This Amish Firewood Bundler Will Actually Make You Money

This Amish Firewood Bundler Will Actually Make You Money

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I've got a new firewood bundler here That I'm excited to try out now when I Got my new log splitter I talked about The fact that I was very intentional in Choosing that log splitter and part of The reason was I knew I wanted to try Doing bundled firewood to see if I can Make what I do a little bit more Profitable so as soon as the splitter Got here I started shopping for bundlers And there's a lot of options out there I Would say probably 2third all the Bundlers I looked at were electric with A foot pedal and I decided to go with a Manual bundler because it feels more Applicable to you guys and I will say as I always make a full disclaimer they Sent this to me to use I didn't buy it But the reason I went with this one when I actually had offers for some more Expensive electric bundlers is I was Thinking to myself you know what would I Buy if I was trying to make money with Firewood and I would say the average Cost for a firewood bundler is between $2500 and $3500 this one right here is 895 and you know starting out with Firewood bundles I don't know how much Of a market I'm going to have to sell Them and how long it's going to take to Produce them and what my routine is Going to be like will I be working in

This building will I be working down in The Woodyard will I be working inside in My shop will I have access to Electricity And to me for the average guy starting Out to say I think I want to try selling Bundles I don't know if a $3,000 Investment makes sense or not so I Started with the least expensive version I could find this is Amish Built it's woodw and it's the Amish firewood bundler I always like the Story of the small business and that's What we have here so I want to get to Wrapping bundles as quick quick as Possible but first thing I guess I Should tell you is that there was Basically no setup on this most of the Videos I watched about this exact Product show taking it out of the box And bolting it together I skipped that Because I feel like it's a waste of time If you want to see it there's plenty of Videos like that out there but it came In three pieces you have a Bas you have A rear legs and you have a top you set The base on the ground you set the legs In it two bolts set the top on two bolts And then you put this handle right here On which is one Nut and then you've got a nut right here That you take off to put your wrap on Now that part might actually be worth Showing you how that works I'm in kind

Of a lucky situation because the only Ongoing cost of bundles is your stretch Film which is ends up being really cheap Per bundle and then labels if you do Labels and I think I've got probably 50 Rolls or more of this wrap because I Used to buy it by the pallet and I still Had a half a pallet of wrap left so what We've got Here is this nylon block with some Little brake pads on it that slide up Against a stop Here and the nylon pad on each end fits Inside of your Roll so we just take a 12in long roll of Plastic Wrap slide it on here you know I don't Know if it matters if it comes off the Top or bottom but I think I saw people Take having it roll off the top so we'll Do that so I shove that up in there then I put the other one On and then we've got a flat Washer and then a Spring and the last washer is kind of Keyed to the shape of the Shaft and then we twist the nut On then you run this nut down until you Have the right amount of tension on your Roll like right now it's pulling really Easy I probably need to I don't know if I can turn this by hand far enough I'll Probably have to get a a wrench so the Videos I watched basically said tighten

This up till it feels like it's hard to Turn then make some bundles and see how Tight your bundles are and go from there So if you're wondering why I grabbed This pipe wrench it's cuz I'm hoping I Can annoy some people who care what kind Of wrench I Use and we're not putting any real Pressure on this is barely past hand Tight is all this is ever going to Be that feels fairly tight I apologize In advance for the long introduction First video with a new product usually Is a lot of talking and then it's a Matter of figuring out a routine that Actually Works Okay so here is our first firewood Bundle feels like it's wrapped good and Tight where the pieces are not trying to Fall out when I hold it up now if we Look at the end of this I think that's a Pretty decent size for the pieces within A Bundle I think the bundle is a little Bigger than what I see for sale at the Gas stations Locally I'm I'm almost sure the ones That I see for $7 to 8 are smaller than This And I think the mindset there is that if People have a general idea what a bundle Of fire would cost let's make ours just A little bit smaller and be more

Profitable I think I'm going to make the Bigger bundles biggest thing that I Learned from making one bundle is the Wood you choose to make your bundles out Of really matters if you have funky Shaped pieces from Twisted wood that's Not good bundle wood it's not going to Stack neatly in this little Little stacking tray so I think when I Split firewood I need to designate that This tote right here is for bundle wood It's all Oak it's all straight and nice Siiz pieces I'm going to let it age Before I bundle it rather than just Grabbing a random tote that might have a Mix of different types of wood in it so That's the first lesson learned on Making bundles the way you just saw me Make that bundle is the way 90% of the Time people will make bundles grab the Wood set it in there and wrap it you Also have this option right here which To me seems like an ideal option for a Twan operation so let me show you how This would work if you had two people And you wanted to see how fast you could Make bundles if you were actually using This you would want to have a little Table or a flat spot to put it but we Can take this tray and stack it full of Wood exactly like we were just Doing If I had my son out here he could fill This tray while I'm wrapping a bundle

Then I take the bundle out of the Wrapper set it into the Tote and I grab the Tray and set my wood in like this hand The tray back to the Helper and now I'm wrapping the bun While he's filling That and we have another Bundle in case you're not familiar with The bundling idea and why people want to Do it I'll I'll give you the quick Answer is that that tote of firewood is Worth about $65 where I live and it can Probably make about 40 bundles out of That one tote the bundles are worth About $6 so in theory you can turn $65 Of wood into $240 of wood in about an Hour now I'm going to do my own time Test but from other people it looks like About an hour and I can make that wood Worth four times as much And in that according to those numbers I'd be making like $180 per hour bundling this wood now in My experience as a small business owner Trying to have this type of business it Never works out nearly as good as it Sounds because I don't just have time in Making the bundles I have to find Partners to give me locations to sell The bundles I've got to do the shrink Wrap I've got to make labels and put the Labels in the bundles and then I've got Fuel cost for delivering the wood and

There's a lot of other things that go Into it but as far as actually wrapping It you can turn a little bit of value Into a lot of value in a short period of Time which is the winning formula for Business So my first goal was find out if I can Make bundles in a reasonable time period The next challenge will be find out if I Have a market locally to sell those Bundles let's pop out a couple more real Quick that Is five wraps around that people are Estimating that using five wraps at a Normal cost for the wrap you're going to Have about 17 cents per bundle in Wrap isn't a whole Lot as I often try to accomplish with Any company that provides me with a Product I try to see if they'll give a Value to the viewer of my videos and What they are offering with this is if You buy one of these bundlers and use my Code you can get a free roll of the Shrink wrap a roll of shrink wrap is $20 So it's a nice little bonus I'll put the Link to the product and the disc code in The description of the Video all right so today was an Introduction to bundling wood and the Next time I use this thing it's going to Be about getting some production out on That bundled wood and I'm not going to Use this tote which is not the perfect

Choice of wood for Bundling so anyway I appreciate you guys Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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