This Machine has it All – 7 Upgrades I wish My Tractor Had

Foreign [Applause] [Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm here with my new friend Waldo he Is a regular viewer of the channel and I've drove up here to look at a few Things that he has that I don't on my Tractor do a little comparison between Some of these features and then we've Got a couple other projects we're going To do too how long have you had your Tractor just shy of a month now and You had a bigger tractor before that Right yeah I had a 5065 and I Did not need a tractor quite that big For five acres and it was pretty Destructive to the yard so Ended up downsizing to get a more better Fit for my needs people have a tendency To say like bigger is always better and That's not necessarily the case and he Actually said from watching a lot of my Videos and some of some of the other YouTube channels that realized that 2038 Is pretty capable So let's take a look at some of the the Differences between my tractor and yours And the first thing as I walked up Obviously it doesn't have the cab so It's going to feel weird as I run this And test out some of these features to Be on this tractor without a cab but the First thing I noticed is that seems like

A really versatile Tire Choice to me Radial r3s is what John Deere calls them So I can absolutely say I would love to Have these tires instead of the ones I Have looked like a really versatile Option and they're actually a little bit Taller too with the radial tire I think It's even a little stronger a little Stronger you can run a little over air Pressure gets you a bigger compact patch Just kind of like the vehicle the tires On your vehicle so it'll give a smoother Ride if they're aired down a little bit Without it being an issue of bottoming Out or causing Rin damage is is my Understanding and I just took a Measurement on his tires and they're at Least two or three inches taller than Mine So that's another benefit I'd love to Switch to these but I think you actually Have to buy new rims to do it he's got The single point hydraulic connector and I think that's a great feature I've never actually taken one of these Off but I took my loader off just the Other day and it was really it really is Kind of a hassle to get in there the way They're configured so You just pull this right here you push The red red button push that You've disconnected all all four Hydraulics But there you go that's all there is to

It wow And you're done that that quick connect There is pretty sweet and then this is The third function right here so it is Not integrated in with a single point But it does make these two connections Out in the open a little bit I mean They're still protected but To get to them to to actually utilize Them it's a lot easier because usually When you've got these in association With those you've got two that are going To be in the middle of everything and Those are the hard ones to get to so That separation actually makes it pretty Nice yeah all the plumbing this is uh From his dealership this way all the Plumbing is a lot nicer and cleaner than Mine and he was supposed to get the John Deere third function but what he ended Up with just because of availability is The WR long so that'll be a different Configuration I haven't tried before I'm Looking to see how those controls feel Different compared to the diverter I Have so the big difference between the WR long and the John Deere version is With the John Deere version you're going To get hard lines and I actually paid 500 to have hard lines put on mine when I first got my tractor and I was using The rear remotes as my third function And I didn't like that setup at all but I do have an extra set of hard lines

Which is a lot nicer than having an Extra set of soft hoses so the next Thing up here that he's got Is a four in one bucket so he's also got The frontier av-20f which is the grapple I started out with so when you ordered The tractor with third function Hydraulics and you got a grapple what Made you decide to go with the four in One bucket so I have two properties the Five acres we're on now and then a 100 Acre Farm that's about an hour away So my thought with the four in one Bucket is going to and from to maintain The two properties I could get away with Taking fewer implements that are Dedicated for a particular purpose and Take kind of an all-in-one out there To get things done You can always take the dedicated Attachment you know if you've got a big Tasking just for it but to go back and Do just routine maintenance out there Mowing I can get away with one Implement As opposed to loading up a whole trailer Worth of stuff I really think that makes A lot of sense that's what I've found When you're going somewhere you don't You have all these ideas of this is how I would do it at my house but to do it That way on this other property I need To take five things with me and I'm not Going to do that exactly now the version I have of that is the added grapple on

The standard bucket and that works the Difference with this is there's added Functionality in the bucket I got to use One of these buckets really briefly and I don't know if you've noticed that yet But to me it seems like for back Dragging and For any type of grading having this open Makes the back of the bucket more Functional than using the lip of the Bucket right and because you can carry Dirt with you because it's going to act As a sort of a light duty box blade Because it once that's up you've got a Place to capture dirt and drag it and Back to the holes looks like you've got A good spot here that I can test that Out in a minute absolutely and then the Last thing is when you've got when You're cleaning up an area and that last Little bit of stuff is hard to get a Hold of and this seems like the best way To do it down on it in that last little Bit you can do from the tractor seat so Right here we've got the grille guard From 511 designs now before I ever heard Of them I had someone fabricate one for Me and I would not run one of these Tractors doing anything like what I do Without a guard like that Um it looks like this is just an easy Bolt-on setup Four bolts is all it takes yeah and uh That looks like a great great little

Add-on to me I think Unless you just happen to have those Fabricating skills then I'd I'd probably Recommend one of those Well I learned from a School of Hard Knocks and this kind of takes the bigger Price tag out of fixing stuff when you Learn it the hard way you remember Approximately what that guard cost I Want to say it's about 3 30 delivered And it was From the time I ordered it till the time It showed up was less than two weeks Yeah for three hundred dollars and the Amount of time you're going to spend in Design and Fabrication I think that's a Pretty good deal The next thing we've got that really Piqued my interest is the hydraulic Thumb on his backhoe let's take a look At that so you guys have probably seen I Have the B expanded setup for my backhoe It's got a quick attach a trenching Bucket a ripper and a manual thumb and I'm really happy with all those products But I really debated the manual thumb Versus the Hydraulics I think the Hydraulic does it's going to cost you More to get it all set up But it seems like it would be better but Until you use it you don't know and the Only review I could find online was Tractor time with Tim which was a Helpful video but he kind of made it

Seem like it was a hassle using it with This lever up here so Um what do you think about the Functionality and how convenient it is To use this with the thumb oh I'm Getting to be older I'm going to hit 50 This year so getting down and up and Down and up all the time just isn't real Appealing to me nice thing about this From the seat you can stand up and reach The knob right here you lift it up that Engages the thumb and it is just Diverting fluid from from the bucket Curl To then the bucket curl and thumb so They'll meet in the middle somewhere You use it for as long as you need to When you when if you need to reset it All you do is open the bucket all the Way because it's just a diversion of the Fluid so if you open the bucket all the Way the bucket will go and then the Thumb will get all the way back up in The park position if you're done with it Raise the boom back up turn it off and It's out of the way you never have to Leave the seat it sounds better to me But I'm looking forward to actually Using it so I think that covers Everything on the tractor itself it's a Great looking machine let's go look at All of his attachments and then I'm Going to jump on this thing and and try To get some work done and see how these

Things actually perform all right so I'm Actually over here trying to convince Waldo to start his own Outdoors YouTube Channel because feels like I'm getting a Little bit of tractor Envy like every Time we go around this building I see Another attachment that's it's just a Little bit nicer than mine so I've got The frontier box blade 66 inches and I Kind of thought that might be the widest You would want to run on the 2038 but You said this one pulls all right behind It yep it's a 72 inch it will pull a Full load or full box up and down the Hills we've got here on our roads which Are a couple of them are kind of steep For for roads but never had an issue With traction doesn't seem to bog down Uh For our soil conditions which is clay Sand and just a few rocks this works Great you guys are probably mostly Familiar with everything attachments They make the wicked grapples but they Also they sell about anything you can Put behind a tractor and from everything I've seen it's all Heavy built and That's no exception here you can see it In the way this is made yeah that's Something that I didn't think of Initially but the fact the shanks are on Behind Seems like it would make it a little bit Stronger that's what he was just

Pointing out that mine there's holes in This tubing right here that the shanks Go through so it seems like it'd add Some strength that way this is the John Deere MX-5 now I have a frontier rotary Cutter People actually give me a hard time Because I went in and and bought like Everything and spent a ton on a tractor Package but you know this and the tiller We're about to look at Are kind of the higher grade of what John Deere dealerships are going to Offer you that that this is a more heavy Built in every way than the frontier Version But as a Counterpoint to it I have a six Foot wide Frontier brush hog because It's not as heavy and I've actually been In a few Discussions with people online about if It's okay to put an MX-6 behind the 2038 And it's it's too heavy basically that's What John Deere will tell you right is That it's too heavy it's going to be the Tail wagon the dog and I've got a couple Of attachments that are heavier that I Run on mine that are heavier than that MX6 is but the difference is how far Back the weight is and what you're doing With it so my stump grinder hangs off Six foot and weighs 940 pounds and my Flail Mower weighs a thousand pounds but It's tucked up tight and I'm not driving

Up and down Hills with the Stump grinder so It's one of those things you could Probably run it but you probably Shouldn't so you end up if you're buying This tractor you've got a choice between A six foot Frontier brush hog and a five Foot heavier built John Deere as far as This being heavier built I'll get a Close-up shot the biggest thing that I Wish I had on mine is this heavy duty Skirt because the the problem I've had With mine is not that something is Broken on it or it can't cut the Material the problem has been That you're supposed to be able to cut Well you're it's rated for inch and a Half I think but I like to cut stuff That's bigger than it's rated for and You can't back over it to cut it the Shape of this lets water and everything Else run off whereas mine the top of it Is flat and it's kind of separated by Some of the the iron that's welded onto It and it's got spots that's going to Hold rain and stuff so it's a nice Design all right I'm kind of jealous of The brush cutter Then I've got a mid Mount mower Uh mine is the 60 inch this is 72 and I'd rather have the 72 in my mind when I Was buying it I was thinking it wouldn't Fit on my trailer but I don't take it Somewhere else to mow I'm only mowing at

My own house if I could have easily got The 72 and I ordered the 60 inch deck With the load and go brackets And when the tractor came in they said Oh by the way we found out Loden goes Not compatible with the 60 inch you Could on the 1025 you can get it with a 60 inch but something about clearance And interference means that the 60 inch Doesn't work with load and go on the 2038 but it does on the 72. so I'd Really like to have the Loden go And then what was the model number on Your tiller RT 3062. so I have the same width Tiller and the difference between my Tiller and this tiller is that this one Is gear driven so it's also a little Heavier built So I really like my tractor but I'm getting A little bit jealous here why don't we Fire it up and drive it absolutely [Music] Thank you Okay that did work Not the way I thought it would Immediately but I mean I see what it's Doing that works Furniture I sat down thinking I needed to Overthink it I don't it's just intuitive I just grabbed them without giving it Much thought and it worked good so I'm

Gonna push this back a little bit and See If I can get some of those off the top With the foreign one Foreign [Music] [Applause] Thank you That was pretty handy with that thumb And the four in one bucket to move these Logs around for this exact job if you Moved logs around all the time worked Great and it feels more convenient with This and with the size of logs he's got Here to actually hold them up with the Grapple to slice your rounds off for Firewood with mine I never do that but I Could see doing it with that Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] So as you guys are gonna see over the Next couple days or you may even see one Of those first I drove up here it's

About three hours I drove up here to Play some other games and as soon as I Walked up I made one loop around this Tractor and I said we're making a video About your tractor because there's a List of things on this tractor that now Having had mine for a while I would do It this way and all of those things Mostly I hadn't ever seen in person or Used it and now I have and I'm gonna say All of them I think are an improvement I think the Four in one bucket is fantastic it's More versatile for spreading and back Dragging and it gives you the ability to Pick things up and carry them without Changing front-end attachments I also Think the thumbs better I think the Hydraulic quick connect is better and I Knew that at the time but just didn't Add that little bit of cost Um And really another one that really Strikes me is the tires because I've had The entire conversation before and only Thinking of it are are these Treads Better Right you know are is snow passing Through it are you less likely to get Stuck that's the only aspect I've looked At with it but the fact that this is a Bigger outside diameter it's a bigger Wheel and it's a bigger outside diameter On the tire I honestly felt like I could

Feel a little bit of difference there's Two factors there one is I've got the Cab which puts some weight up high sure And then these bigger tires Something about it I felt like it was Almost a little bit more stable and Bigger tires help you pull more So and the other one the white the WR Long for a long time I didn't understand That the WR long is not a diverter I've Got two different or I've installed two Different brands of diverters they work Well I've been happy with them but this Is better because it moves when you push The button and you can do two functions At once absolutely You have anything great you'd like to Say about your own tractor or You know Piecing together my entire equipment Package took a lot of time to figure out Exactly what I needed what I wanted Things that I could hold off on a lot of Decisions to make but there's a lot of Things I didn't want to compromise on So I tried to get what I thought would Be in the long run the best overall Because If you start replacing things you've Already got the the cost of the the Initial purchase you'll never regain all Of that when you sell it and replace it With something that's more expensive so I try to just do it all at once and be

Happy with what I've got and I'm I'm Tickled to death with what I've got I'm Very fortunate so and most of us are Financing these tractors and taking Advantage of the deer zero percent and If you're doing that Making a 500 change here or there Doesn't make as dramatic a a difference As as trying to add it later and then Like if you add third function later It's going to be hard for you to do it As well as the dealership does it as far As maybe fabricating a bracket to hold It and all that sort of thing and on the Initial package there's no dealer labor Fees for installations of the items that You're getting for accessories or So big cost savings there if you don't Have the ability to install things on Your own before I bought my tractor I Watched every video I could find on Tractors in this size range watched a Lot of tractor time with Tim and Elk Creek acres and just anybody I could Find that was giving information on the These kind of tractors and features you Would want and I went in with what I Felt was a comprehensive list of Everything I wanted added to the Tractor And I recommend taking the time to do That you should probably watch all 780 Of my videos you'll learn a lot of what Not to do from those But I hope you guys enjoyed this I

Appreciate you taking time to watch put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos I'll see you next time Hey and I appreciate you absolutely no I Enjoyed it immensely

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