And it was just one of those days and I Left him a one-star review they asked Him to come down and listen to it and See if it sounds all right Like the customer's supposed to know and Not the technicians and so what else can He do this dealer is doing nothing for Him but they had so many issues And they sold so many more kubotas that They ended up dropping them not having It for months on end is absolutely Unacceptable I liked doing P90X and then They had the yoga P90X for one of the Days that was 90 minutes long Loved it Works so well Can't even see you in there dude You blend right in I had a viewer reach out to me pleading For help and I get a lot of emails like This and I kind of have to take him on a Case-by-case situation I do want to help everybody that reaches Out sometimes you just can't but I felt Like in this scenario perhaps there's Some insight that you guys can provide Maybe some help you can offer You know I think he's reached out in About every Avenue he possibly can so Far he's posting something on tractor by Net a lot of responses on there some Interesting information from a bobcat Dealer actually and I think that in General I want to frame this video as

Not necessarily Bashing Bobcat but this is more about What I talk about Who's the better dealer near you this is Where this comes into play because Anybody can sell you a tractor most Tractors are going to work just fine the Vast majority no matter what brand it is Are going to work just fine but it's the Dealer support after the sale that can Make or break it so This gentleman's been without his Tractor that he paid cash for last year For four months now still doesn't have It back The list of issues that he had has been Numerous you know and I think there's Probably a case to be made for paying Cash versus doing the zero percent Financing and if you have more leverage Doing that as well he happened to pay Cash it's a clean slate he's got no real Leverage there anyway I'm going to go Through all the issues that he listed The things that he's done so far And let's see what else we can possibly Do to try to get some resolution and get A tractor back and working it's just a Bad situation and I feel for anybody Going through this I've gone through This same type of thing myself more than One time and sometimes you just will do Anything you can just to move on from it It's so annoying and terrible all right

Let's go through the problems here first Of all it's a bobcat CT 2035 purchase Brand new in 2022 so last year with a Loader and a backhoe first issue he Mentions is a bolt that's loose and Actually he finds multiple bolts that Are loose about 15 or so that were like Finger wiggle loose so not a huge issue You do want to go through periodically Make sure everything's tight that is a Little bit unusual but not the end of The world uh then one night shortly After that a 60 amp fuse is blown he Fixed that himself not quite 100 hours On the tractor yet an eight inch crack On the loader arm where the upper and Lower arms meet Bobcat had it for almost Two months their conclusion was paint Was flaking not cracked they repaint it He gets it back a day later the paint's Flaking again again that's a little Sketchy he says whatever I let it go now He's got about 500 hours so to me he is Clearly working this tractor pretty good Had it about a year maybe not quite I Don't know and he's got 500 hours on it Tractor goes into regen blowing some White smoke and lost power Bobcat tells Him something happened with the Injection or computer possibly took out A cylinder He's been trying to trade this thing and He says since the first month he had it Gets to run around from the dealer first

They would take it in on trade give him A brand new 2035 that hopefully didn't Have these issues he says that kind of Came and went they didn't do anything About it and so now they've had this Machine he's been without it for four Months okay And they've done nothing with it so he's Talking to the general manager at this Point has that guy's cell phone number Two and mind you this isn't a single Store dealership they have I think five To seven locations and so it's a decent Sized outfit Um he says he's gonna take that 2035 in On trade upgrade them to a 2040 Problem solved he's going to be a happy Customer so weeks or months go by he Finally hears back now they want to take That in on trade he has to bring 20 Grand more cash to the table they're Only going to offer him 16 000 in trade Value on what he paid 31 000 for a brand New less than a year ago and hasn't had For a huge chunk of time this thing just Goes on and on and on now they're Waiting on a special fitting to do a Compression test word for word he says They asked him to come down listen to it And see if it sounds all right like the Customer is supposed to know and not the Technicians not just that things he Didn't mention in that thread as well he Had one of the tie rod ends break off

Just driving down the road wasn't even Working it had a drain plug come come Out on the front axle and dumped all the Fluid out I mean this thing has been a Problem child all right and You know I get a piece of equipment like That now and then I do get a lot of Equipment I don't put 500 hours in a Year on anything right let alone not Having it for those huge chunks of time So it's it's more time than that even on It but he's done everything he can he's Talking to the general manager he's Posting it on on social media He's being really really patient I mean He could get a lawyer he could see if There's a local jurisdiction or a local Branch some office that he can go and File and Lodge a complaint with against His business you know of course he can Talk to Bobcat corporate or whatever Else but you know Bobcat is as far as I Know still having their tractors made by Daedong which makes coyote tractors too And they're known to have a good Reputation in general so who knows if This was a tractor that was you know put Together the last one on Friday Afternoon and and just kind of totally Just totally a lemon but this dealer is Doing nothing for him and so I suggested Reaching out to other Bobcat Dealers Maybe even a coyote dealer see if Anybody else can service this machine I

Would doubt a coyote dealer could Service it but perhaps there's another Bobcat Dealership that would be happy to Take a look at this I mean warranty work Is something you get paid for as a Dealership and you would think that it's It's welcome work to receive A lot of places a lot of companies Getting hit hard with trying to find Good technicians Good Help in general It's been a challenge for my business Too but it's just not an excuse Especially when that general manager is Not stepping up to the plate and so as It sits and again I wanna Bring this up again I am this is not About bobcat being a bad tractor This could happen to anybody any machine Any piece of equipment it doesn't matter The brand it's about that dealer and Having good dealer support but again This is a huge red flag and that's why More than just the name on your tractor It's that support and I've heard stories About this from John Deere from Kubota From Mahindra from whoever so I know it Goes on with other companies and so what Else can he do what can you do in his Position he has the full warranty on This machine He's being really patient as far as I Can tell If he's putting that much time on his Machine he obviously needs to use it and

Needs to work it and not having it for Months on end is absolutely unacceptable Now so this is where forums like tractor By net are really helpful for any Tractor owner you can post things on There and it could be a problem like This it could be maybe you have a Project and you don't know what tool to Use you post your question whatever it Is on a forum and you get all sorts of Great advice and feedback from other Tractor owners that are out there too And on this thread there's one gentleman That says he he works for a Bobcat Dealer and you know anybody can say Anything on the internet right so take This with a grain of salt I'm just going To read you what he says it's right out There for you to read too he says I am a Bobcat dealer doesn't make me a Bobcat Tractor Fanboy just someone who lives it Five days a week for 18 years so he's Kind of plugged in Bobcat tractors then And now are built by dadong as are Coyote tractors some minor differences But they come out of the same plant so They used to sell them at their Dealership a while ago there's a Five-year agreement and then there were No more Bobcat tractors They sell some other brands too Including Kubota they sold way more Kubota's and bobcats but then Bobcat Wanted to get back into the tractor game

So the first go around When they were selling Bobcat tractors There was a an agreement with them but They had so many issues And they sold so many more kubota's that They ended up dropping them Every Bobcat they sold had issues there Was no consistency in the failures after Six months of selling them they dropped The line they just weren't interested in Selling problems so I give I give kudos To that dealership for doing that Anyways years later Bobcat kind of put The squeeze on him he said to start Selling those tractors again so they do Sell them now and as far as reliability Goes he says they're Rock Solid he has No issues there been burned on some lead Time kind of stuff and I can see that Good and bad depending on what it was if It was a heart of pandemic there's a lot Of issues there but you know he had a Cab tractor waiting on nine months then It got kicked back two days before Supposed to ship and delayed for another Four to five months so at this point He's done promoting them if somebody Desperately wants a Bobcat tractor he'll Sell it to him otherwise he's going to Push him to Kubota folks if you're Watching this there's a good chance you Own a tractor and you're going to need More attachments in the future check out What we have to offer at we sell and ship All over the country every day of the Week we are proud to be sponsored by rim Guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight It goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at so folks really This is more of a PSA do your homework Okay and that's why you have to look at More than just the machine itself and That could be with a tractor it could be With a skid steer it could be with an ATV or UTV you gotta you gotta talk to Your dealership and man I just recently Well the past year or so I had some Major issues with a Polaris Ranger one Of them that were for the kids there With one of the dealers in town here Just their service department is Absolute trash a few months back this Dealership reached out for a review just

Like sent me a text message you know Probably an automated thing and I'm not One to to bash companies unless it's Like I you know I don't know just I just Don't like to do that you know as a Business owner I mean there's there's Also ways you can work around things Like that but they asked for it and it Was just one of those days and I left Them a one-star review Kudos to them The service manager immediately called Me and was you know very apologetic you Know I explained the whole situation to Him it was really with one of their Their service guys who was just an Absolute train wreck and apparently he's No longer with the company so they've Corrected that situation he offered me Like two grand and gift cards to buy all Sorts of gear and everything else and I Told them I'm sorry I don't want Anything else to do with your company I'll remove the review I don't want the Gift cards anything else like that so I Appreciate a company for standing up and Stepping up to the table you know maybe They didn't know about it in the Beginning but they can resolve something And so you never know what's going to Work and what's going to get some Resolution and it could be leaving A bad review that is only temporary you

Can always delete that but maybe it Prompts somebody to action it shouldn't Have to get to that you guys handle it How you want to but you just never know How you can come to resolution maybe More quickly and that could be one Method as well so folks if you do have a Tractor a skid steer or an ATV well we Have attachments that can help you get Your projects done we'd love to earn Your business we sell and ship all over The country every day of the week check Us out at if you Enjoyed today's video we'd love to have You tag along hit that subscribe button And leave a comment help this guy out Help the other viewers out they're going To go through this same kind of Situation and I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music]

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