The BEST TOOL for Straightening Crooked or Leaning Trees

[Applause] Hey guys phil here at woodstreet farm Thanks for checking out the channel Today i have to do some fertilization on Some of these trees i skipped it in the Fall uh not not because of any specific Reason other than i just didn’t get Around to it so what we have here today Is some 19 19 19 a nice balanced Fertilizer our soil is deficient in Everything and i’ve covered that on Previous videos so This i found works pretty well the trees Respond pretty well to it So all i’m going to do is use this top Of a soda bottle i did use a kitchen Scale last year and i found out that This does just about two ounces Of Fertilizer which is perfect for the Small trees and then i’ll do two of These on the bigger trees that are three Or four feet tall So this tool here is the max tapener and This is quickly becoming my favorite Tool For keeping these trees nice and Straight I picked this up last year at our Virginia christmas tree growers Association meeting they had an auction With a whole bunch of different products And i bought several things this was one Of those things and i got to use it some

Last fall after the meeting and uh like I said it’s quickly becoming one of my Favorite things the way that this works It has an integrated uh plastic tape in There And it also staples kind of in the same Motion so the way that it works you can Click it one time See if we can get it to work right There we go after you click it one time It grabs the tape pulls it across and Then whatever you want to tie up you Push this Over your stake and your plant or Whatever it is you’re trying to do and Then you click it again it staples and Cuts it in one motion so i’ll show you How that works here in a second uh and We have a bunch of trees in here that Need to get straightened up previously We’ve used these adc bands which are Like a rubber band with a little hook on The end The only drawback that i see with these Bands is they take a little bit longer To apply to the plant And You have to buy exactly the right size For whatever your application is i think There’s three or four different sizes Available so for some of the things that We want to do the plant might already be Just too fat to stretch one of these Bands around and i think that’s one of

The advantages of the max tapener is you Can just go ahead and put the taper Around whatever size up to you know the Limitation of the clamp on the tapener Machine but for all your small seedlings And stuff whether it’s a quarter of an Inch Three quarters of an inch or an inch and A half it’s going to fit all of them Just fine where the one size band is Going to have a much more limited range Here’s an example of a plant i don’t Think it really needs its bands anymore Probably doesn’t need this steak Or perhaps This one if it continues to grow that Way we might just put a stake in its top And that’s where we could use the taping Arm we can tie it down here we can tie It up here And it’ll straighten out the top of the Tree for now i’m going to let this go For a month or two we’ll see what it Does if it doesn’t start to straighten Itself out then we might put a stake on It Here’s one where last year we put an adc Band on it We can take that off it’s definitely Growing a little bit Crooked and this steak Wasn’t the straightest either So i think what i’m going to try to do Is

Push the trunk of that tree over just a Bit to get it straight Push this back in the ground And then we can use The tape in there Further up the tree And hold that up That looks good So this one its trunk is growing a Little bit of an s shape already I think we can try to maybe get one Right there And get one Up here See if we can’t get that straightened Out this year We have a bunch of trees that got Bulldozed by deer this winter this is One of them fortunately there’s not a Lot of damage on the tree it just got Knocked over So It had a steak it’s a little small and That steak actually got broken And i think what we can try to do Pick that up Kind of peel it in really good on this Side So Let’s see if this Piece of pipe is strong enough to hold This tree up Now we got some branches stuck in there There we go

That will work Okay here’s another one i don’t know if This is just from wind or maybe from one Of the ice storms but it’s leaning over A bit it should be up about there So i’m gonna give it [Applause] First thing i did was just stomp all Around the trees to make sure Its roots are in there good and tight Yeah that’s good And get the tape in there Right there It’s kind of a lot of tension on that One so i might put a second one That’s better Here’s another one that has The adc band all the way down here so It’s encouraging to see This tree was only this tall when we put The band on it and it grew all this All last year so that is Encouraging probably growing more if we Fertilized in the fall This lower band can come off Pretty good So the max tapener has a bunch of Different uses here’s an example of one We tied up last fall i’m going to take These off and see what it looks like but This is a piece of bamboo It goes from here to here because just The top of this tree was growing really Strange so we wanted to try to see if we

Could get the top to straighten out so If i undo all of these After several months Taped up This might now hold itself up Yeah That hardly moved at all so this Very top part here so this was Uh from last year’s uh spring trimming It needed this top here trained up so This should straighten itself out this Year That looks pretty good I ran out of tape i’ve got more in the Shed but that is an empty roll right There i’ll have a link in the video’s Description where you can buy this on Amazon there’s other suppliers but the Price on amazon’s the same and if you Buy through that link a few dollars will Come back to the channel here and we’ll Use that out here on the farm so i Appreciate your support if you end up Buying through any of the links that we Share in our videos thanks for watching Today guys if you’ve got any questions About what we did out here leave those In the comments i’ll answer what i can Until next time hope you have a good one I’ll see you on the next video bye-bye

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