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All right guys today we have a big Delivery coming in it is bigger than my Gate so I need to disassemble part of The fence here the Gate Post that's on that side Move it out of the way and uh this Delivery will get in so I'm gonna get Started with that then our plywood Cutout of the Griswold car over there I Think is going to need to move I need to Make sure that the delivery vehicle has Extra room to swing over there we have a 14 by 44 shed coming in just on the Other side of the tractor over there so It's pretty exciting day let's get to Work We put this fence and gate up a couple Years ago total DIY job not difficult at All we made a video about it so if You're curious about how to set up these H braces and how to hang a gate we have A video on that and I haven't had to Touch this or readjust this since we Installed it so it has been Rock Solid And fortunately when I put these in I Did not cement the posts in part of the Reason I did that is because our soil is Really heavy and I don't think it's Going anywhere the other reason was that I kind of thought as our farm grows as Our business changes we might change the Position of this gate and I didn't want To have to bother with cemented posts Foreign

I might not need to Undo the cable from the posts I might Just be able to lift the post out now This pole has a metal rod in each end And on this side the metal rod goes all The way through and I could probably Pull it out over there This side only goes halfway through but I was thinking I might be able to lift This out And if I do that I'm going to bend the Metal rod so let's think about this I Think I'm going to take the rod out of That side And then I might be able to pull this One out and then this post can come Straight out let's see It's a good squeak All right Surprised that worked [Applause] [Applause] I'm thinking now maybe track your time [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Car cut out is moved the gates open Haven't heard from them yet I don't know When they're showing up so now it's just A waiting game I'm going to move on to Some other tasks while we wait for them To show up probably not going to film it So uh we'll pick this back up in a Little while Here Comes it's a big old

Building Looks a lot bigger coming in through That gate opening but 14 by 44 is what It is Let's see them get it set up [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign Foreign There we go we got a building pretty Cool how they can unload that off that Trailer obviously the the trailer and That little machine that they use they Call it a mule especially built for Moving around prefab buildings like this And those guys are Pros they obviously Do this all the time and they were to Get able to get in here even though We've got this slow we've got this Relatively small space here for them to Navigate they were able to get in there And get it done I didn't film much of Them actually doing like the leveling And the other stuff it took them about An hour and a half to kind of get the Building set and get it level they've Got a bunch of blocks underneath the

Runners that run under the building on Both sides but you know everything kind Of worked out the plan there let me give You kind of a tour of the building I'm Going to talk to you about the options We chose because we did have this custom Built for us and then we'll talk more About how we're going to use this for Christmas So we've got the front porch here which This is more just kind of like an Aesthetic I thought maybe we could Display some wreaths for sale out here Or we could maybe set up the front porch As like a little bit of a photo area I Don't know exactly what we're going to Do there yet but if nothing else this is An area where some of the workers can Kind of step in and get out of the Weather if it's rainy or something like That I think it's a nice kind of Welcoming look with the slope that we've Got here to deal with I did have to dig Out a little bit in front I'm going to Build one wooden step right there and The rest of this around it is going to Get filled in with Earth so it'll be a Nice smooth transition from the gravel Roadway into the front of the shed As we Step Up Inside Probably gonna hear some echo in here Wow and it is warm and toasty today now It's pretty mild it's in the 60s 60s Today but the sun beating down in here

Has really warmed it up so this is going To be nice in the wintertime it's going To warm up super nice And be really comfortable for all the Workers So I mentioned this building was custom We did request that the door be placed On one side of the porch and we chose The uphill side figuring that people Would be coming in most often from that Uphill Direction and coming in that door Now if they're not coming in over there They're going to come in this set of Double doors which are positioned right In the middle of this wall and we have These here so you can look right out and See the Christmas tree field out there Across the way so a couple years from Now when we're doing choose and cut this Will obviously be you know really good View out that door to go and see what's Out there we got a couple extra windows I think each building comes with two Windows standard so we've got two Windows on each side so we did have to Pay a little bit extra for the windows But there is no light in here right now And it is I'd say it's just about bright Enough to operate as a shop if we wanted To because there is just light coming in Here all all day long earlier today when The building was first delivered the sun Was actually on the other side of the Building and those other windows in the

In the windows on the doors really just Let in plenty of light we got the shed Pre-wired there's a 100 amp panel here Inside the 100 amp panel there is just One 20 amp breaker right now and that is Powering everything that's in here which Includes three lights and three Outlets We're going to want to upgrade that over Time but for this season I think it'll Do what we want to do one of our Thoughts is to have a wood stove in this Corner and then we can heat this and we Won't need to worry about running Electric heaters or propane heaters I Don't know if we'll get that to that This year or not I'm leaning towards Probably not because we got a lot to do In just a couple weeks but uh that is The plan Foreign Step out here I'm thinking I'm probably Going to do a ramp in that direction and Then steps off the back so workers can Kind of come and go in that direction Use the steps the rest of the general Public can use the ramp and gives us Good access to this big double door this Double door was another upgrade that we Paid extra for you know usually just get One door you usually get two windows we Got the extra windows we got the extra Door and my thought was this was twofold I wanted to have both entry and exit or You know so we could possibly do one-way

Traffic in the store have one door in One door out maybe but the other thing Was I wanted to have a double door in Case we wanted to get anything oversized Into the building this is going to give Us access to do that so uh I also wanted The extra light so we made sure we got Residential style doors with a nine Light Window so it matches the front Door so there's you know extra light Coming into the building with that so The building you're looking at here we Chose those options that I described we Chose all the colors the metal roofing That's on the shed was standard so we Just got to pick out a color that I Think they had nine or ten different Colors of roofing they had a number of Different colors available for the Siding and then you can choose your trim So we got the ash gray roofing we got White trim we got the barn red exterior And I think it's a good color combo I Chose that color roof because I think it Was the lightest color that they had and It gets so hot here in Virginia I wanted As much reflection off of that roof as Possible I didn't want it absorbing and Getting extra hot in there though like We felt it's already pretty warm so uh You're probably wondering what this Building cost in 2022 when we ordered This this building costs us with you Know tax delivery install everything was

All kind of included there Right around twenty thousand twenty Thousand four hundred something so Not cheap but I think this is going to Be a really good upgrade for us like I Mentioned uh I think this is going to Completely change how we operate here on The retail side this is going to become The Hub of our kind of retail activity This is going to be where we're doing Our wreath classes this is where we're Going to be storing stuff in the off Season this is just you know that There's a lot of things that we can do With this shed that we couldn't do Previously without it it's going to be So much nicer during retail season To just be able to close the door and And lock it and not have to worry about Everything that we had out in the Enclosed tents that we used last year We'll have some future videos of us Doing some work getting this ready for The season doing some finish work on the Inside making some shelves got to make Those steps make the ramp on the other Side we're going to be busy so keep up With the future videos hopefully I have Kind of the uh energy and attention to Get that stuff video for you guys Because I know how to make good videos But sometimes when I got a lot to do I Just struggle to get the videos together But uh hopefully that'll be in there you

Guys check out those future videos Thanks for watching today though hope You have a good one I'll see you on the Next video bye-bye

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