So we're going to be doing some video on This one here soon this is the Self-powered sweep allall now we've Shown you some videos on that guy right There the green one that's a PTO powered Version for threo hitches and tractors Now you can still put this behind a Tractor but you can also put it behind a Zero turn even or an ATV or a UTV and Pull it along has a battery there Self-powered now this has electric Controls to raise and lower the brush Height control the brush speed um turn It on and off and we even got the Optional scissor lift now these things Are lawn sweepers but on steroids that Really doesn't do the name Justice you Can pick up all kinds of nuts pine cones Acorns rock and stone construction sites Municipalities uses golf courses goose Poop you name it now you can save 5% With code GWT you get it from sweep all All right they're going to ship it right To you an incredible product this is Commercial grade they're pricey but they Are awesome and a huge timesaver for the Right people

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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