This is Not Your Average Rock Bucket

Artillian Rock bucket wit double grapples on a John Deere 2038R

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I just took delivery of a new Grapple option and I want to kind of Compare it to the other grapples I've Got this is a dedicated grapple from Artian they call it the Iron Fist it's Got a really big opening and can close Down on smaller material it's got two Clamps And slotted bottom on It this is my other grapple option for The tractor it's called an add a grapple It Bolts onto your bucket when you just Want to use the bucket it swivels out of The way but then anytime you've got it You don't have to switch it attachments So for instance I'm moving some dirt Around I just want to grab one log or Whatever I really like the convenience Of having a grapple on my bucket so this Is a skid steer Rock grapple it's got a Really long bottom and it's got these Slats all the way across so you can sift Rocks out of the dirt I thought man That'd be a great Rock bucket I kind of Had been wanting a rock bucket but the Fact it doesn't have a side right here Makes it better for logs but worse as a Rock bucket cuz if when you start Shaking all this if you got a bunch of Material in here you'll see a quite a Bit of your rocks will shake out the Side so this is the artian rock bucket And if you look at the bottom of it and

The the design and the way the slats are It looks a lot like the Skid Steer Grapple and the only difference is that These sides come up a little bit higher So today we're going to put artillian Grapples on it so this is what our clamp Looks like it looks like the original Artian grapple the top of this grapple Is a square tubing that fits right in Here you got a backer plate and four Bolts okay setup was really easy when I Got the first email from artian letting Me know that they were making a rock Bucket with grapples I wasn't sure what I would think of it but the more I look At this the more I think this is just Like my Skid Steer Grapple I can use it As a rock bucket or I can use it as a Grapple it gives it a lot of Versatility So in a minute we'll go use it as a rock Bucket but first I wanted to test it as A grapple if you don't have money for a Grapple and a rock bucket you can only Get one or the other this can kind of Serve as both but how does it do as a Grapple I can already tell you it it's got a Similar shape to the add a grapple on The the tractor bucket and that works Pretty well for logs and brush but I'm Going to test it on these logs right Here real quick this first log will be a Real good test because that is at my Lift capacity on the tractor I could

Just barely get it up to the height of The trailer rails if my trailer was 2 in Taller I couldn't have used it so that Means that log weighs about 12 or 1300 Lb [Applause] On I dug a huge tree stump out of here with The skid steer and it upturned all these Rocks and I knew I was getting the Grapples for this rock bucket I said I'm Just going to leave this area a mess Until that comes in let's see if we can Sift some of the rocks out of this [Music] Dirt Couple questions that people always want The answer to on a product like this is What does it cost and how heavy it it so I'll do my best to try to answer those Questions but keep in mind prices change Over time and it could literally be Different tomorrow so this will just be A point of Reference the rock bucket is around $1,500 and there are different prices on The grapples depending on if you buy Them with the rock bucket but if you buy Two of these grapples with the rock Bucket they're $800 a piece So that makes the total price of the Unit the way you see it around $3,100 that's a lot of money but this is A premium product and honestly I think a

Lot of people seem to underestimate what The average cost of a grapple is I see a Lowend probably low quality grapple Starting around $2,000 and they can go way way beyond That for $5,000 So kind of in that mid price range and Like I said earlier if you're comparing This to the cost of getting a grapple And a rock bucket then you're saving a Lot of money because you can't get Separate grapple and rock bucket Combination for 3100 now in terms of the weight this Unit the way you see it weighs 340 Lb that's a little bit heavier year I Think the average grapple might be Around 250 lb now if you're on a tractor With a high lift capacity of like 2500 Lbs you're probably not going to care Too much about that little bit of extra Weight now if you have one of the Smaller subc compacts that can only lift 8 or 900 lb then you might be trying to Conserve every ounce but I think for Most of us this is not going to be too Heavy and of course you'll need some Type of third function hydraulics and a Splitter because there are two grapples And all of that is available from Artillian as Well [Music] So I didn't spend a whole lot of time

Working on this there's still a rock Right here but you can see it does work As a rock bucket the only so one thing I Just learned from my second time using This rock bucket is don't fill your Bucket if you get a bucket this deep With wet dirt you're going to shake that For 10 minutes trying to get the dirt to Fall out but if you just skim a small Amount I had a couple trips where I just Took a little bit and that worked so Much better the dirt just Falls right Out so that's a simple little learning Thing the second thing is I've been on Some tractors where when you curl back Just by wiggling the joystick right There you can get it to go pop pop pop And and really jiggle and vibrate and Mine doesn't mine moves really slowly on The curl dump function and I can only Shake it hard enough to get the dirt to Fall out by going up and down and that's Just the difference in the tractor Nothing I can do about it but man the More I think about it the more I think I'm going to love this piece of Equipment I think it would be a perfect Trail clearing tool where maybe you've Got little sticks and twigs and leaves And stuff all over the place you can Scoop that up and it'll sift out the Little stuff and just let that fall Through as your taking it to dump it but You can also carry big logs so I think

I'm really going to like this I Appreciate you taking time to watch this Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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