The MOST EXPENSIVE Trees We’ve Ever Planted

[Music] Hey guys welcome back to wood street Farm i’m phil and today we are wrapping Up our spring planting we are putting in The ground some leland cypress and we Found that these trees do really well For us And probably going to end up planting a Lot more of these in the future but i Have another hundred here today this is My first time ordering from this Supplier and these will be i believe The most expensive trees that we’ve ever Purchased to put in the ground so stick Around i’ll give you all the details so Two years ago we got our first leland Cypress here and those were pretty big Transplants i think upwards of 24 to 30 Inches some of them and they all took Really well we’ve had very few losses Except for what the deer have rubbed but As far as environmental losses we’ve had Very few and now the tallest trees out There of that first batch are upwards of Five five and a half feet so we will Very soon have some sellable trees uh of The leyland cypress variety all the Other trees that we have in the field The biggest ones are around three three And a half feet tall and those were uh Some of the first ones that we put in Over three years ago so by comparison The leland cypress are extremely fast Growing

What we have today are quart sized Plants from liner source there’s all of Their information right there And after the box is open you can see All of the plants in here i’ve got 30 Plants per box they’ve got these quart Size containers and they do have Soil in those containers which makes These more expensive to ship because That’s a lot more weight but you can see These plants are looking pretty good And you can see this plant just as a Representative here 16 inches is where the top folded over And you stretch that top all the way up And it’s just to about 20 inches so good Healthy looking plant there a couple Things i need to do to get these ready For the ground is uh we do like to do a Basil prune on these to take off all of These lower limbs up to about six inches Or so so i’m going to do that now on a Handful of trees and then i’ll show you How you put them in the ground I’m going to take my shears And snip all these off So the tree’s all trimmed up it’s ready To get into the ground And we’re just gonna Open it up if it has a lot of roots Break it up just a little bit Put it in And get some of this backfill And

Our soil’s kind of Got a lot of clay in it so When it’s clumpy I like to break it up Put it all in there And that’s it [Music] [Music] For spacing we’re doing eight by six so Our rows are eight feet apart and the Trees are about six feet apart along Those rows and for layout i’m just using A two by four and i can just lay the two By four down from the row previous and That’ll set my eight foot spacing i mark The space with with my hand and then dig The hole and i just line it up uh just Kind of eyeball it with the other rows And i can see that my trees in this Direction are all in line with each Other and this is just an extension here From what we did last year with the Carolina sapphires here and you can see All those with the pvc stakes in the Ground probably going to have to end up Staking a lot of these trees as well And I’ve found that it just It really helps the trees grow Upright and we can kind of constantly Keep new growth Tied to their stakes as they grow so That’s what i’ve been doing and i think It’s working out pretty good because the

Layout is looking pretty clean so far So i said these trees are probably the Most expensive trees we have ever bought And it’s not that the tree itself is Super expensive they cost 2.75 a piece It was the shipping that drove the cost Up considerably so with the soil in These containers it increases the weight Dramatically these had to be Shipped on a pallet via freight and That drove the Per unit cost up just over four dollars About four dollars and three cents per Tree and like i said we haven’t spent Near that on any of our previous years Uh seedlings so Hopefully these do really well for us My experience is that leland’s will do Well and i’m perfectly fine Spending that kind of money on a Transplant if we can get a marketable Tree in three years which we Should be able to do and if these have a Really good success rate then this Should be plenty profitable for us Unfortunately it’s been a pretty dry Spring around here and a lot of the Trees that we planted this spring are Already showing signs that they’re not Going to make it through their uh Through their transplant so for example We have these taller austrian pines over Here and you can probably see quite a

Few of them are already brown And you know we’ll let them sit and Hopefully you know Some of them a lot of them will pull Through but i have a feeling that many Of them won’t we have not had a lot of Rain and we did not come back through And water these trees by hand Because we were just hoping we’d get Some rain and we just never got back Around to it so We probably could have had better Survival if we hand watered all those Plants after they went in but that’s What we’re dealing with so i think that Means for the fall i’m gonna have to Double down and do an extra large Planting this upcoming fall we’ll Probably get some more pines some white Pines in particular and we’ll probably Get some more Leon cypress as well i think i’m gonna Try to get some carolina sapphires as Well so uh linosaurus that i ordered These from did not have any carolina Sapphires ready to ship right now but i Did get an order in to hopefully reserve Some for a fall planting so that is in The plan For this upcoming fall if you’ve got any Questions about planting christmas trees Growing christmas trees sources for Christmas tree seedlings or any of that Kind of stuff you leave those in the

Comments and i will help you out any way That i can so until next time hope you Guys have a good one i will see you on The next video bye [Music] So Bye

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