The Best of the Tulsa Farm Show + Underrated Tractor Models

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I just arrived at the Tulsa Farm Show got an announcer going behind me so Might be a little bit loud I think I'm Gonna make the rounds walk the whole Show and then go back through and Highlight all my favorite things I see So should be a fun day I love coming to Farm shows This is a product I'm really fond of Been wanting to get a close-up look at Them and looks like I'm going to get to Do that today All right so I'm standing inside of a Grain Zebo this is a product I heard About a while ago I think they are Awesome and here they are and I found Not just a Salesman but the owner of the Company is going to can tell us a little Bit about them now This thing is just going to blow away in The wind isn't it no sir no sir uh Hey So we anchor we anchor green zebos down To a one foot and we put a one foot Footer four inch slab uh full concrete Pad uh on every grain Depot that we Build and uh when we anchor them down They've got 130 mile an hour wind rating So this thing's not gonna it's not gonna Go anywhere and of course I'm just Joking around because I've been looking At it and these things are really well Built but um you guys are out of Tulsa Yes sir and you make these all the way

From Like small six nine foot up to 45 45 Foot all the way to 45 foot and so we we Have the ability to to manufacture these From six foot to 45 foot Um the most popular size is an 18-footer Uh 18 foot is what we have displayed Here at the Tulsa Farm Show and I'll Tell you what everybody loves it they Come in here and they're just they can't I've waited an hour to talk to him Because people are all over it love this Product uh I my neighbors got an old Grain bin why wouldn't I just stick that Up why would I need to get this from you You know the old grain bin uh the patina Looks amazing on a on the old grain bins But uh the the challenge with the grain Bin is grain bins don't have legs and uh And and so you're always trying to when You take an old bin number one you've Got to have some type of a leg structure To hold it up and uh so they'll use wood Wood wood rots over time you've got to Maintain it where we use a 10 gauge Galvanized steel leg egg that that will Be a lifetime product you think you Think this thing's going to last five Years or so or oh I I this thing will Last a lifetime this is a lifetime I Just put up a quonset hut and it's got That wind rating too and I think I think This looks really well built he was also Telling us that uh you can actually have

A live fire in here if you set the the Ceiling up right you put a turban up There put a turbine vent uh yeah so we Put a turbine vent up top so that it the The bin will vent and uh and grain bins Are vented anyway they're they're Already vented uh but when you put a Turbine bin up top the draw it'll draw The uh throw the smoke in the air out so You see they've got furniture around the Outside there's enough height on this Top section that you can put a 65 inch TV in here really make this an outdoor Entertaining spot and depending on size You're going to spend somewhere between Like five and ten thousand dollars on One of these yeah you know because You're gonna have to depending on if you Set it up yourself or if you pay the Company to set it up yeah with concrete Depends on the size you're going to be Five to fifteen thousand yeah um you Know and and and you can go up from There I mean we've done full outdoor Kitchens in these Um with you know black stones and pellet Grills and smokers and and uh you know It's it's amazing what you can do with This type of product so I'd say this is One of my favorite things here it's Functional it's going to last a long Time it's pretty affordable and from the Aesthetics You know I'm a rural property I like the

The idea of the grain bin look well Thank you now very cool and I appreciate You taking the time to tell absolutely And and YouTube thanks for listening yep And um website is All right thank you sir thank you I've Started my search To compare some mower brands because I'm just not thrilled with my dear stand On mowers and I'd like to make a change There And There's a lot of good mower brands out There so it's kind of hard to narrow it Down I don't know if it's true or not but I'd Heard that the guy who started Bad Boy Mowers Exited the company and started Spartan I don't know if that's true or not but Man that guy if that's true he has Marketing down It's definitely a clean look on them At one point I think it was only deer That was selling the tweels now a lot of Manufacturers have those So the answer is it's mostly commercial Mowers but I Marvel at how I mean that's a fifteen thousand dollar Mower you just cut grass with it right I mean I show and look at a lot of Expensive stuff but it's a little bit Out of control honestly Because I mean

What do you do with it you just mow Grass Yeah that's right Now this Kubota right here on the other Hand for 39 000. That's a lot of money too but man you Can do a lot with the 75 horsepower skid Loader a lot of work you can do for Yourself or if you're wanting to start a Business I think that machine is going To make you a lot more money than the Lawn mowers Same thing with that mini X that seems Like a pretty good price on that Let's see what size it is it looks like A three three and a half ton no that's a Little smaller I'm not seeing the number On it but that's smaller than the ones I've rented Obviously a big reason that this is only 39 000 is it's more of a base model with You know an open cab and wheels instead Of tracks but that's less than half of What I paid for the same size machine Again all these Kubota prices look Really good and it is because these are More your economy tractors but That's a big machine for 39 000 but it's A shuttle shift So I just talked to the salesman a Little bit and I noticed immediately That you were getting a lot more tractor Over here than over here and a big part Of that for the price being similar is

That this has a cab and a hydrostat That's open station and shuttle shift But that's also a two-wheel drive Tractor But it's kind of like uh k h tractors Just got a deer 5075 and You know there's You get a lot of tractor for your money If you go with a simple machine like This But this one is more appealing to most Of us I think [Music] Foreign I tell you what seeing these fully Restored really makes me want to put Some time into the 49. Foreign Yeah exactly Thank you for shopping The coyotes seem to be really popular I've never got to operate a coyote Tractor and this one is a 40 30 And it's got this Dan user stump auger On it and I've really been looking at These Dan user augers Um you can put a regular three-point Auger bit on it but you can also put This stump grinder on it That makes it versatile that it can do Two different jobs with this one head And for digging post holes with a Tractor it's more expensive to do it off

The loader but if your machine can Handle it and you've got the hydraulic Capability for it you've got a lot more Controls and you can reverse your auger Head so really like the idea of one of These front mounted augers but I haven't Got to try one I love this setup right here and I think I'm the ideal customer for it this is Actually a 25 20 26 horsepower hydrostat Tractor that can bail its own hay Because of these mini round balers now a Lot of people don't love the mini round Balers but seven thousand dollars Compact tractor you already have for a Small property owner you could go to an Auction pick up your rake and your Cutter Fairly inexpensive and under ten Thousand dollars you can actually buy New versions that are made to match this They're under ten thousand dollars you Can be bailing your own hay on your Property and to me that's really Appealing as something I'd actually like To do because it's not a big enough Property to be worth it to have someone Else come in and do it I get almost Nothing for it but if I could do all my Own over time I think this would pay for Itself and the Counter argument is would you be better Off buying an old square baler and Learning how to truly maintenance it

Properly and running square bales Probably about the same price you could Get into a used square baler It really is amazing how big of a Batwing you can run on a small tractor Tim from tractor time with Tim has run A 12-foot batwing on the same size Tractor I've got it's pretty incredible Really I like these little miniature Backhoes because if they have a Mechanical problem or they run out of Fuel or something you can just pick them Up and put them in your truck bed and Take it to get it serviced Man that thing's tiny Almost looks like a toy but I bet its Capabilities are similar to a tractor Backhoe Foreign I did a full-length video running some Of these BCS two-wheel tractors very Cool machines very versatile very Inexpensive in the equipment world and Talk about a small machine you can build Hay with you can bail hay with one of These tiny little walk behind two-wheel Tractors pretty cool stuff you should Check out that video to Echo what a lot Of you guys tell me if I hadn't spent so Much money on a truck I could afford to Put a nice bed like this on it What's up I wasn't familiar with Butler beds but Apparently it's the same company that

Makes the do easy products so Pretty nice looking truck bed Is there anything more attractive than a Oh So after looking at these skag mowers I Stopped the salesman he's actually like A regional rep and asking why would Someone choose skag mowers as I said What I really think about it is there's a lot Of really high quality mower Manufacturers it's kind of hard to Decide which one to go with and he Pointed out some things with their Design and features but he really Highlighted something that I'm a big fan Of that this is a family-owned company Mowers are made in the U.S And That just something about that's always Going to appeal to me so I also like the Leather look on the the seats even Though that's not a reason to pick a Mower And beyond all that I'm in a lot of Facebook groups for professional mowing Guys and skag has a good reputation in That community You guys know I do a lot of brush Cutting and I just got the flail mower But this is Rhino And Rhino AG to me really stands out I Mean you can look at a brush cutter And tell that there is an economy brush

Cutter and there is premium brush Cutters and Brands like Woods Brush hog And Rhino AG to me stand out is making a Really heavy built product that's like Professional grade even if it's on a Smaller Smaller machine like I run there's a Smaller single spindle over here here's The grasshopper booth Big fan of grasshopper Love the versatility love the front Decks they've been doing this for a long Time those front Decks that lift up and I mean it's almost this to me is almost A competitor for a ventrac And I've done two other videos at farm Shows where I got a Salesman to step Aside and tell me a little bit about the Grasshoppers so I'm not going to do that Today but I always like to stop and look At them Thank you Hey that looks really familiar I think I might have that exact one Hey hey Rock they just let anybody in Here I know they absolutely do they Absolutely To Melody to One two So I just spent about a half an hour Talking to the dealer for Massey Ferguson he's actually a dealer for LS And Massey Ferguson and

Sutton Tractor and Equipment And great guy very generous with his Time and told me a few things I didn't Know number one is that Massey Ferguson Has a line of their 2600 series tractors That are over 25 horsepower but do not Have a Regen and kind of my Understanding was that any tractor over 25 horsepower has to have a regen but That's not what it is those tractors Have to meet and emission standards and Massey has found a way to meet emission Standards without a region it's Something from it's an older technology But it's a common Rail diesel I don't even understand what That means he's explaining it to me but That means that they have multiple Tractors over 25 horsepower without Regen that's a legit reason to look at Massey in my mind because a lot of People buy large frame 25 horse tractors To avoid the region when you could get Something with a higher horsepower like 35 and 45 horsepower without a regen the Pricing is pretty good he also sells LS And was telling me some of the price Differences between Massey and LS and It's dramatic honestly those LS tractors The pricing is so good you just can't Ignore at least giving them a look Definitely Definitely a selling point right there Remember not weird not strange

Uncomfortable You're the original telescoping flagpole The original hey I'm Kenny Kenny yeah Business has been up and down today so Yeah so uh How much is one of these flagpoles my Best seller 540 bucks How tall is that that's 25 foot and Right now it's invisible because these Nasty people already on day one they Stuffed cash in my pockets and took all My 25-foot flagpoles in black and bronze Which are my best sellers so I'm gonna Go out to my truck in a minute and get a Silver one which very few people buy Because silver is for normal people and I haven't met any yet so we're all Uncommon around here that's right hey so Um how hard is that for the average Person to install very easy step one is The most important step in installation You find a good looking lady that likes To dig in the dirt all right boom and You got it made yeah and you dig a whole 16 inches wide and so deep 28 inches for The 20-foot flagpole 32 inches for the 25 footer six or eight bags of cement so It's easy and this collapses down to Was that four four foot seven foot yeah Off the ground yeah And you can drop it down just by Releasing these pins to change if you Need to replace the flag or something Yep to replace your plug just drop three

Pins I'm gonna raise it up here so you Can see reality so this is 20 foot you Got a stainless steel pin that locks in Your section there Oh that's not super good you're able to Hold it yeah see the heaviest section is The bottom one there oh yeah look at That I mean baby I have two grandkids 40 And 60 pounds and guess where they both Want to be at the same time right here So I get to work out at home So you got a 20-foot flagpole stainless Steel pins to bring it down to change Your flags you simply push three pins There's rubber pads between the sections So if it slips out of your hands no Problem the best part of the deal Are the swivels they're not plastic They're aluminum they got a Dupont nylon Bushing there so they swivel real easy And the engineering we did on this Center swivel is awesome Solves a big problem and that is when You fly two flags the wind kicks up they Often fly on opposite sides thus one's Wrapped that's annoying Now boom here we go Because they swivel separately they Always end up correct which is nice push One more pin and down she comes so there It is right in your hands I'm standing At ground level so this is real life They take 90 mile an hour winds they're Almost American made they're made in

Minnesota so We're close so you you're sinking that Hole in the ground is there any like Flat plate or anything or it's just the Pole goes in the ground into the Concrete PVC pipe is cemented in the Ground so it's just like you see in my Box got the eagle that can set on the Top oh yeah yeah that just screws in the Top screws in the top You know what accessories are right Extra stuff for more money yeah gotta Love that Solar lights got a bearing in it so it Follows your flags which is nice because It's got a lot of Illumination power Boom Two lithium batteries put out a thousand Lumens all night instead of cheap Batteries and best of all instead of Plastic photocell it's tempered glass so It's done right easy no more ropes no Noise no wrap Flags no Mark the Rope Leaves if somebody wants to buy one of These the only way to get it to drive to Tulsa drive to Tulsa stuff cash in my Pockets or if you really talk nice I Will take your credit card too they have Uh is there a website they can go to There is a website Uh Uncommon USA these are really nice Telescoping flagpoles so one of my Favorite things to do with these shows

Is go around and come up to a Salesman Or a representative and say with all the Manufacturers out there why would we buy Your brand and Brad here from Yanmar Gave a great answer to that so I've Asked him to jump on and tell us why Would someone out of all the Manufacturers available why would they Buy a Yanmar tractor so Yanmar is the Only one on the market that actually Builds the entire tractor the engines Yanmar the front axles Yanmar Transmissions the end mark because of That we can put a 10-year warranty on All three of those components and and if You look at a lot of other manufacturers They'll have Yanmar products of some Sort in it whether it's the engine Whether it's a subsidiary company that We have that they use your opponents in But ours is specifically designed to Work together and you were just Mentioning a transmission brand that's Actually made by Yanmar Yeah and so I thought that was a Phenomenal answer I mean Wouldn't isn't that exactly what you Would want is the company selling the Tractor to make as many of the Components as possible so uh this is a Pretty sweet tractor 347 so it's a 47 Horsepower Hydrostatic cab tractor looks really Nice so and uh this one you know it is

Technically a hydrostat uh but the Transmission we have in here we refer to It as an ihmt or an intelligent Hydro Mechanical transmission so there's a lot More functionality on this tractor to Where you can actually go in and you can Set your max speed or your max Horsepower and and you can actually Switch in between those modes uh Depending what gear you're in so if You're cutting one row and you need to Be going slow at a higher RPM uh and you Come to the end of the row you need to Turn around you can quickly bunk your Speed up turn it around set back down Hit your button again it'll change your Settings back to where it was it's Almost kind of like a like a cruise Control basically but what you can do is You can actually run the PTO in the rear At 540 on the engine's height Uh so that's I have not heard of that at Least not on a compact yeah so so you Can and all our yt3 series tractors are Set up with that style transmission uh But what that does is that lets you fine Tune the tractor to where you get better Fuel efficiency out of it and and you Can actually get it in that torque curve Uh so that you're running it uh at at Peak Performance at Peak fuel efficiency And also uh keeps you from running into Regen problems for not loading your Tractor properly and getting hot to be

Able to do any of the region if Necessary Well that's a great step they're really Wide All right so you said infinite Variability but it's got It's a three Range three ranges uh but as far as uh Being able to go in control your speed Uh and adjust what you need this this Really drives just like a car so uh if You want to set it up to where uh uh you Just hit that silver pedal over there It'll start out at idle as soon as you Start pushing it it's going to slowly Pick up and and start taking off and It's also going to increase your engine RPM you can change that to where your Engine RPM can be at Max Speed but still It won't go anywhere until you hit that Pedal and then it'll slowly start to Pick up so that's kind of where you know Everyone thinks it's a hydrostat uh even Though the concept of a hydrostats there You can do so much more with this style Transmission so what's where everyone Thinks this is a clutch pedal yeah That's what that's what I got confused That looks like a clutch it is it is not A clutch pedal base it it acts as a Clutch but basically what it is is it's A hydraulic dump so if you're traveling And you need to stop you can hit that Pedal it's going to dump your oil and Basically just stop the tractor so it it

Acts similar to a clutch but that's not What it is you actually should never Have to split this tractor to work on it If anything ever happens with the uh Hydraulic transmission components or Anything like that Cover plate in the back unbolts Everything comes out the back of the Tractor so that increases serviceability Uh and reduces cost if for some reason You do work it over the 10-year warranty That reduces how much you're going to Have to spend in the shop for any kind Of repairs All right and then all right so you got Uh is this split brakes here split Brakes yes sir That's a nice looking tractor And then are these your rear remotes yes Sir and then the other knobs you've got There uh of course the yellow ones your PTO on and off the other ones are how You can set and adjust the tractor to How you want it to go so that gray Switch you can switch in between uh Setting engine RPM or travel speed so You'll flip that over and then dial the Knob the smaller knob above it whether It's got the rabbit and turtle for Motion yeah you can actually adjust when You flip this lever from forward to Reverse you can adjust how fast the Reaction time is so if you're in loose Ground or doing something in your front

Yard you don't want to tear the grass up You can switch that over to turtle and It'll gradually it'll automatically slow The Tractor Down Change the geek or change the direction And then pick back up so uh if you want It faster if you're doing a lot of Loader work then you can turn that up to Where you're going in the pile and Quickly uh reverse Direction and it's Already going Uh and that's where too On the loader joystick over there yeah That was it has the more buttons than I'm used to it does so uh one of the Nice things too it's uh and and you Probably notice it's very ergonomic you Know your arm's sitting on the armrest There your loader controls right there You're not having to reach up to the Loader like on most of them that's one Of the things I I mention always on mine That it's very ergonomic but this has Got a great shape handle the right third Function is not integrated like this Right I'm assuming one of these is third Function one of those is third function Uh the other one is where you can switch Between what we call A and B mode so You've got uh three speeds down here so In each of those gears uh you can set The tractor to where your different Engine RPM or travel speeds like I was Telling you about so if you're uh going

You need to quickly change direction or Like doing loader work something like That you can hit that button and quickly Change between your speeds and your Engine RPMs for whatever you have them Set at in those gears the other one is Throttle boost So uh You know we're talking if this thing's That idle and you're driving forward uh You know with the pedal as you start Traveling that's when your engine RPM Increases well if you ever need quicker Hydraulics like working with the loader Without speeding the grounds the the Travel speed of the tractor up you can Hit that button it'll increase your Engine RPM to give you faster hydraulics And it's right there on the loader Because generally that's what you're Going to be needing that faster RPM for Do you guys have the thing where you can Raise and lower this from outside the Tractor not on this size uh we've got a A larger tractor coming to the market uh Next year uh probably will be starting With a 75 horse and we'll have the Controls back here and we've got Telescoping draft arms telescoping Stabilizers two things I always look for And then Um two rear remotes which I think is Almost a must at least for me and those Are standards standard uh another nine I

Mean it's a very very uh Neat feature that's that's overlooked But me being from the service background Of it uh if you look up here so this is Where you you put oil in your Transmission most manufacturers that's Your checkpoint also well that's where All the dirt and everything else Collects so every time you open that You're introducing contaminants in your Transmission right so what we did Is uh on this one if you look over there There's a sight glass with red oil on The bottom yeah that's your checkpoint So I like that the way mine's set up it Has a dipstick right here that's also Your fill point but it's really hard to Get to so I almost have to power off my Tractor before taking it off because I've got all of this above it and it's All covered in dust and dirt and and so Uh all the Yanmar tractors have a sight Glass uh it might be in a different spot But that's where if you're hooking up Any kind of attachments you're right There you can go ahead and double check Because every time you you change Attachments to your coupling uncoupling Uh Hydraulics you're going to lose a Little bit of fluid right so if you're Back here that gives you a quick check To be able to know hey I need to add or Not but without Running the risk of putting any

Contaminants into your system Awesome I cannot tell you how far a good Salesman goes and this guy's not even a Salesman he is a service representative Handles a lot of their Tractor Service Which makes him knowledgeable about the Machines but it's very impressive Demonstration I was buying a tractor Today I would be very tempted by the Yanmar I really like the controls on this Compared to the other ones I've demoed This is how you turn forward and back Super convenient this is your joystick For your your bow Very Intuitive ergonomic throttle Auxiliary hydraulic ports Thousand pound lift capacity Narrow but it's got a long track on it Not very often I say something nice About Kubota but I think that is a Well-designed mini skid loader not that I need a mini skid loader but if I was That's a well-designed machine well I've Been going to a lot of farm shows and Equipment Expos lately and I don't know How good my footage was from this show But it was one of the most fun shows I've been to because I found some really Good knowledgeable salesman Or product reps that really knew their Stuff and were willing to spend 30 minutes talking to me so I was able

To learn a lot about a lot of products And I think maybe made some some Friendships so anyway I appreciate you Taking time to watch the video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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