Is are you rolling is this rolling is This are we on TV right now is this live This broken wire right here is totally My fault but this is small potatoes Compared to this other gentleman that Emailed me recently he's got a broken Tractor for sale so this guy here that's My problem okay so I installed a summit Diverter on here a few years ago and um I don't know what the heck I was doing But I did not strap that thing up and Kind of secure it the way that I should Have and so that cable that wire was Hanging down and at some point recently They got snagged and it tore right off So I've got a repair job to do on the 1025r and so this is a crazy one of Those things that just happens that You just can't plan for this kind of Thing right and so this gentleman emails Me and says hey I've got a tractor ran away down a hill Rammed into a tree both the rear axles Are broken off of it He was able to get a brand new tractor And take his loader and swap it out to The brand new 1025r he still loves a 1025r But now he's got a tractor that's kind Of in pieces and shambles only 280 hours On it you know and I've had some of my Own pain over the years especially back When I I bought and sold a lot of used Equipment I I've mentioned this story

Before the John Deere 2320 and you know I own that machine for like an hour's Worth of time on it and you know kind of Went through checked everything out Everything was good to go a customer had Come and actually handed me a check and Purchased that tractor but he couldn't Pick it up for a while like a week or Something until he was in his new place Or had a trailer or whatever it was so Anyway I was just moving that piece of Equipment around to get it out of the Way when all of a sudden it stopped Working If you know the 2320 and a couple other Models as well that U-joint back there On the on the drive shaft will go there Weren't um instructions on how to grease That or that you needed to grease it uh There weren't zerks on the earlier Generation of the earlier model years of That and anyway catastrophic failure Sheared off inside the transaxle housing About a 4 500 repair a thousand of that Which was parts and the rest was Labor To disassemble and then reassemble and So for me I weighed both options I Weighed paying the 4 500 to fix that and Then sell it and get whatever I could Out of it or discounting the price down And selling it as is and and kind of Fingers crossed hoping for somebody I I Positioned it in a way that is this is a Great deal I made it enticing enough to

Be a great deal for somebody who is Handy and has the time to pay just a Thousand dollars in parts and then There's that Gap there right there's a 3 500 that's kind of Flexible right how much is your time Worth and and so essentially I lost less Money selling it in as is condition Versus if I would have Had it all fixed and sold it in fully Working condition I just disclosed Everything folks really quick if you Haven't done so yet hit that subscribe Button down below if you are enjoying Today's video we want you to tag along And if you own a tractor then you need Attachments we'd love to help you out Check out we sell And ship all over the country every day Of the week and so this was fairly Recently okay and so just so you guys Know if you want to reach out and Contact me anybody that's interested I Told them I kind of help him Um get rid of the the broken tractor on However he decides to sell it now if I Don't respond to you and it's down the Road in the future sometime I mean this Is going to sell pretty quickly okay Whether he sells the whole thing off or Sells it in Parts but so don't take Offense of that this is this is a end of 2022 time frame right now so if you Email me in 2024

It's long gone okay but anyway His repair unlike mine that was forty Five hundred dollars was eleven thousand Five hundred dollars Three pair the rear end of this tractor Eleven thousand five hundred dollars I I Almost can't believe that and I don't Know the breakdown between the parts and The labor but um That's like That's like I don't know 70 or something The cost of the base the base tractor Itself uh That's outrageous anyway so you know he Asked what what he should do right just Looking for just looking for people's Opinions and so I said well I mean the Easiest thing would be to sell it just As is when one lump sum and to sell it Off and explain what the issue is and What the estimated repairs are and if You can get a breakdown on the cost for Parts versus labor then again you can Kind of do what I did and maybe we can Minimize your losses there I think if You wanted to maximize the amount of Revenue he could get out of it he could Scavenge the whole thing right just Separate out the wheels and the tires he Could even take the hood the seat the Three-point arms just what is this a Public PSA Three-point arms okay if you guys are Buying a used John Deere one series with

A backhoe on it make sure you get the Three-point arms with it because they Are a They're a fortune to get if you have to Get Replacements so they're not going to Be on the three-point hitch if you have The backhoe on here they come off so ask Whoever you're buying it from if they Have the three-point arms that go along With it and if they don't Find out how much it currently costs and Negotiate that into the deal but anyway Most folks don't want to go through that Right they don't want to have to deal You weren't planning on you're not Looking to become a junkyard right and Scavenge things off and sell them on EBay or Facebook Marketplace one by one So that's what I would do but I thought It's worth talking about number one Because I don't really know where There's many tractor graveyards around There especially for newer You know I don't know I mean 2000 year 2000 and newer tractors I don't know if There's enough of them that are out There because most of them are probably Still in existence you see you know the Old stuff right you know from the 30s 40s 50s 60s all that kind of thing but The new stuff you don't really see any Of that but if there's if there's a Location out there or multiple locations That are great resources for folks to

Find replacement parts You know it's a new wheel from a scrap Yard from something that got rolled or Whatever that'd be great information for Folks to know so leave a comment down Below well anyway I figure I I suppose I Should tell you what happened and so I Had to ask him to get more detail and uh Pretty pretty simple story really he Says we were blowing leaves with the Tractor the operator backed up to align With the Royal to use and when he went To the forward pedal the axle broke and Away he went like down the hill I guess I am curious if he was sitting on the Tractor this whole time that would be Really crazy he says I wish I could have Figured out why this happened or what I May have done to cause it he sends Another photo showing the oil trail from The point of failure when the axle broke So like up on top of the hill one of the Axles broke off at that point Went down the hill whacked a tree and The other one broke off folks we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and

Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at Anyway so to sum it up he says this Tractor was serviced regularly as stated In the owner's manual and was in great Condition with 280 hours oh it was a 2013 model year and it does have a 60 Inch mower deck with it as well so I Actually look to see if it might have Had wheel spacers on it because that's Always an interesting topic of Conversation on you know how much the The spacers really stress the rear axles There's no wheel spacers on that of Course it just seemed to be some sort of Fluke accident that happened there I do Feel like eleven thousand five hundred Dollars is Is Extreme I don't know maybe I I'm just Not up with the times right now but that Seems like highway robbery to replace That rear end Um so yeah Take that for what you will I thought That was a just one of those things that Happens right and I don't know maybe Insurance hopefully insurance covered That for him

Good question for homeowners insurance Policies to to see what is covered on There for completely freak accidents Like that that happen but again I'd like To know Where do you go to find a new hood for Your tractor right I mean I I've seen Them on eBay I mean you can get you can Get them from Deer right but if you're You're always looking for cheaper Alternatives and there'd be a great a Great demand for that I have to assume Out there if there was something well Known and Consolidated for folks to go To but on that note if you do go the Brand new OEM route well then one of our Discount Club Partners 247 is One of the biggest online John Deere Dealers in the world and you can save Money off your order with code GWT on Their website so that's pretty much it For today folks but I I think it's worth Mentioning I I love the 1025r and and This could happen to any tractor it Could be an orange tractor green tractor Blue Tractor Red Tractor whatever it is Freak things happen out there and That's you know that's just part of life Right so you got to roll with it but I Hope you enjoyed today's video if you Want to see more we want you to tag Along hit that subscribe button down Below it is completely free and if You're looking for something for your

Tractor an attachment for the front end Loader or the three-point hitch but we Can probably help you out check out Goodworks we sell and ship All over the country every day of the Week I want to thank you for taking time Out of your day to stop by and until Next time stay safe we'll see you soon [Music] All right [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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