three-point attachments   Are made in Athens and Decatur Tennessee and 
then our Denton North Carolina formerly CID we   Acquired CID middle of last year as well we are 
manufacturing those in Denton North Carolina and   Selling them through dealers under the iron craft 
brand so you guys know so anytime I can I want to   Buy something that's made in America so that's 
a great part of the story what do you think is   Probably your biggest Market or your number one 
thing you sell the most of right now so the colors   Are really what the 1205 the Cutters are really 
what we're known for and now with the flux swing   Especially if you saw the red white and blue Flex 
Wing over here that is what's really taken off so   That market is just expanding just like a wing 
suggests is it just red white and blue today   For the show or do you sell it that way we'll 
do anything the way the customer wants to that   One does have a slight price difference from a 
normal cutter but uh we will sell them in in the   Standard gray or the Kubota orange or the you 
know blue we match what the customer needs and   Getting ready to walk around and look at some 
of the other stuff but I think you just said   It but if someone wants to buy this or they're 
ordering it for you from you or is it all through   Deals it's all through dealers we work with our 
dealer Network very closely uh you can go on our   Website and go to the dealer 
locator put your ZIP code in and that'll bring   You to the closest dealer uh and then they'll 
have inventory and be able to provide you with   Uh pricing and availability I'm really intrigued 
over here you've got like an extendable boom brush   Mower for a speed loader yeah it's cool is that a 
new product for you guys or so we've actually had   It for a while but it's kind of been at the back 
of the booth we brought both of the the offset   Coil mower for the three points and the swing 
boom mower with a skid steer up to the front and   Unlike a lot of Cutters you do not have to have 
high flow for that one so you can go 90 degrees   Out it's like 30 degrees down extend it out or 
work with it in front of you all right hold on   I'm gonna go check that out a little bit more but 
I really appreciate you taking the time to talk   To me yeah thanks bro appreciate it I actually 
forgot to film an end for this video so I'll   Wrap it up just by saying if you like this kind of 
content think about subscribing to the channel I   Come to a lot of these shows and I review a lot of 
equipment but I also just record a lot of videos  

Using my tractor my skid loader on my own property 
and getting work done so I'm excited for weather   To warm up so we can get back to that thanks 
for watching and I'll see you on the next one

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