The Right Ladder for the Job – Telescoping Vs The Little Giant

The Right Ladder for the Job – Telescoping Vs the Little Giant

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Hey it’s Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I found a new way to get high and I’m really excited to tell you guys About it so I already had these two 12T A-frame ladders and I’ve got the 18t Scaffolding well I guess it’s 12T to the Floor of the top layer but then I’ve got Another 8 ft of reach there so I can get To 20 ft from that one then I’ve got This little giant that I absolutely love And I’ll show you more about the Little Giant here in a minute and I’ve even got A safety cage that I can lift with the Tractor or the skid loader so I already Had a lot of ways to get high why do I Need one more well it’s because this Ladder right here has advantages that None of the others do this is from Viore and it is a telescoping ladder now They have these in several different Sizes and I got the biggest One this goes up to 18 1/2 ft and I’ll Have to look the weight up but I think This weighs I’m guessing 30 35 lb I Watched another video where someone had The 12T version of this and they said it Weighed like 22 lbs so if I’ve got all These different ladders already why do I Need another one and the answer is what I just told you this is so lightweight And it’s so Small and actually like I said I’ve got The biggest one if you get their Miniature version the whole thing is

This big weighs 20 lbs you can If you need to take a ladder somewhere With you and you need to be able to Reach 18 and 1/2 ft which this will you Can reach higher but the ladder is 18 And 1/2 ft so if you need an 18t ladder You’re going to have to take a trailer Pretty much that’s a lot to hang out the Bed of your truck so taking one of these Ladders or taking the scaffolding with Me is problematic that’s why I like the Little Giant let me show you the Little Giant unfold it fold it back up and then I’ll show you the new ladder I like this ladder but it’s still Heavy so I’m going to show you just in Case you’re not familiar with it so you Got two buttons at the top you Push and then it Collapses now we’ve got this ladder that We can carry but it’s a lot bigger and It weighs at least twice as much as that Other ladder and I actually think it it Doesn’t have as much Reach okay so now to unfold this this We’re going to push the two top Buttons and swing it open next we pivot These black handles right here and those Allow this to slide down like This a little bit hard to slide but I Mean it’s not Bad and then you line this up with the Rung of a step drop those back in and We’ve extended this

Side now we’re going to do the same same Thing on the other Side now the advantage that this little Giant has over any other ladder that I’ve used or seen is versatility that it Can be used as an A-frame ladder you can Get two of them and put a scaffolding Rack between them or you can unfold it All the way and have a An extension ladder a straight ladder so To do that from here I’m going to have To back the camera Up now we’re pushing in our our orange Or red tabs Again Now I’m pretty sure I’ve used it this Way before but jimy Christmas I can’t Figure out how to get it lifted Up That was a workout getting that up there But actually as I think about it I’ve Got the largest size that they had at The time on the Little Giant I believe It has 22 ft of reach it took me a Couple tries to figure out how to get That thing up there because all your Weight’s out at the end unlike a Traditional straight ladder there is it Widens and thickens at the base which Means it’s heavier at the ends Now compare the Little Giant to the Telescoping ladder this one weighs about Half as much it costs less than half as Much and extending it is no effort at

All got my fingers like this extend and It pops out now to let it down it’s got Tabs right here see I push those tabs In push those tabs in and it just drops Down so this is a lot easier to Manage let’s get it in place before I go The rest of the way Up so as we compare these ladders in Another Category we’re looking at weight rating The Little Giant I found two different numbers 300 Lb and 375 it probably used to say on The ladder but it looks like a lot of The stickers are faded it looks like the Weight rating on the Little Giant might Be 375 on the telescoping ladder it says 420 I don’t love Heights and I there’s no reason just for This little test or this video about These ladders there’s no reason for me To go all the way to the top but I’m 275 Pounds and that is a long run to have That at felt like both ladders flexed Just enough to make me uncomfortable but They both held up now if I was working On a project every day working off of a Ladder I would get a fixed ladder not a Folding or a telescoping ladder but for Occasional use these are going to do the Job I think these are a couple of really Versatile ladders that would make it

Easier to get things done and I didn’t Feel like my ladder collection was Complete without this telescoping Unit that’s so handy to have something So small and so light be capable of Having that much Reach so I was a little bit nervous About folding this thing down having Never done it before and thinking man That’s a lot of weight up in the Air but went down really smooth actually Occasionally one of the steps will have Just a little bit of catch to it right Wiggle it just a little bit and it goes On down so like everything else you’ve Got pros and Cons positive to this ladder is it’s got More versatility because you can use it As an A-frame the negative is this is more of A hassle to fold up and Unfold my buddy Lucas from the Peaks Peak hobby Homestead YouTube channel Said he wanted to get one of those Telescoping ladders for his daughter’s House I said yeah that’s the kind of Thing that I think of Too it’s good for carrying in your truck It’s good For if you’ve got those young adult kids Who don’t have anything of their own Like it seems like everybody should have A ladder if they have a house right you Go over to the kids’s house hey can you

Help me fix something they yeah grab me A screwdriver well we don’t have a Screwdriver okay like you got a saw you Got a ladder you got anything or I just Have to go home and get it all so good Solution for someone who doesn’t revolve Their life around working on stuff all Right the last thing is these caps on The top push off you got these hooks Right here and you pull your same button Drop that down in and now you got a hook On the top so if you’ve got something Whatever you’re using this against if You have something you can hook to then These are going to be handy but if it’s Against the side of a wall and you don’t Need those hooks they come Off so I think this ladder is $140 Something like that and if you use my Discount code you can get 5% off that Ladder so I’ll put the link in the Description of the video I think it’s a Pretty good deal I appreciate you taking Time to watch this video I’ll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I’ll see you next time

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