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A man breaks into a home all the lights Are off so when he gets through the Window he turns on his flashlight out of The dark a voice says Jesus is watching You the thief freaks out and turns off His flashlight after a few minutes he Regains his nerves and starts looking Around again when he picked up a CD Player to put it in his pack a strange Voice came again Jesus is watching you When he heard nothing more after a bit He shook his head and reminded himself After this he can take a nice long Vacation then he clicked on his Flashlight and looked around for some More valuables just as he pulled the Stereo out so he could disconnect the Wires he heard the voice again Jesus is Watching you freaked out he shot his Flashlight around looking for where the Voice was coming from finally in the Corner of the room he spotted a parrot Did you say that he asked the parrot yep The parrot confessed I'm just trying to Warn you the burglar relaxed warned me Of who and who in the world are you Moses the bird replied Moses the burglar Laughed what kind of people would name Their bird Moses the same kind of people That would name their Rottweiler Jesus You're welcome Thank you We're going to that corner yeah Ready yeah

I hope so A few lift yours No area all right yeah Keep getting out of it Ah 20 inch work so good so what's the Height on that drinking There's 15 inches Good enough what did I say 20 I think so I think you said 20 will work Yeah the trim's wide so Yeah we'll just try to keep me Self-steady eh Straight cut Got lots of trim Left me what I would do is uh take that Outside of the barn and uh that was done It gets inside also he's hold up to work Vertically yeah no need to hold on for Like that might land on a screw uh get On a screw there just gonna wreck a Drywall but you know I'm professional I've been doing it for 75 years You know I'm just good at this stuff and You're an idiot Whatever you know You actually are an idiot oh yeah I know That about that Nice that looks fine looks good lucky For you you got a professional drywaller In the house yeah okay set it up real Good all right oh yeah that one that Word Yeah that scene will be a lot better And with my tape

Wise Tennessee Okay yeah oh it's really close to the uh Really close to the wall yeah I thought So how many inches away you bigger What that's a giant difference Holy crap my stomach just growled like Massively yeah Yeah I got it It's a five to ten inch Gap was easy for You to figure out yeah I guess we could throw another one a pet Scene too right I'm all excited to eat I'm pretty sure when I put this on at Our last place I used a paintbrush and Not a roller but I just wanted to try a Small roller and see how it would work I don't know Maybe I could do the first Toe with this And then the next coat with just the Paintbrush to get in these little holes Not sure Glad I'm doing it before the ceiling's On I'd have to tape a lot Alright so this is it done behind me I Like it a lot better with the dark color So what we're going to do here where the Two pieces come together we're going to Use the same trim that we had used in The other bedroom so it'll just go like This And I think that'll look really nice

We'll use this same trim over on the Drywall on the opposite sides of me and It'll be the same that goes in the Corners like we did in the other bedroom Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign I'm just gonna wait until we collect a Little bit more and then we'll start Boiling over there on the boiler that'll Be exciting we just want to have a lot So it's worth firing it up and boiling For the day you just get it all done in One day should be soon All right not sure if you can tell here But see right there The chimney Is coming off so that's bad So we've had different people asking if The 412 pitch is going to be okay with The snow we get here and there's there's Lots of places around here with the 412 Pitch what you do like if you saw when We built it it's really strapped heavily It's two by four strapping 16 on centers Or 24 incenters on the whole thing to go Along underneath that metal so it's Really built up really strong so it can Handle really heavy snow load so so That's not the problem but what anyways On the last place we had the chimney was In the center so it went up right by the

Peak So when the snow came on it you know no Problems at the peak there's really Nothing that can build up there but here Where it's on the outside wall The chimney you know comes up so long so It's above the peak because it has to be That way for the draft and everything But it didn't take into account is that Ice and buildup coming down into the Chimney I mean I mean I don't want to Blame it I had somebody install that Because we wanted it wet certified so Installed properly problem is like I Kind of wish that he had it done enough That he would have said something like That to me and not putting it on him Because I should have thought of it too But you know when you get it installed I Figured like Somebody who's done it a lot like that Would have been like hey Just make sure there's a good chance That something you know put some snow Catchers blockers above it or something Anyways still That's what I should have thought of too I just Just I guess I put too much Responsibility on the person who put it In so I got to make sure that I get I'm Assuming some snow blockers about that For next year but I gotta get that fixed So I gotta get a hold of uh

Buddy put it in there And help me get that sorted out but I Don't think I can do that yet because All that ice I mean ice is really thick So you can't even get that off yet so There it is so we can't use that right Now we have the kerosene heater inside For now that'll keep it like warm and Then we just shut it off crack a window And Let that heat the place up and shut it Off luckily we're coming into spring so We should be past the really cold Weather it's still below zero at night But Yeah so that's lots of fun it's nice to See isn't it So in here You can see up there that's like coming Right off so it's actually separated if We were gonna light a fire at this point There'd just be smoke coming in here And it's dripping right in behind there We got just a something catching water For now and then you can see A little bit of water on the insulation In front of that so Once that gets off the roof I guess Basically I'll probably have to Go in the attic and swap out the Hopefully not too much insulation Hopefully it's just a little piece there And anyways maybe bulk that up to make That stronger and then put the snow

Catchers and stuff above and maybe even I've seen chimneys where They tie it back to the roof too like a Couple braces like to the roof to hold That so really get that sorted it kind Of looked like Might have did it a little quick I felt like when we saw because I've Seen them put in before right but you Know whatever there's definitely things That weren't taken into account to Secure it so that's it anyways we have To get it sorted out to check out what We bought on To get it delivered right to our Firemounts a new barbecue so when we Bought our Farmhouse which is actually Almost gonna be two years ago now Not quite We it was all barbecue that we Had was left there anyways we've been Moving it around a lot and it being Super old the burners basically crumbled And it's no good anymore so we Took it to its Bitter End as long as we Could use it but now we need a new one So but we're gonna put it together now Pretty cool like ordered it and Delivered right to the door so that was Pretty neat I think it was free shipping Too because it was like over a certain Price at the time yeah sometimes that's That happens Anyways we're gonna throw this together

Today it's like who doesn't like any Barbecue like hundred percent can't wait It's been years since we had new very Cute we've been using those little ones Yeah yeah anyways yeah Thank you Foreign 14 hours later here it is yeah we got Ourselves a barbecue yeah Now we gotta Cook something on it yep I'm hungry all Right so the reason we only put up that One sheet of drywall and then the little Piece over on the top here is because we Already had that laying around here so Those were extra when we bought the Drywall for Sam's room right over on the Other side of us so since they were Already in this room it was pretty easy To just put them up so now we're gonna Have to go to the store and pick up the Rest we need approximately five more Sheets to finish this wall so like the Top and the bottom here then that wall There to the other side of me five Sheets should do it so we'll have to get That the other day our plumber friend Came over and was able to fix that Shower if you remember when we Originally had them come and do all of Our plumbing they ran the shower valves To where you like turn it on and off and Stuff into the wrong spot so it would Have actually come out right in like the

Corner of our shower where there was Like soap dishes and stuff it totally Didn't work with the shower we had Purchased so he just came and he moved That for us so we'll be able to as soon As this room's done actually go on to The bathroom and get working on that Which is awesome it's like such a relief To know that that's done and we'll be Able to actually set up our shower now So that's really cool so we'll have to Head to the store really before we can Do much more here other than me just Patching patching some holes Thank you Sounds sounds like it yeah Let's see how this sits in here Okay Hopefully we got enough propane This is our saffron pan Don't leak okay They smell good Foreign Foreign Thank you

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