A scissor trap is all you need to get rid of moles effectively. You just need to know where to place it.

Get your scissor trap here:

Saw the first signs of moles in quite Some time so I'm going to use one of These mole traps a scissor trap I'll Show you how to set that in a second Here look at this you can kind of see The line the travel pattern right right Through here all right and so I'm going To set this on that travel pattern find A section that's close to the surface Tamp it down nice and flat then you're Going to set this so that the scissors Open with the runway okay so the Scissors are going to open with the Runway going to set it down and you Should have activity typically if it's An active run within a day or two all Right well I saw this trap had gone off Had it set for a few days actually I Missed it the first time the Trap didn't Open but you can see we got it this time And what you can see is actually there's Cracked dirt here meaning it was tuning Through and there's no cracked dirt here And the the Trap has gone off pulled out There it is I know some of you guys Don't like this but it's uh part of the Deal just just pinch that down a little Bit there just to release that scissor Traps these are all you need get them on Amazon we have them in our Amazon [Music] Store

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