Foreign Folks this might be the baddest chipping And motion setup I've ever seen so stick Around got a good one for you today Going to be looking at the split fire 4003 chipper this thing is an absolute Beast all right and so this is a PTO Powered unit we're going to probably try It out on various tractors and we're Kind of putting it well starting out in The Well probably the worst case scenario Because this is the bottom end of its Horsepower range that it's designed to Work on it works on 20 to 80 horsepower Which is a huge range I mean that tells You about the The strength of this whole setup here Weighs about 600 pounds now if you're Not familiar with split fire I'd Encourage you to check them out you know Actually they've got a really good video Kyle takes you on a whole shop tour up There but if you want to know how a Product is made where it's made what Goes into it they've got just great Videos there but a whole shop Tour all The machines I mean they've invested Just I don't even know how Boku bucks to Do everything right there it's really Incredible a group of 20 guys I think It's 20 plus employees they have now up There too making these things so and They're not

You know some some companies spread Themselves thin doing a little bit of Everything and they really have a core Focus not all that many products just Building them as well as they possibly Can and so we're going to get into all The features and and some demo and Everything too but there's a couple Things I I thought were amusing in a in A good way and it's humorous though so Um on the inside here we'll show you There's a laser cut plate that says There's a Max diameter of three and a Half inches but if you go to their Website it says it'll it'll cut a Max Diameter of four inches and so I reached Out to to Kyle just to get some Clarification on that and this is one of The amusing things I thought was the Fact that they put that three and a half Inch the smaller width on there because They sell so many of these things to Rental yards which then are getting used By so many different operators that they Wanted to give themselves a little bit More of a margin for error because you Know if you run it you're gonna drive it Like you stole it so to speak and so You're gonna Jam whatever you can in There so they felt like downsizing that Max damage around there a little bit Would give them that leeway but the fact That they put this plate on all of them That they sell because it's so prevalent

To sell them to rental yards which take An absolute beating to me is a sign of Well the reputation I guess in the Industry all over the place and that's Just the U.S but up in Canada and Worldwide they ship these things all Over so I took that as a really good Sign and so the other one I'm gonna I'm Gonna see if I can find it I was reading Through the manual I do that sometimes I Do read manuals on occasion oh well we Do have uh we got these sheer bolts or Shear pins there too and something for An electrical shut off but there was Something really Oh really amusing let me find that Yeah This is kind of a Well It's a I don't know I don't know how I well you Guys can decide for yourselves but I'm Just going to read this to you and let Me know what you think in the manual it Says it is not uncommon for split fire Products to be stolen due to their value And ease of Mobility I'll restore your Machine in a secure area I think that's That's the first time I've ever read That right in the manual that uh that They'll say you know make sure you store It in a secure facility because it's not Uncommon for split fire because they're So well thought of and highly regarded

To be stolen so I thought that that gave Me a chuckle when I read that I wanted To share that with you okay so now Oftentimes we do show assembly of this Stuff as well but Um honestly there wasn't much to this it Was really easy came in on a skid now This shoot just bolts on okay just have Or that bolts on this should say clamps On right here so it just pull it like This take it right back off they're just One on the other side too and it'll Literally just come right off but we're Going to leave it on uh the the hopper Here was already in place uh we the PTO Shaft literally just slides on you know How you were connected on on the tractor Side does the same thing on the gearbox Side filled it with gear oil you just Pop the little side plug out fill it Through the top with 80 80 90 and Wait till it starts seeping out and then You've got enough in there grease it up Oh and then I did get an optional I got This trailer move around the back side We did bolt that on but I mean literally There was just it wasn't worth showing It was so easy it was just a piece of Cake to do the ball was not included I Did add my own two inch ball just to Connect with the ultratech trailer there And haul that along so also okay pay Attention this is gonna be something When you when you place your order with

Split fire too they're going to ask you They're going to walk you through it how You want it set up and now you can Change this yourself but you can change The angle of the hopper you can change The angle or the position I guess I Should say of the the exhaust or the Discharge chute too so you can have it Facing the side if you want you can have It facing the other side you can have it Facing back you have different options You can do it on your own but if you Know you want it set up a certain way Out of the factory let them know they'll Get it out to you the right way and so We move that trailer out of the way There but I want to show you this really Is a piece of cake and you can just pop This thing right off so if you are going A ways down some crazy Trails or Whatever else you don't want to damage That when you have a a trailer hooked up On there you just pop the thing off you Can throw it in your trailer hook it Back up and you're done But this is you know same thing for his As far as the assembly goes to it's it's That easy okay just line up the bottom One And the top one Boom You ready to go now one thing I did not Set up and we're not going to today but This does have an emergency stop on it

And you can wire this into your to your Tractor somewhere in the electrical System into the I think it's maybe the Seat safety switch I honestly haven't Looked into it that closely but it is an Option it comes standard with it right Here too of course you're going to see This is quick hitch compatible so we're Using a speaker category one quick hitch On here but I know it's category two Compatible I think the website says Category three compatible as well rated For 20 to 80 horsepower again which is Gigantic now I won't explain a really Big difference between this chipper here Versus like the Walling the wallenstein And maybe well actually quite a few Others that are on the market out there A lot of them are going to be direct Drive so basically you're coming right Off the PTO shaft you got it right here The output and everything coming Straight through and then it's going Right into a rotor plate and that rotor Plate is is up and down this way and so It's going to be spinning This direction here and there's still Gravity feed so the difference with Split fire is the fact that it takes That incoming power from the PTO gonna Put it into a gearbox which then goes Down below it's got an output shaft that Comes right down here you're going to Have some pulleys underneath that are

Going to change the gearing ratio change The speed increase set and then also Make this a horizontal rotor you're Going to have a lot more speed for Chipping capacity and it's also going to Naturally work a lot better to have In a gravity feed situation Your debris sliding down on a horizontal Plate versus gravity feed trying to Slide down into the bottom edge of a Vertical plate or a vertical rotor so You're going to have two blades that are On the rotor you can resharpen both Those blades they are reversible as well And then it's also going to come Standard with two extra rotor blades too Along with a rotor stop when you need to Change your belts so this is going to be Our first time using this gonna have a Little feel for it how how to how to Operate it what works best I did watch Kyle's videos that he did he did them on I think it was a bx2370 so another small Horsepower tractor and then he also did It on a John Deere 5 series tractor I Think around 50 horsepower or something Like that you know big difference in What you can do I know with chippers you Want to listen to Well you can listen to the chipper Itself and the kind of the strain and The engine strain and all that too and Kind of let that guide you on how how Quickly to infeed it um if you're going

To do wider diameter stuff maybe cut That into smaller sections if you can But I know in the videos that Kyle did He was kind of going for it too and he Was throwing some large stuff in there So we're going to have some fun with it Today see how it goes oh and I do want To point out that we don't sell these at Good Works tractors you know we're doing Advertising I've wanted to work with Split fire for a long time we were able To link up and and kind of make a deal Where I could get some of these products In demo them out show what they're all About but in turn you're going to go Right to splitfire's website that's Where you're going to place your order They're going to know exactly what you Need so give them a call whether you're Looking for a chipper if you're looking For a splitter you want your carry-all You want all the above whatever it is They're going to be more than happy to Help you out and get you set up for your Needs and your situation but enough Chit Chat I'm ready to get to work Foreign Foreign Foreign Folks take five seconds hit pause hit The Subscribe button right down below if You're enjoying this video if you like It thumbs up if you don't thumbs down But give us one of the other and leave a

Comment if you have something to add Check out goodworks for Your tractor attachment needs now back To the video Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign You know thank you Foreign Folks so you are going to be able to see Two different tractors in this video First we're going to start out here with Summit tractor the tx25 25 horsepower Well around 18 or so horsepower at the PTO a little bit later on we're gonna do The 20 38 hour 38 horsepower tractor I Think it's around 30 horsepower at the PTO you'll see the differences there and So this is the first time used brand new Off the crate just set up raring to go So a little bit of playing around with This seeing what the best setup is and I Gotta Laugh because Um you know the shoot on the split fire Here is open on the bottom side and uh There was a little bit of conversation Between Chris the cameraman and I about Uh well how do we position the shoot Against the trailers are the chips just Going to fall out of there or not and And I think we quickly discovered that Those those chips are flying on there

And it's like a jet stream of air too When there's nothing flying out it is it Is powerful to say the least so Basically we positioned the shoot just Wherever it makes sense to to get Everything into the cart there do repair Position a little bit later on a couple Other spots on a better angle and as we Get more comfortable with it so this Little mini Forest I have here has a lot Of dead stuff that's been on the ground And just looking to start cleaning that Up and we just took over this property And and so it's just kind of chipping Away at it so to speak but uh you'll see Some real dead stuff some sort of dead Stuff some new Dead Falls I've just come Down to and and really the chip size on This is is really incredible very Versatile and we've got a lot of trails That we're going to repurpose this at And and who knows maybe use it some Gardens some some beds and everything Else in the future too but uh we'll have A lot of projects down the road and so Hopefully the audio picks up on this but You can you can sense when the machine Starts to struggle on the really big Stuff and I'm not shy about trying to Push things to the limits and there was Definitely quite a few pieces of of uh Or trunk diameter size that were greater Than the forage material some of it was A little older and rotted so that's fine

I mean it's a little bit softer but and You can hear it strain and at one point One point we did stall it out all the Way but that was the only time and not That you want to make that a recurring Basis if if I was Playing by the rule book the manual so To speak I would take those larger Chunks and cut them into smaller Sections because if you're letting it Run continuously at those low RPMs it's Just going to eventually just run out of Steam and install out so if you have Just smaller chunks when you're going Towards that Max size four inch or Bigger unofficially Um You know make your life easier on the Tractor and on the chipper and Everything else overall though very Impressed with the performance on the Tx25 again this is a very small end Range so it's the same horsepower engine Size it's like a subcompact would have Like a like a 1025r Kubota BX 2680 that Kind of thing too so same same realm a John Deere 2025 LX 2610 they're all kind Of generally in that very low end that Bottom end of the spectrum we'll have to Do another video in the future too Hooking this up to the big Kubota M4 That's a 71 horsepower tractor going to Be near the top end of the spectrum for This and

Um boy you know I think whatever we Could fit in there we could probably Find a way to chip that up without any Issues okay so we switched things up Hooked it up to the 2038r you can see It's a it's a John Deere eye match had To throw some bushings on there to get This to be compatible but again spico I Match it's going to work with either one Of those and hooks right up just fine Hauled everything back into the woods And dump things out with the ultratech Trailer that worked just like it always Does very very nice we had a storm this Summer at some point knocked over a tree Gosh what was it a cherry tree was that A cherry tree I don't know it was a tree And it was alive so a little bit more of A challenge for it on the 2030 AR here Hack that up some of the stuff I Probably should have turned into into Firewood but I wanted to see what this Bad boy could do here and and so we Chipped it all up anyway well we might Have lost audio the audio was was uh it Went out at some point I don't know if We'll have the audio on this or not Unfortunately but uh I didn't hear it Straining at all it just kind of Powered through everything it seemed to Um so I mean that's the difference Between 38 horsepower at the engine and 25 you know and then their respective Outputs at the pto2 but again this was a

You know a non-rodded tree that just got Knocked over this summer in a storm and And we'll do a little side by side here Of show on both the uh the trailers Dumped out too and you can see the Original one that had kind of that Better drier older material than the new One that's got a lot of green in it too Just just showing you know the moisture Content and and how fresh that material Was as well I got to say though I'm really impressed This thing is a lot of fun to use it's It is you know Kyle had mentioned that I Would notice a difference between the Vertical plate and the well the vertical Rotor and the horizontal rotor and you Really do this is this almost sucks the Material down in there I mean on Occasion you just kind of you know just Push it gently and it keeps on going but It's got a huge oversized Hopper as well So you don't have to trim all your stuff Very much I mean I I didn't trim Anything off I just hacked it into Certain lengths and then threw it in There kind of jammed it in there and it Did it kind of broke off naturally as it Sucked it in completely different than That vertical rotor experience with the With the wall and steam which I'm not I Don't think that that was a bad chipper But this is just really Next Level so Really I mean to sum it up if I had

Something I didn't like about this I Would I would tell you but honestly if You look at the msrp's uh wallenstein Versus Split fire this is going to be cheaper And it's it's hard to beat I know that There's some other competition out there Too with hydraulic infeed and whatnot And the more complicated you get and you Know there's a lot of them out there That are made in China too but this is Made in Canada there's something that Goes for that too and again check out That video on their shop tour I mean it It makes it clear as day they talk about Every Friday they go through sweeping The floor cleaning it up they like Things and span it's just a very Well-oiled machine that they have going On up there and very impressive well and Even early again I mean touching on this This laser cut insert that they have on The inside of the Chute they even have a Laser engraved plaque down here with oh They got all the The torque settings on here for Everything they've got the pumps of Grease every 50 hours it's just a real Classy Touch I think I gotta I gotta try to up the Game a little bit on on my uh on my Products too the Versa the Versa bracket The uh The stump bucket all that stuff this

This is gives me something to strive for Very impressive and I think you guys Will be impressed too and so while I Don't sell the split fire products you Get these directly from splitfire I do Sell these trailers and all sorts of Other tractor attachments we ship all Over the country every day of the week So check out goodworks if You enjoyed today's video we'd love to Have you tag along hit that subscribe Button right down below leave a comment Give us a thumbs up we'd appreciate it I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign

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