The Ultimate Portable Fire Pit (It’s Also a Wood Fire Grill)

Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to show you the Coolest fire pit you've ever seen You guys know I like to go around to Farm shows and trade shows Spend an entire day or two days walking The show and then highlight the coolest Things I see at the show and I would say That this fire pit is the coolest thing I've seen that didn't have its own Engine So what makes it so cool is the Aesthetics The build quality And the portability so let's open this Thing up and show you what I'm talking About okay so it looks like the first Box is our end caps since the entire Product is made out of 3 16 inch thick Steel Very heavy gauge So on this side we've got an eagle with A flag And on the other end We've got the stars and the 1776. Now mine has this American theme to it Because I chose that but they have a Couple of other designs you can get There's like a mountain man design and a Fisherman design and it's just a matter Of what's cut into the plate As I open this up I'll tell you what I Think is kind of a cool story but when

We bought this property We didn't know that this area was here And this is about 50 foot behind our Screened in porch at the back door And there were a bunch of little trees In between the house and here and a lot Some brush and stuff it was a little Overgrown I came out here and started cutting Those trees I was actually pulling them Out with the stub bucket on the tractor And I was looking back behind us is that Concrete back there And I I kind of worked my way back here And saw That there was this concrete wall and a Concrete floor Foundation of some old building I guess But Turned into a really nice grilling area Where we have this fire pit from Lowe's A gas grill and a charcoal grill So here we've got more of our American Flag theme I did a video the day I found this and Cleared it all at the end of this video I'll put links where you can order this Product if you want to also put a link To the video where I discovered this Hidden patio area I thought that was a fun little project So we've found the sides in the end I'm Guessing we've got the top and the

Bottom here [Music] This rolled steel for strength And this part says We the People And the bottom tray The way this thing is put together You've got two slots at the bottom that Your bottom tray sets in and you have Three slots at an angle up each side and Your side panels set down into those So we'll start with the bottom Okay That went in really easy And we'll do this side Oh In addition to the three slots over here You've also got three slots along the Bottom that lock it in All right very quick and easy to this Point now the manufacturer recommends Or their setup video shows two people Doing this last step so I'm gonna do it With two people then I'm gonna test and See if I can do it by myself so there's A grab handle at the bottom Used to lift that up So now we're slid in place but on both Sides the panel needs to lift up to Slide into this end And that's where two people really come In handy Oh We got a little problem I didn't pay

Enough attention to my 1776 is facing The wrong way but that's all right Because I want to see if I can do this By myself if I didn't have anyone here To help So we'll take it back apart it's a lot Easier to take back apart so we'll take It apart and do it again by myself Okay we are back to the point where I Felt like I needed help before now I was Thinking all I need help for is to lift One side so what if I just put a couple Screwdrivers lift it up put a couple Screwdrivers in between the bottom and The side and then go around and lift the Other side so let's try it All right that side's held up I went back and looked and not only did I put this side on backward but I put These sides on backwards the rollover Goes out Luckily it's not that hard to take it Apart and put it back together well by Putting the panels on facing the wrong Way a couple of times I got a lot of Practice and I've become somewhat of an Expert at assembling this now let's get Some wood and get a fire started in here So I normally cut my firewood to 16 Inches But Inside dimension on this is 31 and a Half So I'll probably start saving some

Firewood between 24 and 30 inches just For this But in the meantime I took some of the Pieces I've been cutting off of my Live Edge I'm doing woodworking in there I thought I'd run those long ways and then put Some of these shorter blocks on top of It To build the fire and then we'll just Put the firewood on top And I went to Walmart and just picked up a Cheap Fire Starter here be a good time For some of Mike Morgan's magic wood Chips huh But these are called I've never used Them before called Tumbleweed all Natural fire starter So you just put these in between your Dry wood Since this is a big fire I'm gonna put a Couple on each end And we'll light those and this gets air From all directions so it shouldn't have Any problem drafting air Okay we got that Put some more of this on top Go ahead and put a couple pieces of Firewood on there [Applause] Foreign All right those definitely took right Off

Yeah if this was If I knew this was 31 I could have taken some of these 16s up To the chop saw and just take a little Off of them But I think that's going to take right Off I'm just going to go ahead and build The fire on it or build it stack all This wood up on it if you start off Building it all Long Way those 16s fit In here The other direction when you get to the Top the stack That was so easy to build a roaring fire In here it gets air from every direction And it's got a natural pyramid shape so It's just a really easy fire pit to Build a a big fire in for how small it Is And I would say the top will be hot Enough pretty quick that we can actually Put some food on here and start cooking Now the design of this is that you can Either Put your cast iron skillet on here or You can cook directly on the grill And they said you want to treat this Like a cast iron skillet in the way you Take care of it I probably only needed about 25 percent of the wood I put in there I've been sitting next to this just Relaxing for an hour and a half and it's Still so hot I can barely get up to it

So The manufacturer told me that they Designed this For you to cook directly on the top like A grill but it's way too hot for me to Put my hot dogs up there right now Then I ask them Then I ask them how do you care for it They said treat it like cast iron which Means I should probably season it anyway Before cooking on it Look at the way that butter just Explodes All right so it's a fire pit this is Fantastic to sit by and stay warm looks Like it's going to work as a grill too I'm curious over time how it'll hold up But there's no way to know that today But for today I think it's a great Product I love the design I love that It's made here locally And it was nice getting to meet the People who who work at that company I think it's awesome I love The Branding The American flag stuff and I'll give You an update over time how it holds up Now this is steel So it will Rust if you leave it setting Outside of course my other Grill and my Other fire pit are both Rusty so you Could cover this with a barbecue grill Cover or because it comes apart you Could take it in your garage and store It there or if your grilling area has a

Any kind of a cover over it that'd be Ideal and would prolong the life of it Otherwise like I said earlier the Manufacturer told me to think of this Like a cast iron skillet in the way I Care for it But I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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