[Music] Thank you That's Good Okay so we're going to tell you all About these products right here that I'm Promising you every single one of you if You own a tractor or not if you have a Trailer A zero turn an ATV four-wheeler whatever It is you're gonna want this product Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors we've got a special guest here Today Rick Percy with multi-seal you're Looking at a tire right here that has Over 300 holes in it but it's still Holding air how's that even possible [Music] Foreign [Music] Pair using multi-seal you need weight Centrifugal force and air pressure and All we have in this tire is air pressure But you can still hear it seal the tire Hey Rick question for you can a guy like Me sure give this a shot sure all right I mean it looks like a really good Stress relief sure what I got to do just Whack it yep okay right there yep all Right let's see how this goes Foreign [Music] Boy I'm afraid of busting my knuckles

You gotta whack it hard [Music] There you go all right was that good Enough that's good okay that's like a Half inch right yep this stuff is only Good to is this a three three quarters Yep look so that's uh near the max so Just kind of turn it yep I'll spin it for you That's it sealed It's cool that's some good stress relief Right there Very cool all right Rick so I guess Layman's terms what did we just see Happen here well we had this tire Pre-treated with our product multi-seal Pro HD 2500 and it's a true preventative Tire sealant additive that goes in the Tire ahead of time to help prevent flats And what happened was the liquid accent Carrier takes our synthetic fibers to The wound one of them being Kevlar fills That void immediately almost like a Beaver dam or a blood clot it makes it Permanent repair Within one or two revolutions of the Tire okay so you know I've I've seen I Guess like the tire Slime type products On the shelves before use those I know That my dealer over in Matawan does not Like to service a tire that has that in There but your product is different it Seems like yes Our product has uh all synthetic fibers

In it We do not contain any glues or adhesives Of any type it's all water clean up Water washable one-time application Lasts the life of the tire and we do not Contain any organic fibers in there at All that will break down over time well So my experience I guess with the other Products though is that it's if you get A leak and you're tired then you're Going to use that and fill it up whereas Multi-seal is meant to be more Preventative correct it's a preventative Sealant to be put in ahead of time to Help save the customer farmer trucker Whatever downtime so for me what I'm Looking for is a product that that saves That annoyance that comes up years ago Chris was doing a delivery for me Brand new trailer tires nonetheless and He had a flat on the side of the road You know we've been out to our other Property you drive a half hour out there You want to hop on your tractor and get Work done and you see a flat tire right There we've had them on our Gator you Know the tractors and the trailers all Zero turns everything has had flat tires So the point is you don't want to have That frustration that anger that you Can't get your job done so you get this Kind of product installed ahead of time Okay so Rick so I'm looking at this tire Just seeing all these holes and and I

Guess just air pressure in general is Kind of on my mind I mean how does this Relate to air pressure and how does that Work it's a great question a multi-seal Remains a liquid the entire life of the Tire and by doing that It Coats the Inside of the tire like an inner liner It'll minimize air loss by the porosity The rubber uh bead leaks and valve stem Leaks keep the tire running the correct Air pressure at all times a properly Inflated Tire deflects more objects than It receives so the tire will perform Better like ninja is designed to perform And they'll get less Flats when a Properly inflated tire so do you have to Worry about this product freezing at all No we've got our product rated at 35 to 40 below zero fahrenheit okay not around Here at least Okay so a question I had when we first Started talking probably the first Discussion was is this something that I Can install myself or do we have to make A special trip to a tire shop to get it Done no certainly we do have a lot of Tire service providers that are dealers For us but no an end user consumer can Install this it's real easy to install Just right to the valve stem with the Different tools that we have provided For you all right so I think it's time Take us through what we have here I know You've told me a little bit already but

I want to go through it again so let us Know what products are we looking at Sure start out with closest to you is The flat out that will seal up to a half Inch puncture okay once again all Synthetic fibers water cleanup no glue No adhesives can be installed right Through the bottle right through the Valve cap there's a hose that pops out Installation is real easy okay and so Again this retail version includes What you need to hook up to your tire Yes and start it into your tire yes There's an easy dispensing cap at the Top it pulls straight out because the Valve core newer built in there remove The valve core stick the tigon tubing Hosing on your valve stem and squeeze The amount required for a specific Tire Okay so nothing else required all in one Kit right here and good for something Like a set of boat trailer tires or one ATV tire okay one ATV tire so and you Said something who who keeps this in all Their kits the US military Special Forces that's pretty cool I think that's A sign that this is a a pretty good Product here then we have our Pro HD 2500 which is what you consider a Workhorse majority of our sales for Pneumatic tires use that product that'll Seal up to three quarter inch puncture Available anything from a one gallon Clear up to 275 gallon tote the one

Gallon uses a one ounce pump dispenser That screws into the top the five Gallons use a five gallon hand pump to Install our product move on to the hydro 1500 Hydro 1500 is made for any liquid Ballast Tire what about rim guard yes Rim guard is one of our Partners we use the product with it Mixes it a 1 to 10 ratio regardless of What kind of ballast you're using adding From calcium chloride to water to Windshield washer fluid and rim guard Okay hey real quick on this so this this Version here the hydro 1500 For liquid ballast all right like rim Guard Channel sponsor thank you but Can it be installed only at the time Does it have to be mixed in with the Water when you're installing it or can You already have liquid ballast in your Tire and installed this after the fact The answer is yes to both you can okay Mix it right before you install it not Not way ahead of time but immediately Before you install it you can mix it or Your tire is out there already has Existing ballast in it you move your Valve stream to 12 o'clock install the Product and it'll mix automatically with The product our 3500 is our true Industrial heavy duty sealant it'll do Up to an inch and a quarter puncture in A high ply tire to go over it again the Hydro 1500 will seal up to a half inch

Puncture the Pro HD 2500 three-quarter Inch puncture and the armor 3500 Into their quarter puncture all right so There's really not a whole lot of math That goes into this because multi-seal Takes care of that for you but let's Take you through some real world Examples here so you can figure out Exactly what you need for your tractor So Rick we went and took a look at that Summit tractor we have back there we Kind of used that one as the initial Example we have the tire sizes on the Front and the back it's two different Products right we have rim guard and the Rear tires so you only use the hydro 15. This there's no other products that work With the rim guard or liquid ballast It's just the hydro 1500 yes and then You have a separate product for the Pneumatic tires up front correct the Pro HD 2500 is from pneumatic tire okay so We had uh 12-16 and a half tires on the Rear of that Summit tractor filled with Rim guard About 30 gallons total of rim guard Between the two tires it's a one to ten Ratio so we need three gallons of hydro 1500 okay so that takes care of the rear Tires three gallons of the hydro 1500 The fronts Over the 23 and a half 23. I forgot but Uh the fronts are 23 8 and a half 12 Tires and we looked up on the chart

There those take 52 ounces per tire okay So we have a 104 ounces that we need so A little bit under a gallon yes to take Care of the front tires correct and for That we would use well actually we could Use this right here a gallon of the Pro HD 2500 right yes we take care of those Two front tires okay all right so that Takes care of the product that we need Now tell us about the pump motor Shield Makes three different or provides you Three different hand pumps that can be Used in our five gallon pails on all Three of our pumps every full stroke on The pump is eight ounces so you just go To your app tell you how many ounces it Is divided by eight that's how many Strokes you'd put in each wheel position The one gallon bottle of our product has A pump available for it for a separate Charge but if you already have your five Gallon hand pump on one of our three Products you can literally take this Gallon bottle and pour it in the five Gallon pail and pump out of that it'll Be a lot easier for you multi sale also Can provide you a injection cart pump That's ran off your air system that has A 15 gallon Hopper with two graduated Cylinders down below that you can Install your product using your air System it makes installation quick for Larger fleets so Rick what can this Product be used in our product can be

Used in anything Off-road regardless of air pressure size Or weight Over the road three-quarter ton trucks And above multi-seal does not recommend The use of our product in any Passenger Cars or light duty Vehicles due to the TPMS systems okay so basically I can use This for anything here I have in my Homestead besides my truck my Four-wheeler my tractors My trailers My Zero Turns All that stuff yes correct very good Okay so we use our calculator really Easy to do on the Polaris Ranger you Just measure the height and the width of The tires and it tells you what you need So we needed 150 total ounces for the Rear tires and then 126 ounces for the Fronts oh man 276 ounces I think however however that Comes out in gallons what is that a Little up two and a half about two and a Half gallons yeah yeah okay so a little Over two and a half gallons for this Again that's all pneumatic so we would Use the 2500 or the 3500 in here 2500 2500 is the right application for this Okay okay our Kubota M4 71 700 Horsepower tractor eat about six gallons Per tire of hydroseal of hydroseal so The 2500 1500 oh sorry yeah there we go The 1500 here we have rim guard inside

Here okay so 1500 goes in these and then On the fronts the Pro HD 2500 yep 152 Ounces per tire yeah 300 ounces total 300 ounces there okay so yeah this Starts to add up a little bit when you Get the bigger machines out yeah okay on The 1025 this could be a Kubota BX Anything similar you know they're all These sub compacts they're all basically The same size give you an idea at least So uh we have rim guard and the rears on Here one gallon of product per tire yeah Two gallons total of the 1500 the hydro 1500 to mix in with that on the fronts Combined it was a half gallon of the 2500 needed so you can get a gallon jug Of it and it's got an indefinite shelf Life right correct okay so it's not Going to go bad and keep it on there for A couple years whatever else okay very Good okay so a trailer this is a Different application anything that's High speed over 45 correct okay is a Different application so you don't need To use as much of the material so one Gallon of the 2500 is going to to take Care of all four of these tires and in Fact this is the same trailer that Chris Had that flat tire on years ago I think I had two other flat tires on here I Ended up replacing all four of these Tires down the road just because But anyway one gallon that's all it Takes to take care of all four of these

Tires pretty cool all right Rick so this Has been a lot of fun something I just Actually noticed I love it when I can See this this seal right here made in The USA that's awesome we try to get as Many made in the USA products on this Channel as we possibly can but what else Should we know about multi-seal the Multi-seal's been around since 1981 Family-owned company I've built a Company 24 years our motto is seeing is Believing so folks I have been looking For a way to fill the holes In my equipment offering so to speak so I'm really proud to start working with Multi-sealed so if you are interested in Placing an order head on over to Multi-seal's website there's going to be A link down below and a link on our Website that'll take you right there if You don't know where to go you're going To enter code GWT to save five percent Off of your order and they'll pack it up And ship it right to you so Rick a big Thank you for coming by my pleasure I Mean he's spending his whole day this is Like a four and a half hour drive to get Out here just to hang out with us and Show us what this product's all about so I really appreciate that so again if You're looking for this product go to or of course we Sell tractor attachments all over the Country if you enjoyed today's video

We'd love to have you tag along hit that Subscribe button right down below I want To thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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