The Best of the Paul Bunyan Show – The Future of Logging…and the Past

The Best of The Paul Bunyan Show

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You guys are going to think I'm crazy But I've literally been thinking about Trying to do some chainsaw Carving hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms and I'm out here today at the Paul bunion show in Cambridge Ohio this Is a show I've been trying to get to for Three or four years now really excited To finally be here kid at Christmas Doesn't really do it justice so I'm Pretty pumped we're going to walk around The show show you anything I think's Interesting should be a good day all Right so one of the first things I saw That really grabbed my attention is a Bundling machine we all know that you Can get a lot more money for your Firewood if you bundle it so this Gentleman here is going to tell us a Little bit about his product I really Enjoy finding people who are starting Small businesses with these kinds of Products instead of buying from a bigger Company you want to tell us a little bit About yourself and what you got here Yeah so my name's Mike I own a company Called GCR company we manufacture this Wood bundler the Wb10 uh we brought it to Market three And A2 years ago and uh been pretty Successful so far okay so what's a Machine like this going to cost me so Ballpark's around $3,000 awesome and you Make these yourself yep make them myself

And my home shop love it making them Himself small business that's what it's All about So you pull the wrap Around counter counts and then you stop It stops on the Film now you got to bundle of firew well That seems pretty quick I wonder how Long it would take you to bundle up like A c of firewood so ACC cord I don't know Uh for sure my wife bundles for me and She does 60 to 80 an hour with that's Not bad well hey thanks for taking the Time to show it to me thank [Music] You [Music] [Music] Tell you what I really like that wedge Design uh that seems like that wedge is Going to work for any size of rounds Because it drags it back can all the way Up to the pullback arm you can just rock Back and forth sharing off one ler at Done where are you guys out of Central New York here in us we make all the Stuff ourselves including our own Cylinders our own machine out our own Gen valves um frame itself we make Almost everything comes in is either Tube steel or flat stock we got burn Tables cut saws we got W department and All that paint department everything Like that bring still in one side of the

Building and S a splitter out the other Side and what's this model the Alpha 6 This is the Alpha 6 is this maybe one of The biggest Splitters you have or close We have one this bigger that's the tw10 Which takes uh has up to an 8ot diameter And 12T long log and puts into four Pieces so um do you have like maybe one Of your smallest Splitters that's closer To a homeowner type unit that's the one Over there got the manual log lift on it Manual log lift and the hydraulic lift Those are both of tww too you know it's Approximately what a unit like that cost Starts out at about 3,000 and then each Add-on gets a little more expensive all Right hey thanks for taking the time to Show it to me my pleasure sir you know a Lot of the people who watch my videos Were not professional firewood guys so We're looking for something a little More budget this is the same company Timberwolf but it's got a manual log Lift on it that's still a lot better Than picking them up by [Music] Hand Just spent some time in there talking to The people from ripsaw and they were so Busy I didn't even try to Wrangle Someone in front of the camera but it's A pretty cool deal that they take the Saws you're familiar with and turn them Into hot rods it's a full service just

Make the machines run faster and hotter That thing looks pretty radical but I Just ask them they said I need something A little bit bigger to run it we Attended the show on Sunday and on Monday I'm going to to record a video Using my brand new log splitter and I'm Dying to tell you guys what I went with But I guess you can wait one more day You guys are going to think I'm crazy But I've literally been thinking about Trying to do some chainsaw carving I Mean we got to lose you ruin a piece of Wood these guys are Pros let's check it [Music] Out [Music] What this guy's carving at the moment is One of those bears that I just walked by And I believe the guy to his left is Carving the pumpkins like the one that You see on my porch here I wasn't Planning to buy anything at this show But we did spend just a little bit of [Music] Money [Music] A lot of people kick their s because They wouldn't start I'm actually able to Kick this one sometimes and it will Start all right I just watched an Amazing demonstration on these antique Twan chainsaws and I'm going to let the Man himself tell us just a little bit

About them all I'm Larry we're part of House of saws we've got several saws That we bring out to the Steam and Antique engine shows and the PA bunion Show as a historical and educational Display You' got three Twan saws here The first one's a 1947 Maul Model H it's 12 cubic in has a scratcher chain on it Makes a shaving instead of a chip the Next one is a maul Model 11 it's only 8 Cubic in it's from about 1950 it's got a Standard chipper chain on it with a Manual Oiler only that I don't oil while We're cutting next one is a model diston Da 211 180 CC's has a 5ft bar on it with 9/16 CH chain on it and it makes chips Big chips it's our favorite solid to run It's actually an outboard engine that Mr Ke offer who was the president of Mercury Corporation modified to be air Cool so they could use it in a chainsaw Situation uh internal parts interchange With a outboard engine and it sounds Like an outboard engine when it's Running so I love the antique equipment And I am always glad to see someone Keeping it alive so this doesn't die and Be forgotten about that's that's what We're doing trying to preserve some History unfortunately it's kind of Gotten away from me my wife's an enabler We have 7,000 saws at home yeah this is Just the tip of the iceberg but history Is is what we're trying to preserve well

I appreciate you taking time to tell me About it no [Music] Problem That last saw I believe he said was an 091 and it would have been 130 CC now the next one after the one you See right now is the real big dog here It's the outboard motor he was talking About that is 180c now they mentioned they're not Trying to show off here to really show The torque of this big saw you'd run it Through some bigger wood they're just Giving us a piece of history [Music] [Music] [Applause] Today [Music] All right so we're inside one of the Buildings and looking at a product Called true track and I've got the owner Here who's going to tell us a little bit About the products they make and what They're for hey guys my name is Jacob Rhs leave a Hol Tools in true track we Have a basically a large area planning Tool called a router sled we call it the Router Gantry system and then we also Manufacture a universal track saw system So if you want to convert your handheld Circular saw into a track guided Tool uh We have the adapter plates we can do

Anything from a 6 and 1/2 all the way up To a 10 and 1/4 in salt but the main Product we've got here at Paul bunion is Our router Gantry system and that's for Doing the the slabs Live Edge Lumber uh Epoxy glue UPS busher block you know any Of that kind of stuff so it looks like This table's really wide you can do like A 4ot material on this and what's a unit Like this going to run okay so this unit Here is a 48x 96 and that is capacity so The actual dimensions are going to be 57x 112 uh it takes up to 25 different Routers if you have one that's not on The standard pre-drilled plate then we Have a base plate you can pre-drill Yourself uh but this unit here as it Sits is $1,200 with the dust collection Shroud if you if you don't want the dust Collection shroud you want to make your Own uh you knock 200 bucks off so this Is a $1,000 unit one of the things that Does make it unique in the industry is That we do have a threaded Rod that runs Inside the Extrusion and so you can Actually control the position of your Router across the width of the unit with A hand crank and what that gives you is The ability to step over a known amount Make a consistent pass every time you Make a pass and then actually cut with The grain of the lumber so most of the Router sleds you've probably seen out There it looks like a rowboat right

You're going back and forth you move Over you go back and forth and no one's Got 4ot long arms and so you do half Your slabs all the way down and you go To the other side you finish it out and You always end up with step marks or Sawtooth patterns uh by going with the You know the grain of the lumber you get A much nicer surface finish and you get Probably about 80% less finish sanding So it makes a huge difference fantastic And if someone's watching this and they Want to get one of these where would the Be the best place to find you guys okay Our website's always available it's TR or TR either one you End up at the same place uh it's Available we can ship anywhere in the United States the entire product is Pretty much made here in Ohio uh the Rails are a customade Extrusion for us Uh they come out of Cincinnati and then All the other components for the router Plate the slides the incaps we machine Those inhouse and we're located in Manchester Ohio fantastic well I Appreciate you taking time to show it to Me I appreciate you stopping by and of Course we've got the big machines and I Can't even try to guess what a piece of Equipment like this Cost a Brute Force firewood Processor run the whole thing from this Operator station

Here hopefully if we stick around a Little while they'll fire some of these Up these are the Lucas Swing Blade Mills That allow you to make dimensional Lumber without ever turning the log you Can see they made their horizontal cut Here and another horizontal cut down There and then a vertical cut really a Lot of Versatility for anything you want To Cut Everyone everyone Everyone Here What are you uh looking at on price-wise On a unit like this one this is the big This is the biggest one they make and It's $20,000 mhm they can cut a maximum 10 x 10 beam uh 20t long out of the box it's It's already impressive that you can cut On two planes like that but being able To cut in Reverse is a game changer all The Lucas Mills do they all cut in Reverse like that they are they call Them swing blades um that's one of the Big advantages to it and it allows for Such a high production rate uh that Really sets it apart from uh Vans saw Competition phenomenal you probably have A little bit more wood loss in the curve Yes and no uh you definitely have more Sawdust but if you look at the type of Sawdust we make you can actually use it

For animal bedding uh chicken coops or Landfill whereas the bands saw sawdust Is that really fine powder which really Is only good for compost plus it's just So much more efficient probably nobody's Crying about it yeah and uh another Thing too like with the band saw you're Going to quarter your log like take off Each each a side of each so you have a Lot of waste there with the Lucas Mill You can actually turn that into Lumber As well uh so you do up for a little bit Of your board footage loss there or your Cur looss fantastic what's the Horsepower on that engine uh 30 horse um Like I said now 10in cut so that's why They call it the 1030 10in cut 30 horsep 30 horsepower engine if I had the option I would trade my machine for this one Any day of the week I think my skid Steer which is the John Deere 325 G for Those who don't Know maybe a little bit cheaper than the Same horsepower in a JCB but man I would Love to have that side door not even I Mean the extendable boom is a killer Feature but even factoring that out I Just I love that side entry door and I Didn't get it when I bought Mine they've got the Halverson's out Here I love the Halverson machines but I Actually featured those in a video two Days ago so we won't go into it Again but pretty sweet skid steer Mount

Firewood processor now we're into my Stuff Here skid steer brush Cutters and a Little Massie Ferguson Sub Compact cute little Guy and we've got a new Holland I wonder If this guy's actually made by LS or not Workmaster 255 this is the I believe this is the Exact same wall and steam processor I Showed in yesterday's Video they had it with the big Hoist skid steer Mount Splitter all right we've got tractor Mount three-point Mount skitting wenches A smaller version of that trailer we Showed yesterday tow behind chippers Wolf Ridge conveyor if you follow the channel You know I've got the Wolf Ridge skid Steer Mount Splitter I just had a great conversation With the owner of American conveyors and Log splitters my good friend Andrew Kelly just got one of these machines I Believe it's called the animal he just Got one of these machines from them and He's put out a couple videos on it so if You want to learn about these machines Right here they're pretty sweet Americanmade log splitter and you can See them on the Kelly's Country Life so I've only ran into about three People that recognized me so far far but

This guy is a regular viewer watches all The videos that ain't going nowhere Shirt I love it great to see you again Brock in a few years It's been a fun show and it's fun to run Into someone and have a conversation That actually watches the videos so Pretty cool I've got to apologize for The next two clips because I made a Rookie mistake as a guy who's made 1100 Videos and recorded this interview with The mic turned around backward and tons Of background noise so here's what it Sounds like and we work together a lot My kids work with us so you really can't Hear much of this interview at all so The the best I can do is give a shout Out to this YouTube channel that is Called hardworking man it is a husband And wife or a family channel they do Homesteading but they focus a lot on Firewood and equipment I also did an Interview with Andrew from East made and You can't hear a darn thing either Here's the best audio clip from that go To East made on YouTube check out check Out the made Woods splitter Channel give Her a thumbs up and subscribe if you're Out there and I'll I'll putting that one Splitter content for you split fire is Kind of unique in the industry because They've got the two-way wedge so it Splits going forward and it splits going Backward wow look at that

Monster I can't even imagine the size of Tree that can [Music] Handle I don't know what that says about me but Maybe when I was young but there's just No way I would climb like that every bit Of the stuff you see right now is done With chainsaw carving the talent these Guys have is just Amazing all right this one is Turbo Sawmill off-road Milling built onto a Trailer and it's a swing blade this Thing right here is no joke remote Control driven tracked forestry Mulcher Insane here we've got some premium stump Grinders from Bandit now I love the tractor Mount Stump grinders and they're great for What they are but they're never going to Compete with a dedicated machine like This That is speed and Efficiency I ran a yappa 360 that was a PTO driven unit when I went to visit Hometown Acres and that was a pretty sweet Machine and this would just be the big Brother all right I wish we could have Been here for more than one day and Really taken in everything but it was Tough to get here with our travel Situation but I tell you what the show

Did not disappoint it was just Phenomenal seeing all this equipment I Appreciate you guys taking time to watch I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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