The ONLY Pallet Forks That amount On The 3 Point AND LOADER!

Get the most versatile pallet forks, the GWT Versaforks here:

These are not your regular pallet Forks I'm going to tell you they're called Versa forks for good reason cuz you have More versatility you see them mounted on A front end loader right now but guess What you can see a top pin here and Buried back here there's two lower pins These will also mount on your Three-point hitch or even your quick Hitch as well okay so they can go on the Front end or the back end of your Tractor you also have a 2-in receiver You have chain hooks on here and this Top rail was designed to support Suitcase weights so if you have it Mounted on the back side you want to Have more bance weight hang your Suitcase weights on here if you want to Mount on the front side maybe you have a Big heavy rotary cutter or a tiller on The back you want some more weight on The front hang some suitcase weights up Here we got another hole on top here so You can move around your goose neck Trailers as well get your Versa Forks at Goodworkstractors tocom we ship [Music] Nationwide

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