Keep it simple sucker The kiss principle at its finest we're Talking about a snow Pusher right here Folks It's my favorite piece of snow removal Equipment I know it's not for everybody We all have our own favorites right but This one is mine And that kiss principle is really what It comes down to that's like the motto Of my life right because if you follow My channel for any length of time If there's a way to have an issue with Something I find it unintentionally so Let's take you through this today but Most importantly we're gonna do a Giveaway all right we're gonna give away One of these snow pushers we're going to Tell you more about that how you can win How you can get entered later on in the Video and if you've already bought one Or you're thinking about buying one Don't worry for many of you there's a Way to be included as well so stick Around so I really do want simple you Know when it's when it's dark outside When the snow is just blowing in your Face when it's just cold and dreary I Don't want to be out there dealing with Problems I just want to get the job done And get back inside and so unlike a Snowplow or a snow blower you have no Moving Parts on a snow Pusher you have No shoot to clog up you have no hoses to

Leak or break besides your quick attach There's no other hydraulic or electric Connections required and you don't have To stock up on sheer bolts because this Thing doesn't use them and pushers don't Care about the type of snow they're Going to handle dry fluffy snow in the Wet heavy snow it could be two inches of Cleanup or two foot of deep snow any Driveway surface can be cleared it could Be gravel asphalt concrete or pavers now Now there's a lot of pushers on the Market they come at a lot of different Price points in fact we compared a Couple of the most popular ones with Frontier and Land Pride last year but Let me tell you all the reasons why HLA Is the one you want to get it's going to Be a completely bolt together design From your frame so if you need to change It out from a jdqa to an ssqa the Replaceable wear points including the Back Drag the skid Runners the cutting Edges both on the back drag and the main Cutting Edge all these are replaceable The cutting edges are reversible too Unlike virtually every other back drag On the market which is this big hunk of Steel on top it closes off the box when You roll it forward to pull snow away From it could be a building your garage Doors a retaining wall a parked car Whatever it is it's going to fully trap It inside there unlike most of the

Others on the market that are only Somewhere in the four to six inch range And leave a lot to be desired a huge Visual difference that you'll see Between an HLA Pusher and something else On the market is going to be the lack of Cross bracing between the side plates And the back plate there's no need for That they do a double side wall plate And the lack of cross bracing means that You're not going to trap piles of snow In those Corners it's going to fully Release out of there if you look close You're going to see the back wall of the Snow Pusher is actually rolled or it's Curved radius forward it's not going to Be vertical like most of the others out There what this does is it allows that Snow to keep rolling forward and make it A lot easier to push the snow especially With larger loads and we have thousands Of these pushers out there in the market So if you're watching this and you own One we'd love to know what you think About it me standing here looking at This it's just built like a tank it's Very robust it's very Stout you're just Not going to damage this thing here but Those of you that have them I'd love to Know what your first impressions are When it showed up in your driveway and Besides pushers we also sell snow plows And snow blowers snow pushers are going To be the cheapest option as well and

That's partially because of the the Simplicity of it all right there aren't Those moving Parts there's no gearboxes There's there's no hydraulics on there There's just nothing else that's needed And so it helps keep that price point Down as well and so to get all that Versatility at the cheapest price point For snow removal well that's hard to Beat hey folks a little reminder if you Enjoyed today's video we want you to tag Along subscribe down below 75 percent of You guys watching are not subscribed yet What are you waiting for and if you own A tractor and you need something for it Give us a shot see what we have to offer Go to we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week now I'm a realist I do Understand that everybody's situation is Different you know with a pusher or a Plow you need to have a place to pile The snow and not everybody does if You're in very tight quarters and we've Done all sorts of tips too you know if You can plan ahead and you do have the Space don't stack up that snow on the Edge of your driveway push it back as Far as you possibly can so you can Handle the snow load all winter long now Don't get me wrong snow blowers are Awesome I mean I love this this pull Type snowboard we have but seldom do you See me without a pusher on the front of

One of my tractors they're just so Versatile and so great for you know it And that's the difference between a plow And a pusher in my opinion one of the Big differences is you can do a long Driveway with either one of these you're Going to have windrows left over with Either one of those tools as well the Difference with a pusher is the fact That those cleanup passes with the Windrows they're staying trapped inside The Pusher whereas a plow you're just Constantly pushing a windrow over and Over until it's cleared off the driveway That's really annoying so it just makes It more efficient with a pusher to Tackle those cleanup passes but speaking Of blowers a lot of folks It's really nice to have a front mount Snowblower right but if you do that it's Not an easy process to take that blower Off put your loader back on if you need To use it and then reverse that whole Process to go back to the blower setup In the middle of winter it's a it's a Time consuming thing we don't have Endless amounts of time on our hands and A lot of folks want the convenience of Being able to swap attachments quickly They need their tractor with their Loader on it year round and so a pusher Attaches right to your loader arms and You need a quick attach a John Deere Quick attacher a skid steer quick attach

But then you can go from your bucket to Your forks to your pusher to your Grapple to your bail spear back and Forth whatever you need to do plus for a Front mount blower you do have to have a Mid-mount PTO or a mid PTO to run up Front and operate that you'll see we do Have an option back there for a pull Type snow blower or you can get a Traditional rear-facing snow blower Every tractor out there these days has a Three-point hitch in the rear PTO we've Even compared these against buckets Themselves and and a lot of pros and Cons either way obviously you already Have a bucket so that's undoubtedly Cheaper but a lot of folks start out With a bucket and realize it's just not The right tool you know with a pusher You just kind of push that pile where You want just kind of lift the loader up A little bit and it stays right in place With a bucket every single pass you're Pushing it forward you have to raise it Up rock it Out Shake all that snow out Of there and then reset it down and and Repeat the process over and over so There's just a huge efficiency Difference between a bucket and a pusher Among a lot of other differences as well Setup is really easy on the snow Pusher They're going to come with a frame Already bolted on but there are three Three positions so depending on how your

Your loader Hydraulics are set up every Machine is a bit different you have Three different mounting positions just To get to the right angle of The Sweet Spot I don't think most folks have to Mess with that but it's there just in Case the skid Runners on the side each Side are going to be slotted up and down And this is really how you control Well whether your main Edge is making Contact with the plowing surface or not So if you're going to be on a paved Surface asphalt concrete pavers whatever Typically you want to be able to ride Right along the ground and and clear the Snow as clean as you possibly can I Would avoid a steel Edge and steel Runners if you can if you can opt for Those options The uhmw the hard plastic runners are Going to protect your driveway They're going to be quiet they're not Going to leave rust marks plastic or the Uhmw edges are going to do the same Thing quiet they scrape very well They're not going to leave rust marks They're not going to be black marks Either a very durable very long lasting Material rubber is an option as well for The Cutting Edge not nearly as good as a Hard plastic but still an option and Just a quick reminder it is in our Listings as well the uhmw we cut these Strips to length but we just don't have

The manpower to install it but it's easy For you to do so you just if you have Tools that can cut a piece of wood and Drill a hole in a piece of wood You're good to go with uhmw you just Line it up here the pre-drilled holes Just line those up to your template Drill a hole add some Hardware on and You're good to go folks we are proud to Be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at All right now to that giveaway okay so Here we go folks we've done these before So I think a lot of you guys are Familiar with the process but we're Going to back date this all the way to July 1st 2022. that's it it's as far Back as we're going July 1st 2022 so Even if you bought a pusher all the way

Back to that date you can still get Entered in this drawing we are going to Give away a 54 inch setup all right so Anything above that you got to pay the Difference but a 54 inch setup however You want it if you want the the Back Drag and the usmw if you want the works You know decked out with uhmw in a Back Drag more power to you if you want steel Because you have gravel that's great how You enter is you leave the comment Down Below in this video we are going to let This run all the way through January 31st there's 31 days in January yeah Yeah good good yeah 20 23. that's the Upcoming year all right so you got a While to get entered and again if you Already bought a snow pusher July 1st 2022 and forward is good if you're Thinking about buying a snow Pusher now Go for it leave a comment in this video And you could be selected to be Reimbursed but you do need to live in The lower 48 states U.S only all right Sorry Canadians you guys are great you Know your snow but 48 U.S states only All right lately there's been some folks That are trying to take the fun out of This whole process and it's we're not Going to contact you Until after January 31st we're going to Reply to the winner with how to contact Us directly is going to be at so if you get a

A reply from text me on telegram or some Random phone number that you need to Text them on we're going to ask you to Email us and go through a verification Process there's not going to be any Extra cost to you like some surcharge or Something goofy or whatever it is that They're going to come up with and try to Scam you so just ignore those and report Them for us and because of all those Stupid scammers out there we are going To contact you and we got to go through A verification process to make sure you Are who you say you are we've actually Had folks that we've had multiple times Where there's been three or four folks That say Hey I'm the guy that just won And they and it's it's you know anyway We're trying to keep this fun all right So just bear with us we're doing the Best we can here so to get more Information on one of these snow pushers Or a snow blower or any other Attachments for your tractor check out Our website if You want to be in the know about future Giveaways or you just enjoy watching Tractor videos we want you to tag along Hit that subscribe button down below It's completely free to you I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause]

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