Foreign Foreign Time to do some storm cleanup we showed You not that long ago a big ice storm That came through our area and most of Our property was spared now a lot of the Surrounding area really got hit hard One of the worst parts of our property That got hit was this kind of little Pine tree Forest you know and we lost a Lot of Limbs there that ice just because Of all the the surface area just really Weighed down these Limbs and broke off a Lot of them today we're going to clean Up what we can see how this goes and Before we tackle the rest of it and see If there's maybe a more efficient way But today we're using the summit tx25 Compact tractor The summit gx54 grapple on the front end On the back side we've got our trailer Mover on that's our own creation the Versa bracket hooked up to our Ultra Tech one of the tandem axle trailer is Going to take the front and the back Gates off of that so we can fit longer Material down in there and today it's Kind of smaller is better going to be Kind of ducking in and out of the trees Right around the edges and need Something small that can get kind of Underneath it without feeling like I'm Getting limbs whacked in my face all the Time you're going to see our roll bar is

Down today Because of that again trying to limit The height I didn't look ahead in this Manual here but in in general an Attractor manual it'll tell you if You're going to have the roll bar up Which you normally should then wear your Seat belt as well if you're going to Have the roll bar down then don't wear Your seat belt the reason being if your Roll bar is up and you turn over you Want the seat belt to help keep you in The operator station so you don't get Crushed by the roll bar if you don't Have the roll bar up because you're Working in a certain area maybe like This you don't want your seatbelt on That way you can try to quickly jump off And Escape if the tractor does roll over Versus being trapped by the seat belt in The operator station and getting crushed You will see you got to watch how long Or how much length sticks out the front End where the tongue is at because you Get too long and you run into the back Of your tractor You know you're trying it's a balancing Act right you're trying to get Everything in there as best you can Without too much heavy Material on the back end that wants to Fall out when you're trailering it Versus too far in the front end that Interferes so it's you know it's not a

Perfect science but you roll with it so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going To do with all of these down limbs here And I could leave them where they lie Right but I kind of like this area it's A little hidden force and it's nice and Quiet and it's relatively clean and the Understory and it's not great for For height and deer but it's just kind Of a cool area a little I don't know neat spot on the property So I like to keep it kind of kind of Clean and organized and I want to get All these limbs out of there and I could End up burning these I may end up Chipping them all and we're trying to Put some some chips on the the past Through the woods as well so we could go That route but right now I just want to Get them kind of cleared out of here Stacked up and organized and I'll figure Out what to do with them after that but Honestly I'm just looking for an excuse To get out of my tractor it's been a While this is a beautiful late winter Day you can see the sun is shining I Don't know it's high 30s low 40s a Little breeze but man it feels good to Be outside doing something it's been a Long a long time it hasn't been a bad Winter but it's just been you know just That long cruddy weather when you feel Like you can't really do a whole lot Outdoors so last month we did a unique

Giveaway we're actually running another One this month as well probably going to Keep it going it's a lot of fun you guys Seem to be giving me a lot of positive Feedback about it but you have to find a Hidden image on our website and then you Email us with the listing that has the Hidden image in it and once a month We're going to announce a winner and so The first time we did this was in February 2023 for a mini stump record And there was a lot of traffic on the Website you know we have analytics so we Can see You know page views and Page cows and Pages for user and all that kind of Stuff so uh we can see that a lot of Folks are out there looking for it we Had a lot of incorrect submissions too We had a lot of folks tell us they just Gave up they couldn't find it but we did Actually have 212 folks that actually Found it so we took 212 did a random Number generator and number 39 that Entry the 39th entry is the one that was Selected Mike Badger is the winner so I'm going to be reaching out to you Mike Congratulations on winning that mini Stump record this month is a Lube Shuttle giveaway for five lucky winners So look for the image on our side if You're not signed up for our newsletter Sign up there follow along on YouTube And Facebook we post it on there as well

What the the current promotion is that's Going on we just try to have fun do some Unique things and give you guys some Good opportunities Foreign Thank you Anyway so we have this last load here to Go dump out and uh the first one was a Little tricky I loaded this one Different with more of the heavy weight On the back end the first one I did more The heavyweight on the front end and a Lot of the the material was uh the Branches and the trunks were grabbing Either the Sawtooth Edge that's meant to Hold things in place or branches were Kind of snagged on the side but yeah you Know I don't know we'll see I'm hoping That this stuff doesn't all fall out While we're driving along so since most Of the heavy steps on the back end this Time around but maybe it makes it easier To offload once they get up there I Don't know it's You know these are Minor Details I guess It's not that heavy to lift these things In and out the grapple did most of the Work already anyways so I hope you Enjoyed today's video I'm sure you got Lots of your own projects to tackle if We can help you out with the tractor Attachment we'd love the opportunity Check out we often Have sales our prices include free

Shipping rewards and financing too if You enjoyed today's video we want to Have you tag along hit subscribe right Down below completely free leave a Comment give us a thumbs up I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon Thank you Foreign

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