The First Meaningful Snow in About 3 Years!

Hey guys welcome back to woods tree farm We got snow check it out we just drove The 40 minute drive here to the farm From the house and uh out of the house We definitely got less snow Than we got here but it’s starting to Melt it’s just over freezing now So the surfaces that absorb more sun Like our gravel driveway and the roads And all that are Thawing out a little bit better the kids Are excited to spend some time out here So they brought their sleds and they’re Gonna try doing a little bit of sledding And we offered up online today that we Would have some firewood a lot of the Area around here where it’s more rural Is without power right now back in the Suburbs where we live no issues with That Um we didn’t lose power at all it never Even flickered so we were fortunate in That way So we’re offering firewood for sale for Anybody that wants to show up we’re Going to be out here for about three Hours today i don’t know if anyone will But i also have a couple orders that i Need to prep to get out for delivery That have already been submitted so i Can get those ready as well the tractor Over here covered in snow gotta get that Cleared off the driveway has quite a bit Of snow on it i might as well go ahead

And push that out of the way just in Case anybody tries to drive up in here And then I don’t know what else we’re going to Get into kids are definitely going to go Sledding and I’ve got some clearing off to do let me Get started with that we’ll move some Firewood around We’ll Change the implements on the tractor oh You know what buckets already on the Tractor i didn’t realize that let’s get That warming up We’ll get the tractor cleared off the Black canopy is absorbing sun And dripping pretty fast and fierce Of course everything else is covered so Got to work on that Oh the keys covered in The ignition’s covered in ice There we go You can’t see when the Glow plugs warmed up oh there we go It says it’s warm [Music] So [Music] This is how you do it is it All right don’t get Wet ah you made it you made it caroline You’re gonna make it you’re gonna make It Maybe

Yeah [Applause] All right All right that’s how you do it [Music] Good job i think that’s a good run let’s Just stay out of the pond Okay bye [Music] [Music] [Music] So So [Music] So Got the drive cleared we don’t get that Much snow here i think that’s the second Time i’ve ever pushed snow with the Tractor and uh Okay about 20 minutes worth of work got It more or less passable it’s to be Above freezing today and tomorrow so i’m Really not concerned about getting it Perfect everything that’s exposed the Sun is going to be clear by the end of The day but just in case anybody wants To come buy some firewood it is now Clear enough Somewhere under here Is a four wheeler Yeah a place to store equipment would be Nice It’s going to happen this year it’s Definitely going to happen

So Okay 2000 Honda rancher Cold start See how we do [Music] Sounds cold [Music] Oh Let that warm up for a minute Some of these trees Have disappeared is there a tree under Here There he is All right Some of these trees have completely Folded Over just bounce back right I think they’re all good Yeah i think we got about seven inches A two-wheel drive four-wheelers Sliding downhill So [Music] Got some spruces over here They’ve also been folded over Stand up There’s quite a few Around here the little ones And that’s just a little one I thought this was a folded over tree That’s just a short tree This one

All the bigger ones look all right but All the small ones Are knocked over Oh i see a tree down across the way We’ll go see that in a little bit [Music] Yeah Deer tracks all across here They’ve been out since it snowed a Couple times they go over there These are the carolina sapphires And some of them got dropped real heavy That one there is completely damaged The rest of these Are just uh knocked over a little bit by Snow Some of them were taped up they’re all Right but some of them the tape either Came undone or they still sliding down There’s a top of a pine that blew out Over there And then this pine got completely Uprooted here And um We’ll have to definitely go and take a Look in the woods and see if we can Scrounge up there’s probably some good Firewood back there that got knocked Over we had some really Uh some really strong gusts i was gonna Say severe i don’t know if anything Really got severe but we had at times Some consistent 30 40 mile an hour winds And

Uh it’s not no surprise to me that there Are some trees down Back over here on the other side of the Pond this is uh right here Kind of right next to the pond over here I have our little hand washing station And i tend to just kind of keep some of The implements and equipment over here Because it’s somewhat flat and there are Uh two trees down this one right here Actually fell on my grapple i had my Grapple sitting over here i’m Pretty sure it’s probably fine but i Would like to use the grapple to clean Up said tree I’ll have to move it out of the way First with the tractor and get that Cleaned up and then this tree here was Thinking about falling over you see that Big pine right there it is leaning way Out compared to where it was The other week And if it falls it’s probably gonna fall On my hand washing station And uh i think we could probably get Some good lumber out of that tree and Considering i’ve got some construction Projects coming up i would like to Harvest that tree Because it Is looking pretty good especially up the First uh 15 feet or so there’s very few Branches You can get some good logs out of that

And then over on this other side So we had the blow down we had a bend Over That one’s way bent over And There was one that completely lost its Top over there so Quite a bit of cleanup over here I can only imagine What else we got going on inside the Woods of course this stuff Here on the tree line Maybe is a little susceptible to the Northern winds Because all of their branches are on the South side so any extra weight of the Snow plus the wind is going to bring Them out this way which i think is what Happened I don’t have any other exposure that’s Similar to this anywhere else on the Property uh other than what i already Showed you across the pond so I already took fuel a four-wheeler out On the power line on the south side it Looks good And um all we need to do now is go check Our other road frontage that’s a quarter Mile up and see what it looks like i’ll Probably take the truck up there rather Than the four-wheeler So i wanted to share that little snow Day update with you guys show you how We’re faring out here with the winter

Weather that we got here in central Virginia like i said quite a bit more Snow out here in amelia county than what We had back home in chesterfield county Probably about double the amount of snow If i had to guess so the kids are Enjoying they’re sledding out here we’re Going to get some lunch hang out for Another hour or two see if anybody wants To swing by and pick up some firewood I’ve got some firewood deliveries to Make and then uh once things saw out out Here we’ll Get back to work we’re doing some other Projects around the farm so thanks for Tuning in i’ll catch you on the next Video bye-bye

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