THIS IS WHY YOU WANT A SNOW PUSHER. #tractors #snowremoval #madeincanada

Folks let me make a case for the best Snow removal attachment for your tractor The kiss principle at its finest no Moving Parts no extra connections no Shoots the clog no Shear bolts to break And no hoses to leak it's good for dry Fluffy snow wet heavy snow two inches of Cleanup two feet of deep stuff great for Gravel asphalt concrete or pavers what Makes this HLA Pusher better than the Rest there's no cross braces on the Inside to trap snow a rolled back to Propel snow forward making it easier on Your tractor the huge fully enclosed Back Drag I haven't seen another one Like this great to roll your pusher Forward and pull snow away from a Retaining wall a garage door or a parked Car all the wear points are replaceable And the bolts we got to design allows For flexibility as your needs change and Maybe best of all it's cheaper than a Plow or a snow blower so for all these Reasons it's no wonder this is our Number one snow removal attachment we Sell every year so get yours at we ship all over The country every day of the week [Music]

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