They Bought An Elderberry Business! (How Elderberries can help you Thrive)

As more and more people look to herbs and natural remedies for their family, one of the first places they start is with elderberry benefits and its many uses. In this post, we’re discussing the many benefits of elderberries and the evidence of how they can help shorten a cold or flu.

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[Music] Hey there and welcome to this week's Episode of The Pantry chat Food For Thought this week we are talking about Actually an herb that's one of my Favorite herbs of course they're all one Of my favorite herbs right and that is Elderberry this is um such a great herb To know about and really to get to know Because so many of us actually have it Growing wild in our area if you don't It's something that's really accessible Really easy to get so um we're going to Be talking with Brad and Starla Walker From aby's Elderberry and we're really Excited to get to have that conversation But first here I am for those of you Guys watching on video I'm out in the Backyard it's a nice hot day and uh There's a nice breeze so if some of you Guys are saying gosh where is she she's Not in the kitchen it was too nice of a Day to be out to be Inside uh when we had all this beautiful Sun shine here here in North Idaho when The sun is shining you have to take Advantage of it because it's not Guaranteed to last for very long so Anyways thank you for joining us today And let's Jump Right In hello Brad and stara welcome to the Pantry chat it's great to have you guys Here it's good to be here yeah great to Be here good now you guys are in

Uh would tell tell us about your spot And what you're doing give us a little Your background here tell us about your Family and uh put it all in context for Us go ahead yeah so we got married 11 Years ago we started having babies right Away and we have we have grown our Family to eight Children that range in age from 15 to Seven months months Uh and we have been homesteading for Probably about seven years now some of That was Urban homesteading and then we Moved to the country on 15 Acres right Before Co Hit about four months before coid such a Blessing such a provision from the Lord Um and then we have been homesteading Having dairy cows and meat chickens and Laying chickens and kind of all the Normal homesteading things for profit uh So also making money for our family While doing that um I've been a massage Therapist and into alternative medicine For the last 16 years um I have not been Right so I kind of have brought Brad Along into that vain over over the last 11 years um and then about about a year Ago almost exactly a year ago we Bought aby's Elderberry from a good Friend John Moody wow so that is an elderberry farm Is that right so we do have Elderberry On our farm uh but uh we we bought it

With uh we've been doing Elderberry on Our own Starla started making our own Elderberry maybe five Six seven years ago give or Take and but we moved out here I was um I've been a pastor vocationally uh for Most of our Marriage and uh we bought it out here Just to become a little bit more we Started raising food um animals just to Take control of our own Food uh and then I kind of have Addictive personality so once I got Started with it I I wanted to do it Bigger and uh so we moved out here we Didn't even know we had Elderberry on This Property uh actually until recently so Um we have we have wild growing uh Elderberry and we're working to Cultivate we're getting uh the uh the Genetic strain from from John who uh Started aby's elderberry and um yeah so Uh it's all been a an interesting Journey for Us okay that's Uh you know it's interesting the places That homesteading leads us all our paths All end up looking very different but They're always interesting right and you Start throwing kids into the mix and It's like interesting exponentially it Just kind of explodes and it makes it a Lot of fun and very Dynamic that was the

Word I was saying earlier before we were On air is like the household gets very Dynamic everybody brings in more and More elements and more things and more Ideas and that makes it really fun but Then when you bring in this this element Of supporting yourself on the homestead Uh or at least making some amount of Money on it it really brings in a whole Another angle and it gives you kind of This fresh look at it so you were able To to buy a business that was already Started and they were selling Elderberry Products is that correct yeah so I had Made the transition we kind of had like This fiveyear plan when we bought this Property to maybe Eventually try to make some money out of It uh even just part-time and it Happened really quick partially because Of My Uh that keep doing it bigger type of Personality he's a schemer that's what We call it yeah that's what I call It um and so in January of 2022 I was Able to go full-time here on the Farm and so it became our sole family Income this is all we did we did it Together as a family uh you know chicken Butchering days the kids are out there Helping us um everybody had a job And John has been a friend of mine we Went to college together and he had

Mentioned pretty casually um he's Speaking at conferences he's doing this And he's doing that and it was just more Than he could give uh his full attention To and so he was looking for somebody to To take it on and we we heard that we Talked it over really quick because we Knew it wasn't going to and we we jumped On the opportunity and uh John's been Extremely gracious and and helping us And and uh helping it move forward and Leading us along the way and and letting Us carry on the the name and the product That that he built and started and um Supports us whenever he can so yeah so We were able to to to buy that from him And and keep running with it so we're Going to get into the health aspect of Elderberries here in a minute but I just Want to pull this out because I know a Lot of our listeners are kind of in a Place where maybe they're dreaming about The idea of making some income off of Their Homestead right now you know for Most people homesteads are kind of like Draining the bank like they're like how Can it cost this much to grow tomatoes Right and so we're all trying to figure Out how to how to make it not cost a Bunch but then there's this next level Dream of like turn it around and let's Make some income from it which is very Doable but you're saying you guys had a Five-year plan

And I mean did that happen in two years In three years that kind of like Happened faster than maybe you guys were Even expecting yeah I think next next Year would be year five because we've Only had this this farm for four years So it was a two two and a half year yeah Two and a half at the most so really What happened is coid yeah so we have a Lot of children and the government for Better worse gave us a lot of money Because of that the S all the stimulus So we just put that right back into the Farm and so instead that allowed us to Have a buffer for him to go full-time And we were able to invest it into some Livestock that really and infrastructure Like pasture fences and things like that Yeah so what was a horrible time in so Many ways really ended up being a Providence from the Lord for our family And and then we also just took the leap Of faith like we feel like this is Where God is leading us and we're just Going to make the choice to go there and And God really has Provided the kind of the interesting Thing about just our 11 years of Marriage it's constantly been like we Could like sum it up by saying like Calculated Risks like I I don't think we do Anything Hasty maybe like small things Like that but when it comes to big

Decisions there's a point that dreams Are good and the ideas are there um but Eventually you just you have to you have To do Something and you have to count the cost To know like you know I'm going to go Full-time on my farm and my my dairy Cows could die which that happened that Happened to us um but um you know there 's you have to be prepared for those Things you have to count the cost right Nobody builds a tower and doesn't count The cost to do it um but uh at the same Time trusting um that that this is good For for us and our family and in so many Other ways and and like stara said all In all the Lord provided Faithfully Through it in various different ways and We found customers we never thought we Would find just By social media posts um participating In the Farmers Market things like that And it it got bigger than we Could people want to Support local farmers and they they want To support our family in particular and That has really been evident and Abundant um and we have multiple revenue Streams I bake bread and make bagels That we sell on our local market wagon I'm a Massage and do some massages out of our Home and we do honey and we just have so And that's the blessing and beauty of a

Homestead is that you really can have so Many different revenue Streams coming from work that you would Be doing for your family anyway you can Just bump it up a little it's just as Easy to make eight loaves of bread as it Is Four yeah they all fit Well that was going to be my next Question is what what all do you guys Sell off of your homestead producing so So we started with um Soap right that well here that was one Of the first things but initially we Started and if I can kind of tell you The the snowball for me was we started Just raising some meat chickens on a Quarter acre in the middle of the city Um um her idea my Addiction And we would have families over for Dinner and that's what we would give Them like we would feed them one of our Chickens and it would be like oh this is The best chicken we've ever had and can I get one from you and so we would sell Him a Chicken and and then the schemer in me Says I can sell enough of these and then My chickens are free you know my family Eats for free and then it was like I Could make a profit off of this so we Started doing meat Chickens um we when we moved out here uh

We kept doing meat chickens we got some Pigs so we were doing pasture raised Pork Right um and eggs has always been a part Of the the game for us but it's egg eggs Are you're not going to get riched doing Eggs um you're not going to pay your Mortgage even doing eggs much get unless You got just thousands and thousands of Chickens yeah milk is really where you Can make some some good money so we got At one time we had four Jersey cows I Was milking twice a Day and uh at one point I was selling 50 Gallons of milk a Week um so uh we were doing pork meat Chickens Soap um the milk did I already say that I think kind of the that's mostly it for Then so right now currently we don't Have any milk any any dairy we are Taking a break for a while we had a few Cows die and it was just traumatic for Us um and so we're gonna take a break And try again next spring so right and For the past year our focuses really Been the Elderberry MH um we've we've Been blessed with productive beehives This year yep so uh honey has been a Good product for Us and then um star's doing her massages Still and um sourdough those are the Main things we're doing right now well I Love that I love that you're really

Actually following kind of the homestead Model and just you know selling what You're producing selling what you're Able to do right there and you know that That just makes it so doable for people It's not even like you have to go gosh Be the best pork producer in the area But to just start selling your excess or What you can do a little bit more of you Know you can make a little bit more Bread you can maybe raise a few more Chickens and see where that takes you And it's a great way to kind of wade Into the idea of making a little income But I don't want to spend all of our Time here because today we're really Talking about elderberries and I'm Excited about elderberries Because I have also been you know Working with elderberries as medicine For many many years and uh in fact it Was one of the first uh forged herbs I Think that I identified where I lived in Southern California even when I was in High school like long time ago forever Ago and um you know started foraging Those and making medicine out of them And finding all sorts of fun things and And at this point we do all sorts of fun Things um I will one day tell you guys The story about the elder flower Champagne that I made one year that the Guests had to like put a raincoat on and Catch it when we opened it because it

Was so explosive um we we've had a lot Of fun Elderberry elder flower uh Experiments around here but I love it Because it just fits into this category Of medicine food tonic like everything Everything yeah so accessible it tastes Good so kids love it it is free if you Go forage it it's phenomenal medicine Like and you can top your pancakes with You know syrup like where do you get Such versatility out in on the roadside Like I I just really love this I feel It's kind of like it's kind of like the Gateway her like into the deep dark Worlds of uh you herbalism of herbalism And foraging so I really like it so I Want to dive in there but so let's start Off really quickly what is Elderberry um as a plant I mean Obviously somebody who came to this and They're like I don't even know what Elderberry is they've picked up the fact That it's a plant that you can pick wild Around the place but what is it explain A little bit to us yeah well I'm Actually surprised the amount of people That I talked to even uh had a meeting With the distributor for our for our Brand and he's like I've never heard of This stuff like I've never ever heard of The word Elderberry before so it's um so Around here especially uh it grows Really wild I mean it's everywhere Around here it's along every corner the

Edge of every corn field it's on the Side of every road we've got it on our Church Property um and it's just just a Big bush is type of thing um that has These amazing beautiful white flower Clusters um around the month of June They're really easy to spot because they Have these beautiful white flower Clusters and then once those um turn Into these berries these tiny little I Don't even know how how big would you Describe an elder Berry it's not even P Sized smaller than a p smaller smaller Than a p um these beautiful purple Berries Um and yeah all the things that you said Like um for thousands of years have been Used and have just re just recently Fallen off the radar completely and and Thankfully it's making a Comeback um would have you been used for Everything from you know the hardwood From musical Instruments uh because the main the main Trunks are Hollow and so they could be Used for woodwind instruments and you Have the leaves and the flowers and I Did I've never even heard of the Champagne we're gonna have to talk about That because I'm interested [Music] In it's explosive I'll just tell you That at least the way I made it was

Explosive but um but yeah and that just Goes to show you because here I was Experimenting with foraging elderberries When I lived in the mountains of Southern California growing up here I'm In very far North Idaho and I'm like oh Yeah we've got elderberries all over Here ours just happened to flower more Like July rather than June maybe even August because we're so late um and here You guys are in Southern Indiana and you Know you've got them all over there they Are kind of all over the place they Really are and so this is something that Everybody should know um for all that Spread though are there a lot of Different varieties when it comes to Elderberries there there are there's These different variations of it but What you're going to find today is Primarily two variations there you have Like the European um and then you have an American and that's pretty much the the Two main varieties that you're going to Find if you if you Google it or Amazon It or whatever those are you're most Likely going to find European Commercially and then what you're Finding foraging and what we're finding Foraging are going to be the American Variety Typically okay great are there any Varieties that are out there that should

Not be used if you're like wanding Around in your area and you're like oh Look I have these uh you know white Elderberries or red elderberries can I Use these for Medicine are there that shouldn't be Used I've seen some concern over red Elderberries um but generally I I Haven't seen much else of like typically Of what you're GNA find is you're going To find that American Elderberry and now I would say be Sure you know what you're doing like Properly identify your plant and things Like that there's great apps out there That can do that um I I have seen some Concern over the red Elderberry and I Tried to read some research on that and Some people would say well if you you Know if you're cooking it it doesn't Matter be cautious know what you're Doing like know what you're looking at Um but generally I think for what most People will find if they're foraging Is No we don't eat them raw Right that's good what what would a raw Elderberry do to You so if if it was the European Elderberry that would make you sick That's cyanide isn't it they contain Really small amounts of cyanide right so You wouldn't want to eat that one raw For sure the American doesn't have that

In it but I still don't think you'd Really want to eat it Raw um you could probably juice them and Use the juice for things if it was an American uh version that you identified As American Elderberry um I think I think like the Side Effects that can make you nauseous and Things like that um maybe like can do Some Vomiting um I mean it's not going to be Like you're going to go on like a Psychedelic trip and then you know be Found laying out next to your elberry Bush yeah they're they're pretty a Minimal s of effects if you get uh you Usually just get a tummy ache I think so Best practice is to have the blue or Black ripe fruit if you're using the Fruit of the Elderberry plant just you Know blue or black is probably the Safest from my understanding there are Green elderberries that are green when They are ripe um that the jury's still Out on that one from what I've heard Same thing kind of with the red is like Some people are cautious some people are Like I've been using them my whole life Never had a problem um there's always That one guy right that's been using it His whole Life and uh so yeah going with the the The black or the blue and ripe and

Making sure that you've either Dehydrated them first or cooked them First in some form usually deal with all Of the safety precautions when it comes To elderberries are there any other Parts of the Elderberry that you would Make medicine from or do anything With Yeah yeah so people have used the leaves For Cosmetics um think well for sure you Can use the Flowers uh for teas we we use dried Elder flowers and our teas um all of Those things uh they have used like the Leaves you can uh they've been making Salves out of them um topical you know For Um topical injuries and things like that Or skin care Issues um and then you have you have Like the the instrument aspect of it Like I mentioned it's and just a crazy Extremely Versatile Plant yeah that I know the flowers Especially in Europe are a very popular Medicine and flavoring you know they do A lot of flavoring with the elder flower Out there but uh but generally you know Staying away from the other parts is is Fairly Safe right especially when you're Consuming it internally I know there are Some people who go so far as to say like

You can't get any of the Little stems in There when you're when you're harvesting A cluster of berries and I do not hold To that personally I've never seen that In evidence and I do a lot of steam Juicing of things that are uh pains to Handle any other way and Elderberry to Me definitely falls into that category Of like if I'm going to do do a ton of Them I'm going to Steam Juice them that Way I don't have to worry about getting Them all the little stems off or Anything like that and I just Steam Juice them right there with those little Cluster stems and it works out just fine Um so that that's a really quick way to Go what do you when you say steam Juicing what are you how are you doing That yeah so if you look up what's Called a steam juicer it's actually Something that uses steam to extract the Juice out of fruit and I've I've now Gotten myself a second one because Anything that I want to process in large Amounts that I'm going to use the juice For I go ahead and do that because I can Do gallons in an hour without separating Off the parts that need to be fussed Over uh elderberries is kind of a Classic example of that currents any of The currents that are going to get Little Parts in them I just do that uh Plums I have these plums that are just a Pain they're little and they have big

Old pits and they're delicious and make The most phenomenal jams and jellies but They will take you days to pit every Single one and I'm just Like I can't spend this kind of time for Jelly and so now I just throw them all In Steam juicers pull the juice and We're done in a couple hours and so uh But Elderberry Falls right into that for Me and can be really really helpful Let's talk about the health benefits of Elderberries because this is really I Think with co uh Elderberry is one of Those things that really kind of came to Light even though some of us have felt Like it's kind of a famous herb for a Long Time but I think Co really brought the Benefits of Elderberry out into the Surface a little bit um so let's talk About that what you know what are the Health benefits of Elderberries yeah I she's she's uh Familiar with uh some of the studies and Things that have done but just generally Speaking you know U everybody loves Blueberries because of the antioxidant Levels um and elderberries actually have Like Twice um the antioxidant levels that Blueberries have so even just that alone Um they're they're a wonderful uh fruit To have um they have anti-inflammatory Properties they uh boost immunity which

I know you don't have any of the Specific studies in front of you but Right yeah so I mean in general there Have been multiple scientific studies And the bottom line is that elderberries Decrease the severity and duration of Viruses that's what they've discovered And if you talk to anybody who Especially has a handful of Children that's what they are going to Find is that it really does it takes What could be a two to six week virus And it really usually for us we do we Also take a few other things in addition To the Elderberry um but things that used to Last for four weeks last for five days Usually in our family yeah um so it Really does help decrease severity and Duration it also really helps with upper Respiratory and infections and Viruses which is why I think it got so It got such good press during Coid um because and they they've had Study they did studies during that time Uh the coid studies are minimal but the The respiratory studies are pretty Substantial that they've Done um showing how they serve those who Have like upper respiratory infections And things like that for people who Would need other help outside of you Know rescue medications it it basically Keeps them from needing the rescue

Medications when they are taking Elderberry which that's a huge deal I Mean you could save thousands of dollars And keep Yourself basically almost in homeostasis Instead of needing something to really Bring your body back into what it should Be Which we have that personal experience One of our Daughters um would have to do breathing Treatments and things like that she Would have what would seem to be close To like anaphylactic responses at a at a Certain Season Um but her using it's a lot of factors But diet and our home and things like That but I think the Elderberry serves Her well in that respect because she's Prone to she's prone to those Respiratory issues yeah so there were a Few years where our third kid our fourth Kid uh just had asthma for a few years And she couldn't breathe I was a hippie Crunchy Mama already and then my kid got Really sick and I thought how can this Be happening and the Lord really used That to Humble me uh so I'm thankful for That time but it was pretty Horrific and through lots of we tried The Traditional medicine route second and It's that still didn't help and then I

Really Dove deep into alternative Medicine and it a lot of those things Helped and Elderberry is certainly one Of the things that helped her a lot um But I would say especially the recipe That we use now and cell is amazing it Has so much Ginger and more elderberries Than Maybe the normal recipe would have Um and it really has kept our family so Well since we've been uh using it and This is The this is the book that John Moody Wrote The Recipe is in there um and it Really is a gem I mean really everyone Should have it on their coffee table Because it's a great conversation Starter I I think you're right Elderberry is a great Gateway for a lot Of people to start Using things other than Pharmaceuticals Or over-the-counter medic Medications for those of you guys who Are listening and not watching that book Is called the Elderberry book is that What it was called you read that to us By John Mov yeah great um you know Elderberry is Such a great herb because it falls into This special little niche that's called Immunomodulating herbs and you know we Really often think about um maybe maybe It's kind of our Western Society Western Culture that deals with this just like I'm just busy and doing my thing until

All of a sudden I get hit with this like Brick wall of I'm sick right and so we Kind of tend towards these immunos Stimulating herbs that are like I'm sick Now I need I need this huge uh immune Response right now and that's an immunos Stimulating herb but Elderberry kind of Fall into this other category that's This immunomodulating herb which is kind Of like you take it and you take it and It kind of builds and it strengthens Your immune system and it calms down This part of your immune system that's Overreacting and it helps like get you Balanced and gets you ready to fight Whatever you need to fight in kind of This deep sort of way it's not this kind Of like surface like yeah we're just Going to hit them with all we've got Sort of herb although it does have some Elements where it can really attack so It's got This IM immune modulating feature but Then it actually has uh some of its Constituents actually directly fight the Viruses which is really exciting like They go on attack and they kill viruses This is really well documented for the Influenza virus and so you know it Actually you start to get that flu and These these uh different constituents Are just going to come in and they're Going to like hunt down part of this Virus and just attack it and kill it so

You kind of start working on these Multiple different levels of like okay My immune system's stronger I'm ready to Fight and then you bring in this like Backup Force that's like killing off the Viruses directly and then on top of it It's helping with inflammatory response So it's helping bring that down to help Your body you know work and then some of The ways that Elderberry works in your Immune system is through cyto kind so it Actually Increases the liquid around in your Immune system in your lymph system that Helps your your immune system Communicate with each other right like Here are the Invaders over here here are The bad guys and so it starts increasing That which can be amazing most of the Time a really strong thing however there Is some concerns that that those cyto Kind Responses can actually create additional Breathing problems if you already have Really deep heavy L lungs from a really Bad cough because then all of a sudden It's your immune system with the help of That Elderberry is bringing in extra Liquid and you're like that's the last Thing you need in this really deep heavy Cck so I know at the beginning of coid There were some herbalists that were Coming out and going oh don't take Elderberry for um for coid because you

Know because the cyto storm possibility And there are others saying hey this is Just totally fine um you know did you Guys find this to be a real issue with Cyto storms and cyto Kines during this Time no I don't think we've really seen It be an issue I've seen we've read and Seen the the concerns that are out there Um but it doesn't seem that it's like an Overwhelming uh real concern um and the Thing that we've seen is like especially If you're immunocompromised already um That that might be an issue um like if You have an immuno deficiency or Something like that that that could be Um over stimulating and create that Storm um but I think I don't think that That's A so certainly for us that hasn't been An issue um but we would just encourage People that you know if you have an Autoimmune disorder or something like Like that you would just try Elderberry And start slow you know don't take the Maximum recommended dose daily maybe Start with a teaspoon yeah don't get Sick and then chug a bottle right well And we would recom right we would Recommend starting low if you have an Autoimmune disorder um but really we Take it every Day really once the vitamin D levels Really start to drop so I would say October

Through March March probably is when we We take it every day usually at least Once um and then we take it a whole lot More if if we're sick and I think that's Why the recommendation kind of like what You mentioned that if you're taking it Consistently and you're not just Pounding it once you feel your body gets Sick then it doesn't have that like Overstimulating effect but your body is Already used to processing this and Knowing how to work with it um and we we Even have a regular customer of ours um She she has Lupus um and she recently got a report From her doctor that I don't want To mess up exactly but it was like she Had like no Detectable effects of Lupus on her body For the first time since she was Diagnosed and the the only thing that She could pinpoint that she had done Differently was regular dosage of Elderberry syrup so I mean it's it's Really treating those with medical Issues so obviously for the regular Disclaimer none of us are health Professionals so do your own research Talk to your doctor especially if you Have existing health issues or if you're On any Pharmaceuticals definitely Definitely because herbs and Pharmaceuticals do interact 100% they Absolutely do so make sure you're

Double-checking that but you know even Back to the cyto storm issue that There's a really simple answer to most Things in the herbal world that if you Start having a NE negative effect stop Taking the herb we're not talking about A pharmaceutical drug that in your System for the next 10 days and you Can't reverse the the effects so that Even for you know for Co the the real Eventual response was if you get really Deep lung problems then back off the Elderberry for a few days and then once The lung stuff starts to clear up go Back on it then it's just fine just in Case that is affecting you so um so it's Kind of one of those things that you Know you have to know your body in order To work with it holistically and you Have to pay attention I think this is Particularly challenging for men in our Society who are kind of told to like oh You know it's just pain just ignore it Man up through it and it's like I have To be like no you actually have to pay Attention to it and tell me if I'm GNA Help you like what are you feeling are You feeling better are you feeling worse Like let's communicate with our body a Little bit and know what's going on so We can react to it and and help it out While it's trying to heal Um but yeah you know definitely like you Were saying taking it

Regularly in the season where you would Expect to get sick um is is kind of a Really great way to give your body a Jump start on having a healthy immune System that's ready to handle things so Let's talk about the different ways that You can use Elderberry like the Different forms that you can put it in In order to actually consume it and get It into your body because there's a lot Of different ways You guys have mentioned the syrup is That kind of your preferred method in Your House uh it's the primary method I don't Know if it's necessarily uh we foraged Uh a couple weeks ago me and my daughter And we made some Elder Jelly and they they destroyed it the Kids absolutely loved it they would Probably prefer that to be their method Although Mama does because it's really Messy there was Elderberry Everywhere so we it retains its staining Properties even in jelly form it's Actually a really in jelly form Absolutely beautiful uh the even when I Was just cleaning out the sink it's a Really beautiful blue when you make it From fresh uh Elderberry so it is really Pretty that way but I think to be a Little less mess see around the house Probably the easiest way to take it is The syrup and either pour it on a spoon

Or we actually just have pore spouts and We just kind of have them open their Mouth and they're like little baby birds And we pour it in but we Have you can have Elderberry teas and so Like I mentioned um you can use the Flowers uh to make teas you can use the Dried berries to make Teas um if you're making your own like Find your own favorite blend of tea and Just add a little bit of you know dried Berries or or flowers to it um we have Tinctures we make tinctures as well and So those are other great Ways uh to get and they're really simple They're simple they're you know like the Teas if you're a tea drinker just add Some Elderberry and you get the benefits Of your regular routine of tea Plus plus All the benefits of Elderberry and it's A Win-win yeah that's a great way to go You know I started having um oh I just Didn't like the way my body felt when I Had too much honey in in my system I Could feel like a a blood sugar Spike And so I was you know resistant to that So I started doing um a stabilized juice With 10% vodka so I just Juiced it and Then would stabilize it so it was shelf St with just enough alcohol so it's kind Of like A a juicier version of a tincture Right that'll sit on the shelf and it's

A little better tasting than the the Tincture I just I love the idea of Tinctures but oh man I just can't find Myself sucking down vodka first thing in The morning in that kind of quantity it Just isn't gonna happen but yes you have That of course you have wine gosh I Sound like an alcoholic like let's talk About all the alcohol ways to to use Elder but it really does lend itself Being in Fruit form you know you Historically have this great Elderberry Wine you have the juice you have the tea Um some people make gummies for their Kids out of the Elderberry juice which Is a fun way to do it I have two many Kids to do that the work to benefit Ratio isn't high enough for my house um You could do capsules too so um so you Guys this is great thank you so much for Joining us tell us where we can find you And what kind of Elderberry products you Currently are Offering yeah you can find us at aby's Elderberry Decom um and then some of our products You want to yeah so we Have the Elderberry ju well I mean it's not Juice right is that what you're saying Well right it's it's just Elderberry Though we have some that doesn't have Any Sweetener so people could just take it

Plain or they could add it to a smoothie Or something uh so they're getting all The benefit of the Elderberry and the Spices without any of the the sugar Spike um so there's that we sell honey Elderberry syrup with honey we sell Elderberry syrup with maple syrup in it Elderberry syrup with Uh we have the low carb the glycerin Version yeah that's I couldn't think of It with glycerin and then also a low Honey version of the maple syrup and Then we have a variety of teas also we Have we have four teas currently um Three of them are herbal teas so we have Uh two of them are lemon ginger blend With with our organic elderberries uh One of those are Elder boost has twice The ginger so if you like a little bit Of spice and warmth into your tea uh That's a good one we have a high biscus Elderberry tea and then we have a black Tea that's an orange cranberry black tea Which is uh really Good wow that is great and people would Go and find you over at aby's Elder is that correct that is and Brad and stara were kind enough to offer Our listeners a 15% off uh coupon if you use the code Homesteading family at checkout so go Check it out if you haven't ever had Elderberry before if you're not familiar With a plant

Yet um while you're trying to locate it In your area go check out their products Get yourself some on the Shelf so you Can try it out and experience the great Immune uh modulating parties of Elderberry you know while you're waiting To make your own so you guys thank you So much and good luck on everything that You have coming up and everything you're Doing it sounds like quite an adventure Um but it's great to get to talk to you Yeah you thank you

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