The Christmas tree capital of the world has been located. Where are the most Christmas trees grown.

[Applause] Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead we’re talking christmas trees Again uh a while back i’ve been asking People that were watching my christmas Tree videos to say hey uh tell me where Your what state you’re at or what Country you’re in and where you’re Farming and your trees and everything And one person replied i’m in indiana Pennsylvania the christmas tree capital Of the world and i was like really Christmas tree capital world is there Such a thing and uh it sparked my Interest so i started doing research and Looking at statistics and i was like Where really is the christmas tree Capital of the world so uh I’m going to have some fun with this As always i’d love it if you guys like And subscribe and share where you’re Farming and whatnot but also if you Disagree with my What i figure out is the christmas tree Capital world i’d love to hear what you Think uh this is obviously just friendly And there’s no Real legitimate but i have statistics And things that would indicate where the Christmas tree capital might be so and And what i’d like you all to know is if You are a christmas tree farmer and you Do a good job uh providing a christmas Tree as a service for people and

Christmas to make the families uh Christmas happy you’re my friend and You’re a hero to the community continue Working to create a good product to grow A good product and have a good uh Environment and a fun place for families To come out and become part of their Christmas tradition and You’re my friend and you’re a hero to The community all right so christmas Tree capital of the world first of all Where are christmas trees grown the most So if you look at it statistically the United states grows about 30 million Christmas trees a year And They’re grown on about 15 000 different Farms so that’s fairly impressive so the United states is not the only nation That grows christmas trees uh if you’re Looking at Christmas tree capital of the world Let’s go across the ocean to Europe and see what’s going on there Germany Has a good claim on being the christmas Tree capital they grow about 18 million Trees a year and most uh historical Records and traditions indicate that the Christmas tree Tradition started in germany so Germany gro is the largest grower in Europe with 18 million trees a year and That’s pretty impressive because they

Have a land mass that’s about the size Of montana So it’s not a small country but uh you Know it doesn’t have the land mass the United states denmark is fairly Impressive too denmark comes in with 10 Million christmas trees and The united states land mass is 228 times That of denmark so They have a lot of trees per acre there France grows 6 million trees Belgium 5.2 million trees and great Britain 4.4 million trees so these are Areas that are impressive christmas tree Growing areas I was looking well what about south American countries i didn’t stop think About the fact that it is summer in South america when christmas comes Around and so i was looking at that and You know I know here in the pacific northwest if We were to harvest a tree on june 21st We they would just wilt like a flower Because we have the new flush and it Hasn’t hardened off yet so christmas Trees are significantly different in the Southern hemisphere they do have some Other types of trees that they use and Even though it’s summer there uh from What i was in my research a lot of them Will decorate them almost as a winter to Kind of take in our custom like putting Snowflakes on the trees and whatnot but

Obviously it’s summer in south america So The christmas tree tradition is not Nearly as big in the southern hemisphere So let’s go back to the united states Which is the largest producing nation This is a good visual representation of Where christmas trees are going grown You can see the pacific northwest is Dark green Pretty much every state surrounding the Great lakes and north carolina Are big growers Here’s another good visual on this areas Of the country that grow lots of Christmas trees Here’s a bar graph that gives you a good Visual on the states That grow the most trees oregon is far Away the winter north carolina Is also significantly larger than any Other state My small farm helps contribute to the Number for the number six state of Washington In oregon the counties that are in the Northern willamette valley are the Biggest producers with clackamas county Being the largest And finally a tiny town of about three Thousand people South southeast of portland oregon is Esticated oregon it’s probably the most Densely populated with tree farms area

And as one friend said if you own land Out there you grow christmas trees So after bringing in all the statistics With the united states being the biggest Grower There’s several fairly impressive Growing regions in this country but the Pacific northwest is probably the Largest and then if you narrow it down Oregon’s bigger than washington and Idaho clackamas county is the biggest uh Grower in oregon and central in there And one of the biggest growers is Estacada oregon so uh by the power given To me by my youtube channel which is not Much because it’s a new channel and i Really don’t have any power but Flanigan homestead is declaring Esticated oregon as the christmas tree Capital of the world congratulations Esticata oregon So what better thing to do on that on a Rainy Day going into the holiday season than Debate where the christmas tree capital Of the world is Obviously there’s people from north Carolina and germany and other places That might have a say and think Differently i would love to hear from You in the comments section on Your input on what should be Named the christmas tree capital of the World and one thing i’ve enjoyed in

Sharing my knowledge about christmas Free farming on my channel and what i Know and what i do is i get many Comments from people actually all over The world many people from europe As well that let me know what they do And i love learning about christmas Trees and other places and i there’s Many places i’ve never gone and seen so Love to see your comments And once again thanks for joining me on The flanigan homestead where christmas Trees are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion be blessed hope To see you again soon