Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan – Tree Shear Edition

Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here today to clear a bunch Of smaller trees with a tree Shear on The skid loader so this is a property That my friend Paul case has been Logging for quite some time they've Cleared a lot of acres here and almost Everything has gone from this Center Area but all along the outside edges There are a lot of smaller trees that Are kind of blocking them from getting Back in there and they want those Clipped off and piled up and that's what I'm here to do so let's just take a Quick lap around the property show you What we're looking at then we'll get Hooked up and get started that first Tree you saw me move was just in the way Of getting in and out of the property A guy that's working out here his name's Kevin just did a tree felling video with Me a few weeks ago he just cut that down I think But You can see All the area that's already done If you haven't already you should check

Out Paul's Channel I'll put a link to it In the description and the comment of This video But They cleared all this and milled most of It on His wood Miser I think it's a LT 40 that He uses fully hydraulic Mill That is the sheer that we are going to Be using I don't know the manufacturer Or anything else It's an older unit Foreign I came down here and filmed when they Were cutting it I will also put a link In the pinned comment To the video of cutting this sucker down So a lot of what we're going to be doing Is up along this back Edge And up in here [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign So I was concerned That this was going to smash up against Here and damage the hoses And I think that might be what happened But there's no other way this can be set Up to work it has to be It has to be how it goes

It's like fluid leak Was up in this area All right Here Yeah it looks like just a pinhole You know what I need to see if it's also Leaking down here So I'm going to start it up and and see If that's the only leak we have [Music] Foreign Up here But Most of that I think was coming right Down at the base and it looks like it's Being smashed in between here and here So maybe I have just a slightly Different clearance in there Um But you would think that would be Standard for any skid loader And it could be that it was already like This I don't know I better call Paul and Talk to him about it before I do Anything else Okay so What I'd like to do is fix this for Paul Because his Bobcat will work on this It's got a little more clearance in here Than mine does but his he said he's got Another skid loader he wanted to use This on and it wouldn't fit for the same Reason it's because my plate is hitting This right here

But if you look it's not contacting this One If I put a straight edge on the back of This this sticks out about three Quarters of an inch further than the Other one I'm wondering If I could get a lower profile Elbow in here Or even two elbows one elbow coming this Way and then actually maybe angling it Down and then a second elbow to shoot it Back up Then we would only have the thickness of The hose in here So if I can get this apart I'm going to See if I can Fix this for pole and get back to work Another wrench Yeah and I don't have one big enough for That Do yeah Let's see I was thinking if the hose came out Straight right here and went under this This doesn't have any way to move it Could go under there and out there and Then up Well that's too probably too big to get In there this might be the ticket Yeah so it's Paul's deal but I think if It was mine I would go under there Just it could Then you just gotta make sure it's long

Enough and not rubbing the tracks or Anything So this really this probably is not Damaged I think it's just up here This is where I was talking if you Pointed it down if you could screw an Elbow in here That pointed up this way then the hose Would come straight up this way If you're on it sideways like that Then you just turn the hose you don't Even put a fitting on it just you could You just need the hose to be a little Bit longer but then all you've got is The thickness of your hose in between There which seemed like it was all right Yeah because this doesn't look smashed Keep that same fitting on there but just Use it I think we this probably just Replace this hose Yeah the fitting will be under the plate And then um because your Plate's gonna Be the bottom of your plates right here Isn't it yeah they don't so the only Question is either it works or it Doesn't for the thickness of the hose to Be in between there which it seems like It wouldn't but like I said when I had It on there You could move that around Foreign I did it See like this would go on your patreon

All your funny bloopers and stuff Like all your Falls and slips and dips And Dives I've been thinking about Creating a separate Channel or site That's not just for everyone I want it To be for only fans of the channel oh Only fans you know I think I've heard of Something like that I just can't believe They put use the same kind of content or Do they mix it up on there I think they They mix it up it's usually like Instrument eight maybe they're too big I'm thinking it's an inch Yeah that's too big That's it I don't have those in there It is [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Talk about what happened with these Hoses I'm going to say this thing's kind Of Hard to get used to because it's the Only thing I've put on the front of a Skid loader where I couldn't see the Action happening and the other thing is

The way this guard is made I couldn't Tip it back as far as I wanted to Because the guard would hit my My couplers for the hoses so it was Going to be awkward to use anyway and For a track machine with all these Stumps sticking up this far it's kind of A roller coaster driving this around and I wish if we hadn't had this problem I Was going to spend probably six hours Out here pulling trees But it would have been a rough day Actually Anyway I don't think it's going to work the way It's set up from hooking this up and Using it once there's a little Nick in That hose And a little Nick in this new hose from Where they contact the bottom of the Plate And So I'm not going to use it this I just Bought this hose this was 91 dollars for A replacement hose Now if I own this piece of equipment This attachment I don't think it's a Case you couldn't use it all I think if You swivel this 90 degrees and had it Come out under here then swiveled the Other one 90 degrees and had it go under You could still use it But we lost a few hours over that hose And Paul didn't really seem like he

Wanted to make that change and this Works the way it is on his skid loader So I think I'm just not going to be able to Do this job the way it is but I've got a firewood delivery I'm going To go make and call it a day So I appreciate you taking time to watch This video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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