The Best of The Ozark Fall Farm Fest

The Best of The Ozark Fall Farm Fest

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This would be a pretty good firewood Tool right three or four sticks of Firewood you need to get at 60 miles an Hour that's the machine for it that's The one I I keep thinking you know a cab That's Overkill it's a tractor you don't Need a cab but then again hey that'd be Pretty nice be out there riding around Doing work all day long and stay nice And comfortable hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms and we're out here at The Ozark fall farmfest today and I'm Going to do what I always do at farm Shows which is walk around and show you Guys anything I see that I think is cool Or that you might find interesting What's different today is we're going to Have two opinions because I've brought My dad along for the ride and we walk by Some cattle already and I'm thinking Hamburgers and his opinions are always a Little outside the box so should be a Fun show parking was kind of crazy at The show this year we had to park a long Way away so we came in the back where The livestock is and the first thing we Came to is the antique tractors which I Think is phenomenal they've got some Belt driven equipment going back here a Combined hay baler that you actually Drive the Bor a lot of cool old stuff That is cool yeah that's why I just told These cameras i' never seen a combined Veiler that you drive on the Bor I don't

Know how common that was even back Then I've never seen a machine like the one You' got right there so can you tell us Real quick what it is it's a s Bor self Repel Square Balor they made 305 of them In 1957 they took a a 66 Model full type Bor and took a 57 Ford 3/4 ton rear in And transmission to put underneath two Wisconsin engines one to pull the Bailing machine the other to pull the Wheels they only made it 300 And55 very cool old machine and uh There's a couple guys uh 10 years ago Started a national Regant and I've been trying to get in Touch with them And uh they had a 43 on their Register and that's been 10 years ago Yeah so I'm I'm starting to try to get That going again and see if they found Anymore I know we found wonderful that One looks like it needs some love Consecutive serial number to that one so I don't know anything about this one but We'll look it up power horse this is a Horseless Carriage I guess just kind of Neat looking boy what did you think of That well and see it's even it's even Rope operated from the from here from The Carriage yeah that's that's really Neat Ive never seen those bers like that Before seen anything like I haven't

Either and I and I've seen this a lot of Balers in my life what with hauling hay And Things and I think they said it was made In 57 but it they were probably still in Use when I was a kid yeah they just Didn't they they were just rare they Didn't make a whole lot of them yep it's Rare to find a machine as old as you That still works Yeah all right local dealer here looks Like they're called the tractor Barn They've got Ferris Toro Mahindra and maybe LS Oh we've even got a little Yanmar Here got an LS 225 these are uh an older Hood design That's being replaced with a more modern Look on Those here we've got a Mt 345 Hydrostat this would be the same frame Size is the 357 I've shown in a recent Video just a little smaller lower Horsepower now look at this Price 275 for a big tractor like this And then 36,000 gets it with the back Ho every time I come to these shows People say how are you seeing those Prices I can't find prices like that I Think the answer is come to a show ready To buy and take a tractor home with you They've got some of this is you know That you're not paying financing it's a

Cash price but a lot of these shows they Put out some pretty good Deals interational had aood belly mower On it yeah Woods is still still in Business still a premium brand for brush Cutters really They've got a pretty big tree puller on A pretty small machine here Yeah yeah it looks like an aggressive Piece of equipment yeah that's that's Almost as big of a tree Shear tree Puller as I have on a pretty small Tractor so you just got to be smart or You can tweak your loader with That that's So I'm just buzzing along trying to get To the next thing and my dad stopped Took an interest in this insulation that Goes behind your siding I don't really Know anything about it but it looks kind Of interesting so I'm going to let you Tell us yeah so we're here at the fall Farmfest at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds We work with Continental siding and we Do everything outside of the home but The roof and the deck we actually Created and invented our own Installation method that has that form Fit siding or insulation behind every Style of siding and seamless polymer Panel is actually installed by this Metal bar here so it's allowed to slide And it's completely secured from top to Bottom with the grooves no insects mold

Or mildew is going to get behind you but It allows plenty of expansion and Contraction to kind of breathe naturally And cool your home the way it should Okay so what's the estimated R value Added here yeah so it's actually the top Of the industry it's an R5 value for Siding itself and then or sorry for the Insulation I apologize but the siding Has has an additional r value because it Keeps that on there kind of like a show So if I I say man I'd like to insulate My house better can I only do this when I reside the house basically right um With our method yes it typically is the Full process we come in take your old Siding off we'll recycle it for you get You a little Kickback and then we'll put Our system on top of it so it is kind of A One-Stop shop is this locally Available or national it is so we Actually are local to all four states of Missouri Kansas Oakland and Arkansas and We keep all of our products manufactured And installed locally as well okay so Where would you where would I find you Yeah so we've got our website conal or you can the classic jingle Call Now all right well thanks for taking the Time to show it to me yeah thank you so Much I hope you have a great day now I Never would have stopped and looked at That house insulation even though it's

Probably a cool product but Dad is all About internet G efficiency and keeping Those Heating and Cooling cost down and Looks like a pretty cool solution if You're getting ready to side your house Yeah and and I like a good design I've Always kind of been an engineer Without Really the education behind it but I can Spot a good design when I see it that That looked like it'd really work is Besides the r factor it would seal off Airf flow and this show is not short on Equipment they've just got stuff packed In here and every Brand This one would be kind of fun to have But this is probably more practical got Us a six wheeel ATV Here Defender 6×6 Canam this would be a pretty good fire Wood tool right three or four sticks of Firewood you need to get at 60 MPH That's the machine for it that's the one There's coyote Zero Turns I had I built that electric fourwh You know and I I rode it all over the Place and that's a lot of machine isn't It though that that this is one of the Diesels so this is probably a $20,000 Mower yeah here's the tag that's not a Home that's not a homeowner's model There no that's people with yards Wouldn't fit in yeah 2299 yeah well that's a bargain M well

I'd almost just pay someone to mow for 229 yeah but it'd be so much fun so I Spotted a product here that is local to My area um small business and it's a Solution for being able to cut down Small trees if you don't have say the Hydraulics or the capabilities to run Some of the other types of attachments I've shown so you want to tell us the Name of your company a little bit about Your product absolutely we uh produce Tree saws that are mounted to four Wheelers and side by sides we also make Tree saws that mount to buckets of Tractors so you don't need to have a Special attachment for it but if you Have a skid steer we also have Attachments that uh use a universal Mounting bracket so I'm really Interested in seeing how this works I'm Going to back up so we can actually see It you've just Got you've got these two round discs and Then a spike behind it so how exact does That work is it just the pressure from Pushing into it that kind of makes the Blades turn yep the the pressure from uh Pushing up against the tree makes the Blades turn and it causes it to Shear it Off uh with a higher mechanical Advantage than just a stationary wheel Now what about longevity for something Like this how long are those blades Going to last these blades are good for

400,000 trees so quite a few I don't I Think it'll be a while before I cut 400,000 trees uh what's a generalized Price range on something like the small Unit or the bigger one on the smaller Units we sell for 1,400 okay on the larger units we have The bucket Mount right here that sells For 2250 and we have the uh skid steer Attachment that sells for 2750 if Somebody is watching right now and they Want one of these how would they get a Hold of you they could uh get a hold of Us through Facebook or you can call us At 62076 3250 that's our landline at our main Office all right well I appreciate you Taking time to show it to me absolutely So that tree cutting attachment that I Just showed is a really intriguing Product to me and it turns out they're Manufactured really close to where I Live so we're looking at maybe setting Up an inperson Demonstration and I'll probably have That in a future video I've shown these Before the balma light tracked skid Loaders I love the design of these I've Looked at a lot of different min skid Steers and to me this one's got a great Setup as far as the controls and the Size of the machine

Capabilities it's got the two joysticks For the loader and for the steering so It's going to feel like the control System on my skid loader and I don't Like some of the other ones I've seen That have like the Dual handles feels Like that'd be hard on your hand where This feels really comfortable these are Actually can be thought of as a Replacement for a compact tractor now This machine cost more than a comp Tractor but the footprint is even Smaller their versatility for Attachments Is pretty impressive they've got more Hydraulic flow they've got a similar Lift capacity as a compact so I'm really Impressed with these machines right here What do you think would you want to run One oh yeah looks like it'd be a lot of Fun the only I can do a lot of work with Them the only thing about these in my Mind is they've got so much power but You're in kind of a vulnerable spot I'm Almost surprised that it's allowed Whereas like my skid steer won't move if I don't have the safety the door closed The lap thing down it won't move but This you can run it just standing on it Yeah looks like it needs a roll cage huh I think it's such a low center of Gravity it's a lot less tip Hazard but Uh you're not held on it in any way Paul's got one of these for moving

Square Bales this is a skid steer mounted Square bail mover or the hooks just drop Down and grab the Bales it holds about Eight bales you know I've got the masio Floer I had no idea that they make hay Balers this was a neat little product But the owner of the company didn't feel Like getting on camera but it solves a Unique problem or a niche problem it is A trailer hitch that has a spot to Connect your PTO so it's not dragging The ground or bouncing around when You're pulling a farm implement that has A PTO shaft I love it when an individual Comes up with with a creative solution That is actually pretty simple like this All right I just came over to the Halverson's Booth I'm a big fan of the Halverson's skid steer Mount uh firewood Processors apparently now they can mount Them on a tractor and I'm going to let This guy tell us a little bit about what They've got and then he's going to run It for us so my name is Daryl Hogan with Hogan mechanical uh we're just 20 Minutes west of Springfield here um uh Authorized howon Wood Products dealer We've got four different models of Firewood process processors starting out With the uh HWP 100 then we have the 120 The 140 and then the biggest one is the 150 is what we're going to demo here in Just a minute so uh the 150 set apart

From the rest um it's got a larger Diameter wood of course it'll do it's Got the hydraulic adjust wedge which we Feature that a little bit when we do the Demo so and one thing that's interesting I think a large percentage of the people Who watch my videos don't have a skid Steer and these are usually shown on a Skid steer but you is telling me they've Got a smaller version that can run on a Tractor and a auxiliary hydraulic pump For using it on a tractor so I think That unit's right here yes sir so this Is our auxiliary power unit that we Offer now it would have uh bounce on the Thre point it's got a PTO pump and um Very competitively priced at 3285 Compared to competitors um that way if You want to mount some of the smaller uh Processors on a smaller tra and you Don't have enough hydraulic flow you Have that option that we can add as well Awesome so that the option to have a Firewood processor on the front of your Tractor is now available yes sir let's Let's see one of these run [Music] Okay All I appreciate you taking time to show it To us my dad like oh yeah all right so I Was walking by the vent Trak booth and I Saw something that looked looks Different here so I found a a guy

Willing to get on camera and talk a Little bit about it that vent Trak to me Is a premium mowing machine and the only Thing holding it back is the lack of a Loader and this one looks almost like a Regular loader yes so new this year we' Come out with the km 500 so it's our new Loader system uh you can operate this With the dual wheels uh before we had Just a four-wheel operation uh you do Have some extra options so it comes Standard with a a bucket but we also Have a log Gra And a rock bucket as well and a large Material bucket so several different Options for this uh loader system with The the quick hitch vent track quick Hitch system uh so different versatility It continues our our motto of being the One tractor solution and being versatile Yeah I think a lot of people who in the Compact tractor Market who just love the The great mowing ability and mow quality And the ability to hold the hill that The vent TR offers and said man I just Wish wish it had a loader I think this Is going to be a really interesting Feature for yes sir absolutely yeah it's A been great um from our previous models We simplified the operation to use all The functions of the sdla so you have Your your different Hydraulics and your 12volt system to utilize all those Functions for simple operation and you

Were saying that you have a it's a Proprietary quick attach system that Allows you to put different things like A grapple on the like our Lo a rock Grapple and our log grapple yes sir Fantastic it's great anything else Exciting happening at vent Trak lately Well this is our latest and greatest There's always uh stay tuned for the Next the next widget so well I Appreciate you taking time to show it to Me thank you appreciate you stopping do I need one this big I don't know I don't Know if it's big enough or not I bet There's stumps you couldn't pull with This well anything that this couldn't Pull out would just be better left where It is yeah leave it alone leave it alone It don't need to be bothered I I keep Thinking you know a cab that's Overkill It's a tractor it don't need to cab but Then again hey that'd be pretty nice be Out there riding around doing work all Day long and stay nice and comfortable Well I think you're about the only Person I know that does more hacking and Coughing than I do so I think we could Use one I Building redneck cabs are great YouTube Content if you want to build one I got a Welder yeah yeah yeah all right here is The Precision manufacturing Group this is the same tree Shear that I've got the add a grapple that I've got

The tree puller I've Got and the freestanding Big Mouth Grapple that I want I've done about a Dozen videos or two dozen about Precision already and so if you want to Hear about their products I'll put Links At the end of the video to those but I've I've already I've shown them all But I can't help but stop all right so I Have really enjoyed this show I thought We saw a lot of cool stuff And I'm going to be the next two days I'll be at the Paul bunion show in Cambridge Ohio if anyone wants to come By and say hi but I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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