And those are ignorant comments taking a Deep breath get a little revved up Sometimes I share in potential offense I Guess when somebody else is accused of Abusing a machine when I know darn well That happens when you're not abusing it Put out a video recently about a a Bobcat tractor that had some issues Going on some serious issues going on With it and the point of that video was Not about the bobcat in general I Mentioned that multiple times in the Video but you still get some folks that Want to trash Bobcat I think overall Bobcat tractors are probably a really Good tractor very similar as most you Know to Coyote same parent company Making these things okay so coyote has a Good reputation bobcat in general should Have a good reputation for the product Itself and where the breakdown was at Was the service side of things all right That's not a manufacturer that's a Dealership problem if you don't have Good technicians or good leadership at That dealership or or group of Dealerships if it's a multi-location Kind of setup then that's where the Issues come into play with a lot of this Stuff And and you see this everywhere you see This little John Deere you see this with Kubota you see this with with Ford you See this with Polaris you see it outside

Of of the tractor world but just in General right now the last couple years Since a lot of folks somehow don't need To work anymore we've lost a lot of Really good talent in the labor force And that includes technicians that maybe Had 20 30 40 years of experience and Were the ones that used to show the the Young guys the tricks of the trade right How you actually get things done and how You do it efficiently and do it Effectively and do it the right way and Then you started getting comments in This video with a general theme of wow This guy put 500 hours on his tractor in A year give or take he didn't have it For four months in time it was a a model Year older I mean it could have Technically been 15 16 months old depending on when a Certain brand starts their new model Year you know they don't always start on January 1st many of them start Later in the previous year they'll you Know make it a brand a new model year Right so just use a year for a ballpark 500 hours start to get a lot of comments That said boy that guy that tractor's Not made to be used 500 in a year and he Must have been abusing it or overworking It he got the wrong size machine I can Tell you that and those are ignorant Comments and I can say that with a good Deal of confidence and I don't mean this

To um Well it is it's a it's a confrontational Statement I suppose or an inflammatory Statement but Look at any tractor manufacturer's Warranty language all right you're going To have a residential warranty and a Commercial warranty and typically a Commercial warranty is going to be Shorter in term okay so that means maybe 24 months instead of 36 months or 12 Months instead of 24 or it could be by Hours right maybe instead of 2 000 hours That's a thousand hours or 1500 hours or Whatever it is normally it's going to be Shorter I mean typically you're you're Doing heavier work if you're using it Commercially maybe doing landscaping is A really common thing for smaller Tractors to do but what's missing from This rationale is the fact that a Tractor manufacturer doesn't have to put A commercial warranty in there at all Right if they were not confident in Their machine being used in a commercial Application Then Don't allow it right just say there's no Warranty if it's used commercially only Have a residential warranty or you know A general consumer warranty I mean some Of our manufacturers for snow pushers And snow blowers that kind of thing Same kinds of warranties there's

Different ones that apply to Residential homeowner use versus Strictly commercial use it's very Short-sighted to say that he got the Wrong size tractor or ah small tractors Aren't made to be used commercially Like Home Depot or Lowe's or whatever like it Is a lot of rental places use Kubota Bx's as rental machines all right that Are going to who knows how many Different operators on a regular basis You can't You can never tell who's going to be on This machine next and what the heck They're going to do to it right so these Small machines The little guys can do commercial work And 500 hours in a year versus 500 hours And 20 years who cares to a tractor the Tractor does not give a rip it's not Like a person that if you go and run one Mile a day for the next 500 Days versus Running 500 Miles straight without Stopping a human you're going to be dead Right a machine You just keep going I mean you have Generators you have all sorts of engines That just go and go and go and you stop For maintenance intervals and that kind Of thing but the machine doesn't care Right it doesn't care if it's working Eight hours a day Five days a week you know two thousand And sixty hours a year or sorry 2080

Hours a year for a full-time schedule on An operator or if it's just getting 50 Hours a year by a homeowner who's Mowing And and plowing some snow a few times And maybe telling his garden once a year The point is the machine doesn't know The time frame it doesn't care about it The machine is made to do work in 500 Hours whether it's in a year or in 20 Years is still just 500 hours on the Tractor and to say that it's being Abused or it's not up up to that kind of A task well maybe a Big 5 series tractor A 4 series tractor is too big for what He has to do if he's trying to do Landscaping jobs in residential yards Maybe down by lakes whatever it is that Kind of a thing could be way too big and Cause damage on a yard you need a Smaller versatile machine that can do That and plenty of folks out there are Using bx's 1025s maybe one size up to Get those kinds of jobs done with their Landscaping Crews And to clarify there Is a difference between use and abuse Just because somebody is using something Commercially to does not mean that They're abusing it and I would make a a Strong case in fact that especially if It's the same operator that's on there Or maybe just a couple operators on that Machine they're going to be way better At knowing how to use that machine the Limitations of it compared to somebody

Who's only using their tractor 50 hours A year and it's taking years to figure Out how to maybe properly use a machine So I'd give props to the guys that are Putting a lot of time on it because They're going to know what to do and Maybe it's more likely that somebody who Puts less time is causing abuse even Unintentionally anyway Taking a deep breath and get a little Revved up sometimes but that kind of Thing that statement just irritates me There was no information in the video That I that I posted to indicate that he Was abusing his machine that was just an Assumption that some folks out there Make Acting like these are little fragile Baby machines that can't be that can't Be worked that can't be utilized for Their fullest extent And that irritates me we are proud to be Sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's

Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at You know some other comments taking it Further said that while you can't have Those kinds of problems unless you're Doing something there's there's more to The story here you it's obviously this Owner was doing something to his machine Well I can vouch for the fact that I've had so many pieces of equipment Right and I don't put 500 hours a year In any of them I don't Maybe with a rare exception I put 100 a Year on one piece of equipment because I've got a big variety and the amount of Things that go wrong with low hour Equipment none of my equipment has more Than a few hundred hours on it and the Problems that I have that I didn't I Didn't do anything with that just had I Had my John Deere zero turn mower I just had it serviced completely Serviced only had 200 hours on it I'm Mowing out here Just stops just the engine's running but It just won't move anywhere you move Nothing happens right one of the belts Just decided to break When it broke it took out a fan as well At the same time this kind of stuff just Did I abuse it I didn't do it I just had

The stupid thing serviced right so this Kind of stuff happens all the time axle Leaks hydraulic leak our other skid Steer corroded a line right through that My last gesture before that Salt damage from the previous owner it Had 150 hours on it and all the Electrical system was corroded this Tractor I bought this one this is the Highest hour one I have I bought this One used I think this one was abused There's no doubt about that uh Ranger One of my kids Rangers several issues With that one we had 10 less than 10 Hours on it in and out of the service Dealer all the time Ford trucks I've Done videos dedicated to those all sorts Of issues of every kind imaginable I Mean I don't I don't abuse my stuff I Will work my equipment hard but it's Within the design parameters of what It's capable of doing so I am very familiar with issues and so I Do take a bit of Um Well I share in potential offense I Guess when somebody else is accused of Abusing a machine when I know darn well That happens when you're not abusing it Anyway that's enough of that I needed to Address that though because a lot of Folks out there that are shopping for Tractors read these comments and put a Lot of value in there and wow

Many of most the vast majority of Comments that are out there and posts That are in Threads and everything else Are worth listening to you need to be Able to know what to weed out and Sometimes you just got to put your foot Down and that's what I'm doing I mean There's use versus abuse we've covered That topic too But residential versus commercial If a manufacturer did not think that Their equipment could be used Commercially they would not warranty it And they would put language excluding it From the warranty in there so that right There tells you the confidence that the Manufacturers have in their equipment But on that note We sell and ship tractor attachments all Over the country so if you need Something for your front end loader a Grapple a snow push or pallet Forks some For the back end a box blade a Rototiller a brush hog we'd love to help You out visit goodworks Includes free shipping to 36 States Rewards and we have financing too get More information more details on the Website if you enjoyed today's video and You want to see more see what's going on Around the homestead in the shop hit That subscribe button right down below I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time

Stay safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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