Folks at the end of this video we're Going to announce our snow Pusher winner From our January giveaway so stick Around for that and soon we're going to Have a new contest that you can enter so Subscribe to be notified I'm going to Talk about money today folks and money In a few different senses of the word You know one Let's take a look back and see how Inflation has changed tractor prices Over the last three years I did a video About three years ago exactly right Before the pandemic started with this is The slowest time of year to sell Tractors and so I ran a sale discounted Some prices had some fun with it there Was some crazy good deals I mean they Were crazy good deals back then and just To think how much prices have gone up in The last three years I'm curious we'll Take a look at these but let us know if You bought a tractor recently how much Did you pay for the same or a similar Setup then I want to talk to you about Zero percent financing as well there's Sometimes catches or sometimes not and It it oftentimes sounds too good to be True but it does rain in a lot of folks Back when I sold a lot of tractors that Was I think my main competition was do I As a customer do I buy this used tractor You know at a at either paying all cash Or at a higher interest rate for used

Equipment because they don't offer zero Percent for used equipment or do I go John Deere or Kubota whoever and get Zero percent financing on my new tractor Okay so we'll start off with a zero Percent we're going to talk about the Tractors take a quick look back here at At seeing how crazy good these deals Were then I want to follow up at the end With how a traditional zero percent Financing works with most tractor Dealerships so I just started offering Zero percent financing and the true Sense of the word zero percent APR Financing and of course there's always Qualifications you still have to be Credit worthy in order to qualify for That and the the term length for zero Percent financing is going to be Dependent on the dollar amount that you Buy so if you buy a higher dollar amount Then you're going to qualify for a Longer zero percent term so I don't Offer that on tractors I don't sell Tractors anymore but I do sell tractor Attachments and you know I kind of Transition I made a whole video about This why I got out of the tractor game And and some of that's going to be Related to when we talk talk about these Used tractor prices in just a minute but It's just got it got out of control with Inflation and I I couldn't reliably Determine how much a used tractor should

Sell for or how much I should buy one For to resell but with attachments They're all brand new okay so it's a Little bit Um more Baseline there with the accurate Prices of what they should sell for It's a lot larger market as well right I Mean with selling used tractors that's a It's a fraction of that market but if You sell attachments then you're opening It up to not just the folks looking for A tractor now but all those folks that Have a tractor already so my zero Percent financing I feel like is about As as true to what that can be in the Real sense of the word there's not Hidden fees out there and when you go to Apply for some process it's going to Tell you what your payment's going to be It's going to show you if you're paying Interest or not right because if you're Not credit worthy then there's going to Be an option for interest on that or if It's a really low price point on Something then there is interest charge There so how this works is it's a higher Fee taken from my earnings right so if I Sell you something they're taking a Higher percentage from from what they're Going to pay out to me and they're going To keep that for themselves to Recuperate that zero percent interest And so I'm trying this out as a as kind Of a trial period it's not right now

It's not going to be permanent I'm going To see how it works I need to see if It's worthwhile you know if you can if It generates more sales you know that's That's the idea right is if I can get More sales kind of offsets that higher Fee that I'm being charged versus Offering an interest-bearing loan to you Guys which I'm charged a lower fee so I'm going to tell you how this varies From the traditional like tractor Dealerships zero percent financing a Little bit later on but now let's take a Look back at those tractor prices from Three years ago I'm curious to see what You guys think if you're shocked by just How cheap they were back then compared To what they might be now we're proud to Be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficient agency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide

Find the dealer near you at okay so when we go Through these maybe leave a comment with How much you would have paid today for That same setup or how much you did Recently pay for that setup just so we Can have a data point there in real time So this is from January 2020 so base the Age of these tractors based on that data Right it's like a two-year-old tractor From then or a three-year-old tractor From that that point right there in time Okay so 2017 John Deere 3046r factory Cab 82 hours Front end loader belly mower and a snow Blower the big 59-inch snowblower let's See what I marked that one down to Honestly I'm not sure that I can get these words Out on this one 30 46r It was 44 999. I encourage you to shop this price New for this whole package that I'm Going to tell you about oh boy You ready 39 999 yeah that's five thousand dollars Off oh boy this one might not make the Cut that's insane there is no way you Could get that for anywhere near 40 Grand today next up 2017 40 52r all Right Has a loader on it open station 106 Hours two rear remotes those kinds of

Things add value okay I always look for Like air IC air remotes third function Factory cabs of course what did I mark This one down to Okay 40 52r Yep We had this one at uh thirty thousand 9.99 Oh I'm gonna be sick and now we're doing 20 7 9.99 yeah I'm serious right there can You read that 27 999 Three thousand dollars off you know what Maybe I should have held onto these Things as an investment for a few years I could have made a pretty good return Next up at John Deere 4044m all right Has a front end loader on it does have AG tires now if you're shopping for a Tractor and it has AG tires those are Typically a little bit cheaper than like The R4 Industrials so keep that in mind As well 235 hours again two rear emotes On there let's see what it went for What are you doing Courtney 40 44 M beautiful love this machine Right here I don't need to sell this cheap so why Am I Here you go guys 22 999 insane deal dang that's a Screaming deal It is tough to relive some of this stuff

I tell you 20 32r 170 hours load or Mower on it another 20 32r 280 hours Loader mower basically it's twin Let's take a look we've got twins here Guys okay 20 32 hours these are the old Style the classic style of 2032 R man I Can't wait to see what the prices are Today on on these machines that you guys Are paying leave a comment down below I'm curious to know all right next up a Bx23s all right so the subcompact it's Got the loader on it the bx23s has the Backhoe on it too this one also has a Belly mower low hours on it Let's take a look e x 23s You know this is not getting any easier For me Was 19 9.99 not anymore What do you think it is now 17 999 There you go okay oh I remember this one I still don't know how I Why I did this that's that's a good way Of putting it John Deere 1026r it was 2011 2012. so I was older only had 183 Hours on it it looked brand spanking new Loader belly mower and the three bin Material collection system on the back With the power flow on there so just Just Cherry this one went for a steal I Don't remember who bought this one but Man they could make some good money Reselling that today oh man I don't feel Good about this one

10 26r It was 14.99 good value man this thing Has under 200 hours on it auto connect Mower deck quick attach bucket and Loader three bin material collection System 12. 99 Oh man you see that you see that Oh I can't even show my face 10 25 are a little bit higher hours 580 Hours are very cold I took this one in On trade still good looking tractor low Hours overall front end loader belly Mower Another absolute steal of a deal okay 10 25 r Was 12. 99 now Hmm 11. 99 You see that eleven nine nine nine nuts All right folks so that is a look back In time 36 short months ago although There was a few months in there that Seemed pretty darn long but uh prices Are still going up okay I'm not getting Price decreases from any of my suppliers On tractor attachments I don't see price Decreases from any of the the oems that Are out there and that could be in the Tractor world that could be in the The

Appliance World the vehicle World Whatever it is the number world that Does fluctuate a little bit I suppose I'm told they're going back up though But the point is is that things just Don't get cheaper over time right just Like your dad or your granddad used to Pay nickel for a loaf of bread you know That's that those days are long gone It's not coming back and I think This helps kind of Paint the picture of I'm saving for a Tractor I just need a couple more years Right well you wait a couple more years You're going to be saving more and more Money that you have to save up to buy And afford that tractor because those Prices are going to keep going up and so You can look at this In a different way what inflation really Means is that your dollar is going to be Worth less tomorrow than it's going to Be worth today and You got to be careful with with how you Use your money but if you can borrow at Zero percent on somebody else's dime Like on John Deere's dime or kubota's Dime whoever else at today's value Well That could work to your advantage you Know so What this really shows is how prices Just keep going up and the last few

Years they did certainly accelerate But inflation constantly happens it's so Rare to have deflation going going the Opposite direction that you just really Can't count tonight but you can't Bank On prices going up I'm still getting Price increases from suppliers but it's More of the just the typical annual Price increase that's always coming into Play versus three or four price Increases in one calendar year which we Saw during the pandemic but this kind of Ties into maybe your planning and and Thinking about buying a tractor in the Next year or two and you're saving up Money maybe you want to pay cash for it In a year or two down the road you're Gonna have to save up that much more Cash because it's going to cost more at That point and is there a benefit to Buying at zero percent Now versus using Your own cash because at this point you Can buy now while it's cheaper than it Is in a couple years and you're also not Using your cash you're using somebody Else's cash there are a couple catches That come along with this it's more Complex than that and and you know I'm Not your Financial Consultant so I'm Just giving an opinion here on how I Kind of go through the process myself When I'm buying a new piece of equipment Like this JCB like that Ranger Like any of the tractors that you see

Around here that I use and so you'll see This on Forum sometimes uh folks are Shopping around for tractor prices and I Always encourage you if you're going to John Deere shop the John Deere dealers Not just one because you're going to be Surprised at how much pricing can vary Same thing if it's Kubota same thing if It's whoever else you're you're talking To but get Multiple numbers so you can see what the Field is kind of working with out there But you're also going to see differences In the the terms of financing okay and And as an example I'll have somebody Send me Um their price that they can get for Zero percent financing for 60 months or Zero percent financing for 72 months or 84 months whatever it is and it's still Zero percent but somehow the machine Price went higher for the longer term And so those dealers are just building In Interest in a way into the the price of The machine right and maybe they're not Taking as many discounts at the end of The day it's all coming down to the Dealer has to make a certain amount of Money same thing with me right Everything comes down to you got to make Profit or you're not going to be in Business but Just go in there as a

An educated consumer knowing the game That's being played right that don't Have the the wool pulled over your eyes Know that if you're paying a higher Price for a longer term that means You're just paying your interest Kind of built into the price of the Tractor and it's not showing up as a Separate line item on your monthly bill You know and I've mentioned my buddy Down the road Dave he's just recently Bought a Kubota l6060 beautiful tractor His plan originally was to just use his Cash and pay for the tractor but the Zero percent financing not having to use 60 70 grand whatever it is out of his Own pocket right now Let Kubota handle that and just pay it Off chunk at a time I did that when I Bought a 30 46r and in fact when I Bought that I sold it a couple years Later and I lost I don't know like one Or two thousand dollars that was it After having it for a year or two and That's pre-pandemic okay and that's just Because of what inflation does over time It's going to help these tractors hold Their value and so while you are paying That debt down The tractor is not going down at the Same rate right so you pay a thirty Thousand dollar loan down to fifteen Thousand your tractors Most likely unless you did something

Crazy to it can be worth way more than 15 grand so you know you got to Bear all The stuff in mind work the numbers see What makes sense to you but There's a lot of folks out there buying A machine for the first time maybe Getting a loan for the first time and They don't know any better so you got to Give them the information from somebody Who I don't have a stake in that game I Don't you know I just want you to know I've done it myself a lot of you guys Watching have done it too so if there's Another angle to think about then help Them out and leave a comment with what They should be thinking about but on That note I do sell tractor attachments So when you buy that tractor think about Us all right give us a shot we sell all Sorts of stuff for the front end loaders And the three-point hitch we ship all Over the country you can get rewards you Can get at least right now that zero Percent APR financing for qualify buyers But we have a lot of good stuff so and if you enjoyed Today's video we want you to tag along See what's going on around the business Around my shop Hit that subscribe button down below I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon alrighty Folks and so the winner of the snow

Pusher giveaway We went through it had over 1500 Comments you guys had a lot of fun you Really enjoyed it Joey's sawdust is our Winner so I am going to reach out to him Too do need to go through a verification Process to make sure that Yahoo you say Are we get a lot of scammers out here All right and in any contest weather or A giveaway whether it's for me or Somebody else or even just a regular Video if you get a response like a text Me on telegram or some other suspicious Looking email Don't respond to that cell phone number In there the text me on telegram or Whatsapp or whatever it is don't do it Okay so you can email me directly if you Want to find out but if you'd If it seems suspicious it probably is Again congratulations Joey and stick Around we have another contest another Giveaway coming up a lot of fun it's one Of my favorite products you're going to Want to know what it is [Music] [Applause] [Music] Together [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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