This $300 Tractor Upgrade is Causing More Problems + A NEW Attachment

Foreign Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today's video was supposed to be About showing you a problem I have with My three-point hitch and that's still What it's about but before right before I came out here to work on this I got a new tractor attachment show up And I didn't even know it was on its way Yet but if you guys have been following Along with the channel I got the larger Machio flail mower that was too big for My tractor and I took that down to Arms Family Homestead and I have a Replacement right here So I'm really excited about that Probably within a day or two you'll see More videos on the machio flail mower But for right now what I want to show You is an upgrade that I made that I Spent quite a bit of money on and I Recommended it to you guys and it's not Working out for me to really show you That I'm going to need to take the Ballast box off but well actually I'll Show you one thing with it on look at All that movement And that's that amount of movement is After I stopped and tried to tighten Everything up So let me set the ballast box off and I'll show you what I'm talking about Okay so before we start swapping out

Parts let me quickly tell you how we got To this point I use a quick hitch for almost Everything but the backhoe can't use a Quick hitch because it's subframe Mounted but that doesn't really relate To this part It's this is about my stump grinder that Is too big to be used with quick hitch And to to put the stump grinder on I Have to kick my arms way in like this to Get them in between that three point or I could actually reverse the pins and Then I'd have to swing them all the way Out I think it's better the way they are So to do that with Factory setup this is The factory setup It requires you to take this nut loose And spin this Center section through all Of these threads Doesn't seem like that big a deal it's Not that big a deal but there's no Clearance in between the Implement and The tire and These are two different sizes one side's Left-handed one side's right-handed and They're hard to get a wrench on and this Is hard to get a wrench on And it made it a hassle that Attachment's already a hassle It's Too Tall it's really heavy and it's just Hard to get on and off and I've really Got the hang of it now I've got a Routine down that's pretty smooth but

One part there are two upgrades I made Back here to make that easier one is These extendable draft arms makes it a Lot easier And so now when I go look at tractors I Always look do they have extendable Draft arms this is a great feature next Thing I look does it have telescoping Stabilizers this is a telescoping Stabilizer And Most of your tractors like all the John Deere 3 R series tractors and the 4 Series tractors have telescoping Stabilizers Your 1025 your 2 Series and your three e Tractors do not so I always look when I Look at other brands of tractors do they Have those telescoping stabilizers Well this is not a part that's available From John Deere so there's one guy who Makes these and I don't want to say Anything negative about him and he's a Small business makes a really fine Product but it's caused me problems so The way that problem manifests itself is You've got a series of holes here and Under it this lower tube has holes and It has one slotted hole so when you get Your attachment on you put these pins in And no matter how I Orient the pins There's generally some side to side Slack Now the fact you've got this side to

Side movement with a thousand pound Implement on the back means that every Time you stop or move or turn it it Slams to the side only a little bit Whereas this if you want you can take All of the slack out by just continuing To tighten it down it has infinite Adjustability where this only has two Inch adjustability So What happens is this slams back and Forth while I'm driving you go in your Brush Hall kids crunch crunch it's like A slide hammering she's doing this all Day every time I drive my tractor around But that results it in is first right Now this one's broke This bolt right here Is breaking And I went and got a harder Bolt And on this side I have a pen in it so On this side I'll show you The pin is bent I might have a hard time I may have to Drive that pin out But that bolt back there breaks And this front bolt breaks and this Comes loose and This side's not broken but the other Side has been breaking and when it Breaks I put a pin in it well the top Bust off the pin so the pins come out And the result is that the holes these Go in from being slammed back and forth

Against the bolts and slammed back and Forth against the pins all that movement Is wallowing out the holes so now the Movement's worse because you're dealing With wallered out holes This is a better design I appreciate the guy who makes these but For me it's led to a lot of problems so Until I figure something better out or Maybe I can replace individual parts of This with a hardened material or Something I'm going to switch back to The factory stock So to do that I'll take out One bolt right here use this same nut on Here And you gotta pull let me show you Have to pull this u-bolt right here out So that that cap can come off the end It's really not that hard to change so Let me get it done real quick well that Wasn't part of the plan I went up to get Some tools so I could work on this And it's on my wife's leaving Real big hurry uh what's that about I Mean she looked she was really booking It out of the driveway And uh She calls me right after that says our Oldest our youngest son was in a car Accident And that uh nobody's hurt she's headed Up there it's just a few miles away It was as far as car accidents go it was

Pretty tame Uh The other car was barely had any damage And they drove it away But I had to go down there and get his Car Luckily it's not a very big car he's Drives a little smart car so I was able to I was able to pull it up onto my Gooseneck Oh not any fun but sure could have been A lot worse right it's kind of this tool Here is kind of Overkill also makes me Think you know I'm grateful for makes You be grateful grateful no one was Injured grateful that I've got the Ability to go get the car and deal with It Because you know we don't depend on that Car Necessarily Like I said it could be a lot worse as Far as car accidents go And now I've got it on the trailer Setting back there I'll have to [Music] Take a look at it see how extensive the Damage is Front fenders pushed in a little bit the Tweel's turn I was able to I think we Could have drove it up there but I Already have a winch on the trailer so

We use that It's one of those things where you Figure Kids are probably more likely to have an Accident right but we've had really good Luck our kids have not really had any Accidents our daughters actually both Had an accident but they were older And already out of the house before they Ever had an accident Well that sucker is on there Yeah the the kids cars you know they're Not super expensive those were five Thousand dollar cash cars It's not cheap but it's not super Expensive but when you have two Teenagers On your insurance And two cars My wife my wife's car and my truck are High value Car insurance crazy I think we pay seven Hundred dollars a month for car Insurance Boy that sucker was on there I'm sure the part of the threads that Was sticking out the end of the nut Got all beat up that's why it was so Hard to get off So now all we do is slide this on here And that goes through there And I did not have the nut with this I Guess Now I need to go find the nut I thought

It took the same nut As the this aftermarket version And after that just this u-bolt right Here And That A couple retainer pins There's one And two time to go see if I can find the Nut that holds this on All right here's a nut Okay so we are back to factory on this Not a very hard thing to switch out it's Just a little bit disappointing that This is This is better when it works But right now it's not working and You know this it's hard to see here but That's got an eighth of an inch of slop In this bolt right here that's been Breaking the other end now has slop in It So it is what it is it's got some slop In it and I've decided for now I'm going To go back to running the factory links I'm really excited to try out that new Flail Mower and I've got another video That I think is pretty cool that I'll be Putting out tomorrow I've been looking Forward to this one for a while so Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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