Since Messick’s put that that recent video, we’ve seen some good conversation about small tractor brands vs the big two. Looking at some of the numbers Neil was reading and comparing some of our own… well they didn’t match. So we’ll talk about those differences today and you tell us if you can make sense of either one of the other!

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And in 15 years they went from 3,000 to 2200 they lost 800 dealerships 800 Dealerships in in 15 16 years that's Just how easy it is to manipulate data And look at it in a different way I Don't know the last time that I went to My cabota or deer dealer to have Something service where they didn't have To order in parts I mean they all have To order in Parts nine major Manufacturers that are making these Extra extra brands that are out there Too all right and so why is that why Would you have multiple brands that are Selling the same same tractor wait till You hear Dearing Kabota though cuz they Do absolutely blow you out of the water But I don't know where that's coming From that's a big discrepancy there you Know you're selling three a month if You're selling 36 a year right compared To one and a half or one and a qu or one And a Third I Don't neither one of those numbers Excite me folks there's been a lot of Great conversation recently about what Tractor brand you should buy good Reasons all around it's a good Discussion and it's it's got me looking Deeper into the subject Myself both just out of curiosity out of Comments that have come about and just General Industry knowledge right wanting

To get More well Just have a better idea of what it is That I'm selling right and so I'm on Both sides of the equation I I buy Tractors to own them and use them and And put them in videos and sell tractor Attachments I also sell tractors but I Buy tractors to sell right so I'm all Over the place I have no current Relationship with John Deere with cabota With coyote with Summit with any tractor Brand that's out there and at some point That will probably change I would expect That to change I am in the business And if you watch my Channel at all I Like to grow and evolve and try new Things and keep my business expanding so Expect that at some point with who when I have no idea but there's a few common Themes that were out there being Discussed in the videos in the comments And all that kind of thing and I think Just general Curiosity Is Well I I think it there's some questions Such as why would I support a new Tractor Brand you know how do I get parts and Service so anyway I just started going Through tractor manufacturer websites Going through some of the news articles The history of these different brands

And then finding what I thought were Some big hitters some some key data Points that I could find for most every Tractor manufacturer that's out there And I think it would be helpful for you Guys to to realize maybe you do maybe You don't just how old some of these Companies are how big they Are how many dealers they have you know What their what their Global footprint Is right and so there's a lot of well we We Can I haven't done much traveling Outside the US right so I think a lot of Us probably haven't some of us have and You maybe get get wrapped into thinking The US is the world right but the world Is a lot bigger place with exponentially More Market possibilities out there too And this will help put some of that in Perspective along with some other just Random data points that came up when I Was doing this research that I Think well it could be food for thought Whether it's good or bad but it'll help You make a more informed decision when You're going to buy your next tractor All right so nine major tractor Manufacturers well I should even say This data is what I came across all Right this doesn't mean that this is All-encompassing doesn't mean that There's not any errors here this just is What I came across what I

Found what I'm including I tried to make It as all-encompassing as possible but There are certainly going to be errors At some point within this information But nine major Manufacturers dayong Mahindra itl tym LS Cabota John Deere AGCO and Yanmar now Those nine man manufacturers make 15 Brands coyote bobcat Mahindra soless Summit Branson bad boy ryok King tym LS New Holland cabota John Deere Massie Yanmar You know it's hard to keep track of it All I think even case uh might make some Subc compactor compact tractors as well But anyway like I say we're doing the Main points here all right so there's a Lot of options out there but there's Only nine major manufacturers that are Making these extra extra brands that are Out there too all right and so why is That why would you have multiple brands That are selling the same tractor well There's multiple reasons for that in my Opinion and and one is the case of itl With soless and with Summit right now Soless is going to be sold they're They're an international company large Very large in Europe and expanding into Other countries and in fact they are Actually in 135 countries as of 2021 135 All right so the US is one of 135 Countries right so that's a that's just A small little segment and that's one

That they're just getting into and Getting their feet W wet in now but Soless is set up to sell through Traditional a traditional dealer Network While Summit and I still love this about Summit absolutely love it how they are Choosing to go a completely different Route and sell through Mass retail and That's a whole other subject on how you Get parts and service done but Accomplished very effectively by using An independent dealer Network for Service agents right and they have Service agents that can come out to your House you can take them into various Locations to have that that service done But selling a tractor anybody can do and I don't mean to put this down to the Good salesman that they're out there but More and more with all the turnover that We've had it's hard to find a good Salesman and so that's where videos and And the internet in general has changed The game and why even I sell so many Tractors your site unseen and ship them All around the country it's just a Different way to do it and so Summit is Capturing a completely different Market Segment by offering a different way to Purchase a tractor get it in front of a Whole new set of eyeballs that's out There and I think changing the game in a Way that more folks and more well more Manufacturers are going to start to

Offer and do that kind of thing in the Future it's it's only you may see Resistance now but give it 20 years and I think that's going to be common place Now but the other reason is something That happens in every industry all the Time and that's either going to be white Labeling or private Labeling where let's take Bobcat or bad Boy or even r King right these are Already dealers or stores that are Established that are out there selling Other equipment selling other products And they want to bring this in they're Not starting from scratch and building Out new locations for this product line In particular but they want to roll in Tractors in along with everything else And a great way to do that is to lower Your risk by by private labeling white Labeling something like what Bobcat's Doing with coyote right they're they're Making the tractors for them they're Painting them a different color I'm sure There's some tweaks here and There but at the heart of it all it's a Coyote tractor and So there could be reasons why coyote Doesn't want to sell at a Bobcat Dealership or um you know with bad boy And tym you know tym doesn't want to Have the tractors at bad boy or maybe Bad boy doesn't want the tym brand there They want to keep everything streamlined

And under one Banner so there could be a Lot of different business type reasons For that but it helps paint a picture of Why that kind of thing happens so the Downside I think with with that with the Private labeling or white labeling and I Don't want to get too deep into the Weeds here but I I know some other areas That this goes on as well But well if more hands are in the cookie Jar then there's fewer pieces for Everybody right and so you either have To raise the price to get the same thing Or the parent manufacturer has to agree To to make less money perhaps on the Hope that the increase in volume makes Up for that right there's got to be an Advantage for the the parent Manufacturer to do this and for the Consumer I think well if you're paying More to get the Bobcat version than the Coyote version why so maybe that comes Down to the dealers right there and they Can service it and and have parts for it And everything else but point being this Is just a a case-by case scenario where I'd encourage you to think about all This information before you make a big Decision folks we are proud to be Sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid Ballast weight it goes right inside your Tires completely hidden we're big on Safety on this channel these tractors Are just too light and Tippy right out

Of the factory not only is it going to Help with safety keeping those rear Tires planted on the ground it helps With loader efficiency and traction to The benefits of rim guard include being The heaviest allnatural liquid ballast Weight on the market it's not going to Corrode your rims like the old calcium Chloride it's not going to freeze and It's available at over a thousand Dealers Nationwide find the dealer near You at rimgard Solutions All right so I don't have access I have Chosen not to pay for access to the uh The big dealer data that you can pay for Annually and and get all the information That tractor Mike puts out on a Semiannual or quarterly basis I think Those are great reports and uh Neil used In his recent video as well which is Also a a good dissection of the data and A breakdown and good for I think Consumers to see the size of the market In the compact world and get some scale And understanding of what that's all About Now using some of that information there I'm not putting this this isn't on Neil At all this is on the information that's Available There roughly 2third of the market is Owned by deer and cabota that makes Sense you're always going to have the Bigger fish fish and then a bunch of

Smaller ones that are trying to climb up The the ladder and and take a bigger Piece of the pie and everybody's got to Start out somewhere so I'm going to try To use round numbers as much as I can to Simplify this a bit so 180,000 tractors Is what's going to be sold Projected for the full year that we're In right now 2023 2/3 of that roughly 120,000 of Those tractors are deer and cabota so That leaves 60,000 tractors left for the Other 15 brands that are out there so Two Brands sell 120,000 13 Brands sell 60,000 all right So there's some that's some big changes Some big differences right so here's Where I have a conflict with this Information that the Dealer data is Reporting they're Listing 7,488 7,500 dealers besides deer And cabota in the US 7,500 dealers for Those 13 other brands Now I went through and got a lot of Information from manufacturer websites From Coyote's website from mahendra's Website from yanmar's website From um who else oh from tm's web we it So from a lot of these actual Manufacturing websites that say how many Dealerships they have in the US some of Them the smaller ones

Like like itl right with soulless and Summit with r King soulless is so new in The US it's almost nothing Summit is Sold at Home Depot Tractor Supply Atwoods places like that I have no idea If those locations are even accounted For they've really just been rolling out Throughout this year and is should be Insignificant is as far as it Is in this amount I don't have data on Bad Boy Rural King okay there was some Smaller ones but the big hitters coyote Has 450 dealers Mahindra has 441 tym has 320 LS has 350 Yanmar has 379 couldn't find Massie but a couple of Random data points not on the Manufacturer said 330 to 550 if we call It 450 I had to break up my calculator And those seven okay which are I would Say the seven big biggest of the 13 2,611 so unless unless soless and Summit which have virtually nothing Right now unless Bobcat which who knows I don't know how many dealerships They're selling their their Bobcat Tractors at right now unless Massie Which the random information I found There said 335 to 550 so say it's 450 Let's just add 450 right in the middle That gets us a little over 3,000 that's It's like half the amount of dealers Compared to the 7500 that that the uh The dealer data suggests and so I don't

Know where that's coming From that's a big discrepancy There and and obviously I don't know all Of this information I'm not privy to all Of it I don't pay for all of it but I Don't see how you go from from 3,000 is To 7500 which there and of itself Doubles the amount of tractors that are Sold per dealer and so the reason I Mentioned that is because you know if You do the math if there's 60,000 units Between 13 brands or 60,000 units Between 7500 dealers that's only eight Tractors a year that are sold at a Dealer location but if you just slice That number in half because there's only Well in this case 3750 if you slice it In half that would immediately up it to To 16 tractors a year right or more than One a month one and a quarter a month or One and a third a month or something Like that so say it's right or say it is Actually more like that 3500 number and You're starting to creep closer to 20 Tractors a year well I mean now you're You're doing almost two a month and That's just on average right you're Going to have most of these dealerships Are not selling one specific product Right you're just like my dealership Even right I sell used tractors by Various Brands I sell all sorts of Tractor attachments we sell accessories We do all sorts of stuff and dealers are

Looking to make sales not just on the Machine but then on all the attachments Right loaders mowers backos the brush Hogs the chillers third functions rim Guard whatever else they're selling Along with it the service that comes Down the road the parts that come down The road the merchandise them coming Back to trade it in and get a bigger one Them coming back to buy a second machine Or maybe buy a lawn mower to go along or UTV to go along with their tractor or You name it so it's just one piece of The pie for these dealerships and it's Not that a dealership is relying solely On this one Revenue stream this one Brand that's life or death for their Company to survive they're going to have Train techs that are there to work on Whatever brands of equipment that they Sell I would like to think that if They're not so overloaded that they're Probably going to give you better Service and I think that it could be a Double-edged sword to say that if you're Not selling enough of the tractors You're not going to have enough of the Parts available to support them but I Don't know the last time that I went to My cabota or deer dealer to have Something service where they didn't have To order in parts I mean they all have To order in parts and I think what the Big key is is having support and parts

Warehouses and parts distribution in the US so that you can have the parts within A day or two days you know via UPS or FedEx and then get to work on repairing It that is maybe different than what it Used to be but that is more and more the Way that it is now and something that I Am very that's what I expect when I go Into Caboto or deer to have something Repaired is that they're going to have To order it and get it in is that's After I wait three weeks or a month or Two months to have it looked at So There's a lot of different criteria that Go into it and a lot of different ways That you can look at that too and I Would encourage you as well talk to your Dealer right talk to talk to them about Their service department talk to them About how it would be set up what to Expect if I have something covered under A warranty that breaks how long am I Going have to be in the back of the Queue is it going to be depending on What season it is do you guys stock this Stuff where do you get your parts from Answer those questions up front that way You have a better idea and aren't Surprised and disappointed down the road Okay so I want to use the same Information which means it was what I Found for the number of dealers for Cabota and what I found for the number

Of dealers from John Deere on their own websites too so Cabota has 1100 John Deere currently has Oh what is it 2200 2190 dealers all Right so that's 3,300 dealers there to Sell 120,000 tractors all right and so If you do that math that's 36 tractors Okay so again I'm using my own math I'm Using my own data here to come up with This with these numbers so A John Deere or a Kabota dealer and Again I don't know how it breaks breaks Down between how many tractors cabota Sells and how many John Deere sells but If we combine them together those Dealerships sell an average of 36 units Per year per dealership all right and You compare that to 16 maybe 20 okay on average for all These other brands combined so there's No doubt that's how they're getting Their bigger market share right I mean They're just selling more on average per Dealership but I mean 16 versus 36 isn't That's not like we're not talking huge Numbers here right I mean these are not Large quantities of machines that we're Talking either way on on a per Dealership basis you know you're selling Three a month if you're selling 36 a Year right compared to one and a half or One and a quarter or one and a Third I Don't neither one of those numbers

Excite me if you're if I'm being Perfectly honest neither one of those Are like wow you guys are really killing It going through the data right just Searching online I found something Interesting about John Deere and this Isn't positive or negative because I Don't know maybe it is positive maybe it Is negative I'm not sure but I was able To get a a few data points in in the History of John Deere all right and so In 1969 they had 3,700 dealers in 1996 they were down to 3,400 so lost 300 Dealers in almost three decades no Biggie in 2007 you 16 years ago they were down to 2,984 And now they're at 2,190 so they've Dropped in 15 well this might be 15 Years it might be 16 years they've Dropped another 25% in the volume of dealers in the last 15 years so they long time ago 3700 now At 2200 right so and in 15 years they went From 3,000 to 2200 lost 800 dealerships 800 dealerships in in 15 16 Years so I don't know what that means I Don't know if that's good or bad maybe There were too many that were just Flooded and too many in different towns And they Consolidated because they only Need One it's obviously a gigantic company so

You need to have a lot of dealer support Out there for It but um do with that information what You will I think at the high level it Just shows you that in 15 years worth of Time decade and a Half you can lose more than that's the Equivalent of two of these small dealers Right this is like all the Mahindra and All the coyote just disappearing out of The US just with the John Deere location So you know I I don't know if that's Good or bad but I think That hey buddy oh he's a jumping spider Too got a little he's got orange on Him no he's kabot sper he's a Kabota Spider he probably came free with a Cabota there you go let's break that web All right anyway um so yeah do with that Information what you want like I say I Don't know if that's good or bad I will Say if you lost 800 dealerships that's 800 dealerships worth of employees that No longer have a job there and maybe Some of them were able to get relocated To other locations I have no idea but um That's an interesting tidbit that I took Away from that so that's obviously a Really easy thing for me to say John Deere's going downhill they're sinking Fast right and I may use that as a click BTY title who knows because that's a Really eye-catching number to be Perfectly honest with you but the truth

Is I have no idea that could be a really Good thing for John Deere in for all Their customers out there or it could be A bad thing I don't know that's just how Easy it is to manipulate data and look At it in a different way so here's a Different way that I wanted to look at These numbers and we know 180,000 Compact tractors are being sold now that Number is the 40 horsepower and less so This tractor behind me is definitely not A compact tractor you know a John Deere 4066 as far as I know is not less than 40 horsepower so it should not be Included so we're talking just that Smaller Market segment And I figure I'm going to guess how much A landed cost is to a dealership for one Of these tractors on average with John Deere and Coda and everything else in That segment so we're talking your one Series your two series or three series Tractors maybe 15 grand Chris what do You think about that number does 15 Grand seem I would have G touch higher Okay but well that was my goal 17 so That's kind of what I was actually Thinking higher teens and I thought i' I'd give it 15 grand and try to be on The lower End knowing two-thirds of the market Two-thirds of the tractors sold are Going to be the more expensive John Deere and cabota and then you're going

To have onethird that's going to be the Cheaper brands that are out there so Anyway I hope $115,000 is a landed cost To dealers is a conservative number not Counting all the other attachments and Things that go along with it right but You do that and times 180,000 you're Going to have $2.7 billion for that Market for 180,000 tractors this year 2.7 billion is a pretty good number I Mean there's a lot of other industries That have bigger numbers than that There's no doubt that's a good chunk and So for there to be 15 Brands to try to Get a piece of that pie okay and if Two-thirds of That is deer in Coda then you're left With Roughly a billion or so just a just a Measly billion dollars left for the Other 13 brands that are out there and Fight over So you can just in a high level if you Want just divide that out right I Actually forgot to do that I was going To but a billion dollars it's just a Simple number that I use all the time Right my my calculator doesn't even go To a billion it only goes to 100 Million turn my turn my phone Set look at that you turn your phone Sideways and you can do bigger Numbers I should have known that that's It I've never turned it's the scientific

No kidding that's pretty cool we're Learning new things all the time around Here so a billion dollars divided by 13 Dealers or Brands I should Say that's 77 million dollar if it was All divided out evenly between 13 brands That are out there I think that's a That's a pretty good chunk to try to go After at a cost level that's not what's Being sold to you at at the at the um Retail level okay that's just what the Cost is coming to them you know tack on Another 15 25% on top of that tack on The loaders the mowers Tob backos all The other attachments the warranty plans The finance markups The service in the parts the merchandise Everything else that comes at it down The Road that's huge that's well worth Wanting to go after a piece of that pie And think about the size of companies That you guys work for a lot of you work For smaller companies right and some of Us work for Fortune 500s and Fortune 250s but think about smaller companies And what they can Do with $80 million and and in Revenue That's coming in right And you can do a heck of a lot you can You can pay a lot of Employees for every segment that you Need to run that business and again I Mentioned that number because you guys

Can do what you want with it but for me That helps put the figure in a different Scale instead of saying it's eight Tractors of dealership that's being sold A year which is or isn't true at at the Higher end of that level one way or Another however you're rolling it if This number is right you know which is a Guess right you tell me if you think $155,000 is way off times it by 10 grand Right so take a third away from that i' Say it's $57 million a Year that's still a big chunk of money So I Think numbers are funny depends how You're going to look at it but you can Do a lot of different takeaways you can Make numbers work for you you can you Can make them make your case to Strengthen it or to weaken it or Anything you want to and on that note The risk here the risk here with these Smaller companies is that they're going To go away that they're going to Disappear because other companies have In the past right Montana's gone away Farm trra CubCadet Branson well The case of Branson for example they Were bought by Tym this is what I think this is how I Think things are going to go sort of Like this in the future if they do Consolidate a bit why I have no idea I

Would always expect there to be a Company to go under or dissolve or be Bought out that's how the world works I Do think that this is a great example of Being a win-win for everybody because it Helps build and strengthen tym as a Whole because they they wrapped in Branson into their fold okay they are Still supporting Branson they have no Plans to to strand all those customers And so now all the tym dealers that were Out there which were separate different Locations in Branson now they are also Going to support servicing Branson right And so this is a a big win for the Consumer because now they have that many More opportunities to have their Tractor Service or get parts for it and and They're not stranded they're not left Out there in the cold so to speak There's a couple anomalies right you're Going to have that CubCadet as Neil Talked about yeah that's that's a crappy Situation and I tried searching For cabota or sorry CubCadet tractor Parts online and it's really hard to Find I mean you can find a few random Ones here and there but there's nothing Consolidated now I did the same thing Though for some other brands that have Gone out of business I did it for Montana I did it for Cabellas I did it For farmtrack and there's one website in Particular that had both um for Montana

Tractors if you just Google something Like Montana tractor parts Farm track Tractor parts this website has all sorts Of it uh of parts available for these Tractors there they specifically list That they have been doing this for over 50 years and this is what they do and That this is what they're good at and so It seems like there's a good a viable Source out there to get those parts Maybe you guys have tried that and it Hasn't panned out I don't know Cabell Tractor parts Legacy has uh Uh says they can get any tractor part of The need for the Cabell tractors which Cabellas was um made by tym so there may Be some other options there to get those Parts through TM as well but it seems Like a lot of these brands that are out There that are no longer there there's Still ways to get access to those parts And that you're not completely Stranded and in reality I mean these Are these are kind of few and far Between right there's not a lot of these Examples that are out there um over the Years but it can certainly happen it's a Risk to definitely take under Consideration but the one other thing I Found interesting when looking this Stuff up is you just kind of stumble Upon things right and so somehow going Through the the Google results you come Across a forum post that I'm trying to

Find parts for my cabota b2150 that was The first example that came up the parts Have been discontinued that's a tractor From the 80s and the 90s then I was like Huh let me do a little digging on on This and then somehow stumbled upon a Guy that mentioned a cabota b8200 and Then a cabota L 185 and these are all Tractors from like the 80s give or take Sometimes into the late '70s and into The early '90s right around there so Maybe something changed in that time Frame but it seems like there are even Cabota models that you can't get parts For anymore or are very hard to get bars For there's even I know the loaders for Even tractors in the early 2000s that Folks will buy like a Cota BX 2200 or Something and they're not able to get a Loader for it you know I I get folks That email me from time to time Wondering when they get parts for Coda Tractors too and so even in such a large Company like Cabota this kind of thing is still Possible for it to happen and so I if You're going to buy an older cabota it May be worth checking with your cabota Dealer right or at least Googling online And see if there are still parts Available for those models now a couple More stats here on these companies to Maybe give you a little bit more Reassurance that they aren't just a new

Kid on the Block and this gets back to These companies being Global all right These are global companies so dayong Founded in 1947 been in the US since 1993 for 30 years Mahindra founded in 1945 been in the US since 1994 itl founded in 1969 they just got The US market 2022 it says tym founded In 1951 got to the US in 2004 LS founded In 1977 got to the US in 2009 cabota now um the company cabota I Guess started in the 1890s or something Like that but as far as tractors go Founded in 1946 got into the US in 197 72 John Deere 1837 I didn't see exactly When their first tractor was made but John Deere's been in the States since Since the beginning Massie they had a Long time ago or a date from a long time Ago to 1847 a lot of information to pars Through but 1953 they merged with with Ferguson made Massie Ferguson and have Been going strong ever since Yanmar Founded in 1912 got in the US in 1979 You're seeing a lot of 19s here right 19s in the '90s ' 80s 7s that kind of Kind of thing in the US so these Companies have been around all of them Except for ll in the US for 30 40 50 Years or more all right not just John Deere and Coda but these other companies Too and they've been founded years or

Decades before that as Well now another stat On on the amount of annual revenue they Do all right this again I'm finding this Information online doing the best I can Here all right so some of these numbers Are are impressive even on even on the Even the small numbers I should say are Impressive wait till you hear deer and K Cabota though CU they do absolutely blow You out of the water But I would say it's also worth Realizing some of these manufacturers Are very specific to really just Tractors and even just compact tractors Some of these companies are um have Multiple Brands under their envelope They have construction equipment and and Utvs and all sorts of other products as Well so there's going to be different Scales there that are going to skew These numbers too but it's just fun data To kind of realize so dayong which is Coyote they did 1.3 billion projected For 2022 was the latest number I could Find Mahindra 15 Billion in 2022 itl 660 million Worldwide in 2016 actually that was I Couldn't find any new information on That so that's seven years ago they did 660 million I would expect with growth They're over a billion by now tym in the USA okay I couldn't find their worldwide Information so I believe this is just

USA 470 million in 2022 LS mtron all right $835 million 2021 uh AGCO big one okay that has Massie fent vultra Challenger so lot of Brands underneath that envelope 12.7 Billion gigantic company they make a lot Of equipment though Yanmar another very Very big company 8.7 billion uh I think This was in 2022 cabota last year 20 Billion all right and then John Deere 2022 Revenue $ 52 Billion that's a lot so anyway I think That also helps paint a picture That you know I don't think you're going Wrong buying a John Deere or a cabota I I I I just bought this Cota M5 this is This is for me right here you're going To see this in future videos I also just Bought a coyote to put in future videos Right I still am hanging on to my John Deere 1025r point is there's a lot of options Out there okay and there's a lot of Reasons that I sell what I sell and Market share is part of It I can't tell You what to do or what not to do but I I Think that that's the the incredible Thing is that we can take information And then we can make it make sense to us And that's what you need to justify at The end of the day is how you're Comfortable making the decision with any

Purchase that you are making and on this Channel it's primarily related to Tractors and so hopefully this gives you Some comfort or maybe it helps you rule Out some Brands right and and it's just One piece of the pie but having a little Understanding a little history that most Of these Brands out there are not new They're not new to the block they've Been making track just for a long long Long time and and these are all big Companies all really big companies doing This and it's uh it's good to have Options I think and so the competition Is really something where those small Players are what put pressure on the Bigger players and they chip away at Them right they they chip away a little Bit of market share they can make them Nervous but you're getting more bang for The buck on your dollar going with one Of these lesser known Companies are you getting more Reliability when you're paying top Dollar for kaboto or deer are you Getting more features are you getting More capability are you getting better Service and support from those bigger Dealers those are the questions that you Need to answer so anyway we may do some More of these videos deeper Dives in the Future on this stuff it's it was Interesting it was fun to look into it And uh it's not meant to make a right or

Wrong on on anything about this topic Other than To educate and entertain so on that note If you're in the market for a tractor or An attachment we would love to earn your Business go to goodworkstractors Docomo of your day to stop by and until Next time stay safe we'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon Oh

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