Folks you're going to want to pay Attention to this one because if you Know what we're giving away I'm going to Mention it later very clearly in the Video you're going to know what it is All you got to do is leave a comment Down below to be entered in it you're Going to have your option to pick Whatever one might work for you we're Going to select three winners we'll give You the rules at the end as well so pay Attention this is going to be fun folks How we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors going to talk about ballast Weight today you know it's been a long Time we've had a lot of new Subs since The last video we posted about this we Take it very seriously our Channel Sponsor is rim guard for good reason Before that it was Bora wheel spacers so There's a theme here so 10 types of Ballast weight you know and you think Ballast weight is only well you think You're paying for dead weight right just To do nothing but in reality not only Are you paying to keep your tractor Safer so you go home in one piece at the End of the day but it also makes your Tractor more efficient because it's Keeping the rear end planted to the Ground so you can lift more weight with It you can move where you need to at a Regular Pace instead of trying to unload Some weight and do whatever else so

There's other benef if it's besides just Paying for weight which you know I'm With you there I'm with a lot of you Guys trying to to get away from having To do it and so that is actually Something that Summit tractors takes Very seriously as well and why I was one Of the reasons I was proud to align with Them is that their tractor is the Heaviest in the class it comes with rim Guard in the tires already they are Setting you up for safety and success Right out of the gate from the factory Most other manufacturers don't do that Okay so we've got 10 forms of ballast Weight and one of these is going to be Free I'll let you know what that is too But first we're going to talk about Liquid ballast in general because I like It a lot because it's it's just hidden Out of the way a lot of these ballast Weight options are going to tie up your Three-point hitch and then you have to Make a tough decision sometimes do I Want as much weight as I can put on There or do I want a useful tool so Liquid ballast like rim guard who is our Channel sponsor fits right inside the Tires this tractor has over 300 pounds Of weight just hiding in these tires Here out of the way but you know it's There and you know it's going to help Keep you planted to the ground folks Down south if they can get away with

Using water washer fluid those are good Options as well you don't want something That corrodes rim guard is not corrosive It doesn't freeze it's all natural it's Going to be the heaviest all-natural Weight on the market on a per gallon Basis so it's a really good option to Consider sticking with your wheels and Tires of course wheel weights are going To be a great option now every tractor Is not set up to a I should say every Tractor wheel I guess is not set up to Accept wheel weights I don't think the Summit takes it their tractor is Actually heavy enough the way that it is But I think there's some Kubota B series And standard L Series and I know there's Other models out there that are not Going to accept wheel weights but it's Another option to to get that weight off Of the three-point hitch and and put it Here you know the further back your Weight can go the more effective it's Going to be well for the simple Understanding that pivot point you know Of unevenness or where things are going To tip back and forth is going to be the Front axle your front tires right and so The further back this way from your Front tires you can go the more Effective that weight is going to be the Closer towards it the less effective now We have one more option for you too on The rear axle down there and that's

Going to be wheel spacers and wheel Spacers are good for a couple of reasons Number one they're gonna they're Widening the footprint of your tractor And a lot of these tractors are Tippy This way not just front to back but side To side too you can see how high I'm Sitting up as well and and there's just Well the bigger you go The more stable they are naturally but The smaller the tractor is typically the More narrow and kind of Tippy side to Side they are so wheel spacers spread That out and if you get steel wheel Spacers which I do prefer the aluminum They're less maintenance you don't have To Prime them or paint them or anything Else like that but if you go with steel Wheel spacers you're going to have the Most amount of weight that you can add As far as the spacer goes on there and So if you get a small traction like a 1025 or a BX not a lot of weight but if You get something like a three or a four Series tractor those pounds really start To add up and of course Bora is still a Sponsor of ours and we are proud to have Them on board all right now I know You're thinking man this stuff is adding Up to be a lot well this one is your Freebie all right and that is you Yourself okay so if you are a a small Operator well this is not going to be as Effective but if you well you know if

You could go on a diet or stand to lose A few pounds well hey use that to your Advantage and maybe hold off on that Diet okay maybe you're just doing it for Safety reasons and the more weight you Have on here again that weight is a Little bit higher but it's still at Least front to back helping out your Case and this scenario but side to side Well if you have too many pounds maybe You do want to consider those spacers Now what I forgot about actually still On the same rear axle before we move Back to the three-point hitch is going To be a set of dual tires dual wheels And tires and these are really only made Right now for the smaller tractors uh The 26 12s like the John Deere 1025 1023 Your whole Kubota BX lineup for the most Part and similar sized tractors but you Can put a dual wheel setup on there Typically that's not going to work with A mower deck but if you don't have a Belly mower on there then that can be a Really good option some other trade-offs To consider could be potentially more Actual stress on there with you know Another 12 inch wide tire on here but as Far as stability goes those made a huge Difference when I ran them for a full Year I saw no detrimental effects to it At all felt incredibly stable when I use Them and those are sold by a partner of Ours Miller you'll save five

Percent with code GWT over there so this Next one is good and bad now from a Front and back perspective this is great And that's going to be a cab for your Tractor you know really effective adding Hundreds of pounds more on the back side Keep the rear wheels planted down when You're using your front end loader but From a tippiness factor side to side That gets more of your center of gravity Higher up and that makes for a more Dangerous situation so to offset that You're definitely going to want to put More weight down low like in those tires With the liquid ballast and the rim Guard like wheel weights potentially Wheel spacers or dual wheels so you have More stability this way as well so that One's a double edge sword it can work to Your advantage but it can also work Against it all right one of our very Popular setups that we sell is going to Be the Versa bracket bundle this goes Right on your three-point hitch and not Only is it three-point hitch compatible But it's also quick hitch compatible too So you can buy it as just the Versa Bracket if you already have suitcase Weights or as a bundle as well and you Can get it set at eight forty one pound Weights eight seventy pound weights Right along with it but not only is that Going to add weight where it's most Effective way back there in the

Three-point hitch it's going to be nice And Compact and condensed so you can Take weights on and off easily Individually and 41 or 70 pound Increments but it's also going to have a Built-in two inch receiver or a trailer Mover so you can move that around chain Hook so you can grab amount of things And Tow them along it's going to have a Platform there with a chainsaw holder or You can strap down a toolbox or whatever Else you want to put on there a really Good option all around next up is a Ballast box it is a cost effective Solution however the one that I used to Recommend I no longer recommend for A variety of reasons I covered in a Recent video so you're not going to find A good link for me right now for a Solution there I'm still looking if you Are a manufacturer out there and you Want to work with me I'd love to partner Up and get something out there that's Cost effective and affordable but if you Want something else that maybe is like a Ballast box on steroids you can check Out the big tool rack it's a big tool Rack you can put all your tools on there It's got a big storage card in it all Sorts of accessories and options you can Add on you can keep in your garage take It out in the field with you whatever You want to do hang suitcase weights on There too if you want to a good option

To consider an alternative it's Definitely more expensive but you can Utilize it in quite a variety of ways You'll save five percent with code GWT At big now another option That can be good and bad just depending On the circumstances sort of like how The cab was good and bad is going to be An attachment just on your three-point Hitch and and well It depends what it is and it depends Where you're working you know a lot of Folks will say brush hog and that is Very good at putting as much weight as Far back as you could possibly go on Your tractor So that's very effective from a weight Standpoint the bad side is the fact that They tend to kind of swing and Sway and Can throw your tractor around a bit and That can be annoying if you're not Actually brush hogging two is if you're Trying to work in confined spaces it can Be challenging to navigate and move Around or potentially whack into Something you didn't want to whack into And ruin that or damage it at least or Do some damage to your brush hog of Course there's smaller attachments like Box blades and tillers and things too so It just depends what you're looking to Do if you don't have something else Certainly put that down there so you can Get by but be aware that's a lot easier

To cause damage intentionally or Unintentionally when you forget that It's back there folks now it's time to Tell you more about our latest and Greatest products and some of you that Have been following along have seen this Product already here and there on our Channel but I wanted to kind of do a big Giveaway just to kind of really Officially kick it off and that's going To be our GWT hitch hangers we have These available for the spico quick Hitch and the eye match quick hits just Got released as well now what I love About this ballast weight option is that It keeps things back on the three-point Hitch but it doesn't tie up your Three-point hitch and you may ask how Does it do that and that's where the Beauty of having a quick hitch comes Into play because if you have a quick Itch then you can clamp these weight Brackets right to either side of the Quick hitch and you're going to be able To hang up to three 70 pound suitcase Weights on either side and with the Weight of the the hitch hangers as well You can get up to 450 pounds more Ballast weight without tying up your Three-point hitch and it's not closer to That fulcrum or that Pivot Point the Weight's back there where you need it And not only is it good as additional Counterweight but it's also good as

Additional down pressure for situations When you want it like with a landscape Rake a rear blade a disc well the list Just goes on and on but if you want to Have more if you're wishing you had down Pressure this doesn't like hydraulically Give you down pressure but that Additional weight does a lot to help When you need it so it's been a while Since we've done this but we're going to Do a giveaway and in fact we're going to Give away three pairs of hitch hangers To three lucky winners and all you have To do to enter is to leave a comment Down below duplicate comments won't help But if you and your wife and your kids And your parents and whoever else all Have their own accounts and leave a Comment more power to you you do have to Be a U.S resident and we're going to do The drawing on Monday November 14th 2022 At noon eastern time so your comment Must be in before then and show up on Our feet and so when we use that random Comment picture your comments there in Time to be selected for that so we'll Reply to those winners comments shortly After that reach out get your your Shipping information let you select if You want the speaker or the imatch hitch Hangers and get them sent on to you and Don't worry if you happen to buy a set Of hitch hangers and you wind up being a Winner we'll go ahead and refund you

Alrighty folks that's going to wrap it Up for us today but I do want to remind You guys if you're new to actors carry Your weight low and go slow and if You're looking for something for your Tractor we'd love to help you out check Out we sell and Ship all over the country I hope you Enjoyed today's video hit that subscribe Button down below if you want to see More and thank you for taking time out Of your day to stop by until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon

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