You watched us grade the last bit of soil a few weeks ago for this trailer parking pad. We used the Dirt Dog LLR 72″ Landscape Rake with gauge wheels, and it worked awesome. It was a touch oversized for the John Deere 1025R, but that was simply because of its limited 3-Pt lift capacity. It made it difficult to let go of the pile of ‘stuff’ you were just pulling. Well our friend is still borrowing our 96″ rake that we’d use on our Kubota M4D-071, so to grade this limestone gravel we’re going with the same set up. It worked, but it had its frustrations!

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Folks today we are going to show you Using a couple of tractors a big one and A small one and um I'm actually Recording this way after we've got the Video actually Chris just spliced it Together and put it on here and uh two Reasons one kind of ran out of time that Day and number two I was pretty Frustrated with how things went and I Just didn't really feel like talking so Um this is going to be kind of Reflective looking back on this project And the end result has turned out well Um but doing the project was it was just One of those days man it was just one of Those days so anyway we're going to go Through it I'll just kind of give you Some some uh you know play byplay here As we're going along and and tell you What my thoughts are and you know it can Be a challenge To talk about what's happening like Right after it right without because I'm Trying to remember everything afterwards Of what happened and so hopefully this Maybe gives some different insights as To why I did things that I did or what I Was doing or what I was trying to do and Uh and go from there so let's get into It and we'll just kind of go through This so I've got a big old parking pad Uh behind my barn we've shown you some Of that process getting it prepped and We used a big uh Dozer blade on the JCB

To peel the top soil out and then uh Scooped it all up and got that out of There and changed the grade a bit so That water would drain off it's a slight Slope don't want to be to be a huge Slope but um I intend for this to be Kind of behind the barn out of sight out Of mind and be used for just parking Storage of my trailers and if there's Extra room maybe tractors or other Equipment uh as well but I the the goal Is to have a whole turnaround around This whole building so we can just pull Right around the building and park Trailers and that kind of thing um and And not have to do any kind of Weird backing up and all that kind of Stuff to park trailers but we're using The same guy you guys have seen Tom here With bomm Excavating and Tom does a Really great job uh with material Spreading out but Tom was Frustrated on this day as well it the Material was clumpy it was not spreading Like it normally would uh there were Certain sections at at the you his Location when it was getting scooped up That were wetter and certain sections That were drier and so it was just Spreading inconsistently like what he's Normally used to which as a dump truck Operator I imagine that has to be very Frustrating so what we wound up with

Were big piles right because it just Didn't release In the manner that it normally would and So it required me to do more work Afterwards now we laid down Road fabric All right so I want to talk about that a Little bit and the first big projects That we had done putting in gravel lanes And things like that we had not used Road fabric at all and then a lot of Commenters were like hey you should Really be using geotextile you know and Uh put that stuff down there it does it Really serves a couple of purposes and That depends who you talk to there's It's a very hot topic of no it doesn't Prevent any weeds versus yes it prevents Weeds versus it really is only designed To prevent Stone from sinking down and So one of the reasons that on the first Big road project we did at my other Property is we peeled off all the top Soil because that's organic material and And stone will just sink down into that Over time if you peel it off and get to Your sand or your your substrate Underneath there then s isn't there's no Organic matter to break down and Decompose it's just a a solid stationary Material that's going to filter water Well and everything else and that's what You want to lay your stone on top of Long story short didn't want to peel all The top soil off so we're using the road

Fabric here we used it on a different Drive project and so far we've had part Of it down for about a year it has Served the purpose of keeping weeds at Bay very well and keeping Stone from Sinking down there's been a few areas Where we didn't have the fabric and you Can see where the weeds are popping up And the stone is actually sinking down So I do think from that long-term aspect Road fabric is worth it where it's Annoying is If is when you lay it down if you don't Take a ton of extra time which I didn't Take a ton of extra time to pin it down Then while this material is being Dropped on it it tends to want to pull As it's being driven over as stone is Being dumped on it and not stay in the Exact spot that it was in originally That's kind of Frustrating so long story short using The K cabota tractor with the bucket on There to just kind of take the big humps Out and spread those out somewhat um H One of the frustrating things though was The fact that it's good and bad a Gear Drive tractor it just wants to go go go It has a lot of torque in it that's Really good in a lot of Scenarios in this scenario with loose Stone in there when it encountered some Resistance And it didn't want to move forward and

Just sat there and tried to gain Traction and dig in a hole while it Wound up going right through all the Crush Limestone right down into the road Fabric and ripping that up and kind of Pulling all the road fabric around it And making a big mess out of that so That was that was a headache in and of Itself and one of the downsides of using Road fabric is if you didn't have it you Wouldn't have to deal with that and in The grand scheme of things I would have Loved to use this cabota for the entire Project but I did not have my bigger Rake available to me at the time and so What I did have is a 72in landscape rake that had gauge Wheels on it and we used that to kind of Do a final grade on the dirt before the The stone all came In and that's what I was going to be Using again was that 72in rake on my 1025r and again the downside with that Is that rig is too big realistically for The 1025r the 3point on the 1025 doesn't Have enough lift height so you can't Really get the rake above the ground Enough now if you had a hydraulic top Link on there so that you could Quickly shorten it and lengthen it like On the fly every time you're done with The pass you could probably get by with It then at that point but with a manual Topl Ling even with the easy wheel it

Would have just taken way too long to Shorten and lengthen as much as it Needed to and as often as I needed to Now in the grand scheme of Things this went pretty well it the rake Pulled along just fine behind the 1025r It was really anytime that there was a Hump that it wouldn't get over it I had To be very careful with how I turned and With how I backed up and went forward With the 1025 R because I could not go Over piles of stone I had to like Maneuver The Rake around them the other Downside was when I would go off of the Stone to the regular ground and then Come back on I had to be very careful to Not catch the landscape fabric I mean it Was it was very frustrating and at the End of the day and I've done this now Since this video has been over I Actually had Tom come back and top dress The whole thing with another couple of Inches of Stone it just was too marginally thin And while this isn't going to be driven On a Lot there's still going to be times Where you're turning tractor tires on it Or where you're turning truck tires on There and you're going to be kind of Digging down and compressing all that Stone and I just don't want to run into That fabric right I just want to avoid That at all cost and so partway through

Though I realized let's see if we can Adjust these gauge wheels a little bit More I had started to snag the landscape Fabric here and there and that was super Frustrating every time you do it it's Just like oh I I I the annoyance level Was High so I adjusted those gauge wheels so That they were allowing the rake to go Down the minimal amount possible which Was still a decent amount and again part Of this is because the rake is Oversized boy it's pretty satisfying to Watch though on video I'll tell you that And I bounc back and forth between Having the rake run perfectly straight And offsetting a little Bit you can see in some of these areas How close I am to that fabric and also How much of a struggle it is to to deal With those piles of stone now the cool Thing is you can run these rakes Backwards run forwards you can pivot Them Around they're great for trail Maintenance they're great for projects Like This I think with gauge wheels you could Use it you got the neighbor shooting Guns it's rifle season's coming up Before too long so they're they're Getting sighted in I appreciate that That way they don't shoot me when it's Rifle season hit their target I love

Living in the country though shoot your Guns whenever you want yeah let's just Watch this bad boy work see what happens See the struggles See the Limitations at the end of the day though Little tractors can get bigger jobs done This parking pad's 40 foot by 90t too Keep that in Mind [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] No [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rimgard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rimgard Include being the heaviest allnatural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's

Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh oh man yeah this is is that's when I Snagged the road Fabric or the Geotextile really bad that Was man heart's racing now just that's Annoying but that's one of the reasons I Wanted more material on There yeah it's Frustrating but it's buried deep now It's still going to serve the purpose And again this a onetime thing right

You're doing an Install little hiccups are bound to Happen just deal with them and roll with It and move on I mean this total project Chris what do you think that took to Spread all that material I think the Whole thing was an hour an hour so using The cabota and the 1020 yeah an hour to Spread out smooth out a 90x 40 pad again The the Real Time Savings is is getting A guy who can tailgate and this was I'm Not knocking Tom it was a material it Was tough material to spread today or That day but having a guy who can do it Like Tom can that saves a ton of work if You can avoid having big po PES of Material dropped off you are saving a Boatload of time by having uh by begging Your driver to tailgate it like that it Makes it it's just a huge Time Savings Now one of the things I like to use for Big Projects is a skid steer and man my old 333g would have had this done in a Heartbeat but I like to show tractor Attachments now thing is I don't have That 333g anymore but I do have A JCB 3ts 8 Tellis kid and that thing Sometimes it works and now is not that Time though and in Fact while we're talking here it's it's Been uh that boom hasn't raised it's got 31 hours on it which I know is a that's A high hour machine right but 31 hours

And it's now it hasn't been able to lift The Boom for about 3 weeks and I called JCB yesterday on that I was like hey This where you at on getting this fixed And they hadn't they hadn't looked at it Yet understandably all their texts were On vacation and and uh you know doing Other things so good thing it's not like A contractor that needs this thing day In and day Out be a tough tough pill to swallow Tell your customers yeah skid steer down For boom won't lift it's it's basically Brand new it's 10-month old tell us good Good job JCB so finishing this thing off by going Backwards again I just think this shows The versatility of a landscape Rake so cool great control not too Aggressive unless you want it to be or If your three-point doesn't raise high Enough just get a buttery smooth finish On there this will settle in it's it's Rained a few times already that helps Kind of pack it down it's been driven Out a bit but you could compact this I Haven't driven a compactor on any of my Gravel it's just all naturally Hardo sound like that one hit the target It's just all naturally harden up on its Own he just got to give it time this is Just residential I'm not building a Public road boy I don't know at the end Of the day I think I did a pretty good

Job well folks that'll do it for us Today I actually enjoyed that looking at That project getting it Done it was it was still frustrating When I snag that fabric and some of the Other stuff and I totally get it but in Grand scheme of things small potatoes I I I am still glad I put that road fabric Down where we're standing just about Here is going to be the last leg of this Whole huge project That's several thousand feet I think Overall linear feet of road gravel that We're putting in all over the place and Uh it's been a lot of fun it's going to Be kind of sad to have it over With and we've shown you a variety of Tools doing stuff and I was actually Going to show you we got a a 4 inone Bucket SL pulverizer from ironcraft I Was planning to show you guys that Ripping this up to do one of the last Legs on the Turnaround again I just need that JCB to Actually work which is I don't know I Mean for 105 Grand if you if it works Some of the time I guess that's pretty Good but we may have to use a different Tool just to get it done before the Winter Comes but if you're looking for Something for your tractor or your skid Steer we sell tractor attachments skid Steer attachments for the front end

Loader three-point hitch on the tractors Blowers snow pushers tillers grapples Pallet Forks power AES he's still Shooting man he's going to be accurate This hunting season well you can get Them all from goodworkstractors decom We Sell and ship all over the country even Tractors some of these tractors are for Sale too I just demo them and try them Out and show you guys what they're about But we can put together a package for You goodworkstractors tocom I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh

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