The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Milling Lumber – Woodmizer LT40

Supposed to be at Paul's house in an Hour I've got to unload the tractor load Up the logs and get moving so bear not Talk too much today [Applause] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Software [Music] Is [Music] [Music] With me [Music] Not like I'm playing yeah Foreign [Music] You think there's ever a point on these New Holland loaders where you paint over It and change it to Old Holland It just happens that way if you drive Them in the brush enough all that wipes Off hey I wanted to do an introduction For the people who are new here this is Paul of the case Farm polls and wait a Minute say that again this is Paul of The case form polls that's not how that Works no hi I'm Paul case from Paul Case Farms and you're watching Rock Hill Farms with Brock he's got his own YouTube channel so make sure you go over To Paul Case Farms as well

Be sure and do that and today because I'm almost to 600 subscribers after only Three years a little more than three Years putting up videos and today with The help of my lovely assistant we're Going to make wood out of wood We make we make round things square Around here that's yeah Lovely assistant uh people who follow my Channel on a regular basis might Recognize this log I was pretty proud of Myself using the chainsaw Mill to square This up into a cant and I was slicing Off A two inch by 18 slabs really nice Looking and uh That's a lot of work it's a lot of time And when I decide to come bring another Log over to Paul we're doing two other Logs I asked him if he'd go ahead and finish This one for me I'd like some one inch Lumber for Woodworking and some four by Fours it could be structural or they Could be used as like legs for a Farmhouse table [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] So this didn't have any branches or bark Or anything on it when I found it I Assumed it to be Oak is that what that

Looks like yeah It's a white oak the girls are all Traveling around here and you know the Problems you was having And you need to mark this out and see if It's true or not I've been told ever Since I've been in the wood business if You're making wood you're wanting to Stay straight you leave it lay for a Little while after it's been cut so this One's obviously late for a while since It's been cut black on the ends they say That you it behaves better it won't you Won't have as much degrade and those Type of thing from us well we might be Good on those other two logs then I cut Those about 18 months ago cut the tree That right there where it's coming in Dark Is what happens when they die And a lot of the time that will turn Into Dodie stuff real quick Not after you've made the lumber it Won't change much after you saw it dried Out But that's a signal they're kind of Getting to the end of their life you Said this one was standing dead Yeah as in yeah it was easily pushed Over the roots were completely rotted Off it had been burned on the outside no Limbs on the top yeah And the uh but there was I pulled like Three more of these that were just

Laying in the woods it looked like They've been there 100 years and it Might have been three I don't know but And one of them was exactly what you're Talking about it's like it has a bunch Of little tiny holes in it and you go I Think this is actually a really soft Wood at this point yeah where would it Make good firewood but it was just past The point even for firewood it burns up Quicker than what you want firewood to Burn up so it's one of those things Where you can burn it don't get me wrong But selling it for a firewood Probably not a very good deal for the Buyer yeah maybe a really good deal for The seller [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So as you sharpen it you're grinding the Saddle from it [Music] Okay what does that mean they're set

These are set and freeze a lot of saw Blades are set too so that means the Teeth go one's left alone one's been Over this way and one's been over that Way so that it clears out wider than What the body of the blade is or else You'd have trouble because you'd be Getting stuck all the time Okay and but these are just there's they Call that setting it And they're set that way you can Actually get one and look at it and see It you probably see it right here now When you look at the teeth on them one Of them will have all the stuff off from On the top Where it's rubbing against the top Once again too forward to pay attention Of these plates kind of like short cats Yeah I was I was wanting to help but I Was thinking uh if we help in different Directions I'll probably have if I Helped the wrong way I'll wind up to her Like to see your D jointer before I Leave be joined or the one that took the Joints of my thumb out yeah I feed That's what you've called it The other name's Edgar on digital Now run around there and tighten that up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign

[Music] Thanks Governments I heard a story About a Guy that lived in the country and had Animals farmer and everything and he had A cousin that lived in the city And it was around the holiday time so The cousins had all come to his house And was staying with him and he caught One of them City cousins out by the Fence looking over the fence one day And he said What are you looking at he said I I just Wonder why didn't that cow have horns And I'm he's like well there's a lot of Reasons a cow don't have horns uh some Breeds of cattle just don't have horns Like Angus they're a hornless breed and Then some cattle when they're little we Don't want them to have horns when They're big so we put some stuff on There that causes the horn not to grow And then sometimes when they get big and Have horns and we're trying to milk them They're rambunctious and they'll hurt You and so we have to cut those horns Off no pain to the animal or nothing but The reason that cow don't have horns is Because it's a horse There's there's a city and then there's Cities yeah there's City now I tell you So our trade is Paul's keeping this

Can't and the other log and then I've Got this stack of lumber and the stack On the trailer I'm gonna get home and Restack that and kind of show you what Kind of yield we got Foreign Well Paul I appreciate it I think that Was a pretty good trade and maybe we can Do it again Yeah it's kind of like the The lady that picked up an Indian Maiden That was walking home with her groceries And uh And she's carrying these sacks and she Gets in this lady's car and she looks in The back seat and there's a bunch of Grocery sacks back there and she sees a Bottle of wine sticking up out of the Groceries in the back and the Indian Maiden says the lady said oh I see you Got some wine and the lady says yeah I Got that for my husband Indian lady lives back there and looks At her and said good trade [Laughter] And that's how we'll leave it [Music] Foreign Wow That is unbelievably heavy for one inch Thick material It's only eight foot long 18 inches wide That's Heavy

So after we cut this I went to my granddaughter's birthday Party It was maybe an hour and a half delay Between cutting it and what you see now You can see that sawdust was already Causing discoloration I think in 24 Hours you could already have mold Growing on here if you don't clean the Dust off this immediately after the cut You need to do it pretty quick within 24 Hours I think this needs to be cleaned And stacked Foreign Thank you Okay so We have two stacks That are Pretty good size I think we figured One log was about 225 Board feet And the other one was bigger than that But I'd already cut some of it off and So some of it's already on this back Stack but now we've got One two three four Stacks that are full Height and then three smaller Stacks so I've got seven different stacks of Lumber here in Five varieties and that's if you count Oak as one variety when there's actually Different varieties of Oak We've got two inch thick stock twelve Foot long 12 wide

We've got some four inch Walnut slabs We've got four by fours I've got a bunch Of Live Edge I've got one buys Those are 19 and a half inches wide at The bottom of this I think that maybe The widest stuff I've got And that's not even live Edge so I'm Really excited to get started doing some Woodworking with this I'm going to make Some Farmhouse Furniture like kitchen Table I might even try some chairs My dad's going to be coming over here And we're going to be doing some of this Together I've got a lot of projects Playing we're going to use some of the Live Edge and maybe make some engraved Signs stuff like that But I really had a good time today just Not thinking about anything But getting this Lumber done And when I said it took nine hours I Stopped two hours in the middle of the Day to go to a birthday party so I spent Seven hours Getting about 400 To 450 board feet of lumber is a good Day I hope that Paul is happy with the Trade because he has He's got the same amount of lumber that I did although his is going to be turned Into pallets very quickly So anyway I appreciate you taking time To watch this video I'll put links on The screen to a couple more of our

Videos and I'll see you next time

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