The Problem with 3/4 Ton Diesel Trucks #shorts

I want to share with you a couple things That you might want to know before Buying a three-quarter ton diesel truck You just bought it because you like the Way you look in it then this may not Apply to you but if you are going to Pull serious amounts of weight couple Things you might want to think about Number one GVWR on a three-quarter ton Diesel truck is ten thousand pounds you Subtract the actual weight of the truck From that and that gives you your Payload well these diesel trucks Nowadays are really heavy this one Weighs over 8 000 pounds that leaves you Less than two thousand pounds of Available payload that means if your big Camper puts very much tongue weight on You're going to go over your payload in A hurry another thing that you might Want to factor in is that this truck has A 20 000 pound tow capacity so I can Pull a skid loader and I can pull a dump Trailer and stay within the tow capacity But once again I'm going over payload The biggest thing I didn't know is that A one ton truck doesn't really cost much More than the three-quarter ton where This truck was eighty thousand dollars It'd only be 85 to get it with all that Extra capacity

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