This Makes it So Much Easier to Clear Snow and Ice

Okay so right now we're getting our First real taste of winter weather Got some snow coming down right now And a decent little ground covering I Don't think we're going to get any Accumulation really but I mean they're Saying we are usually we don't So Anyway I need to get out here and do Something about it so we're going to get The spreader put on the loader and salt Everywhere that that we drive I found that if you wait till it's done And then come out sometimes that first Layer will freeze and then you get snow On top of ice if you can deal with it Before you get that bottom layer of ice You're better off It is kind of nice that I'm currently Able to store my tractor inside so Warming it up is easier But I'm really glad that I've at least got This cab to keep me out of the elements The first year I cleared snow in the Tractor without a cab and I mean you'd Go out and you do it and it's fine but This is better It's coming down a little heavier just In the few minutes I've been out here And I wouldn't call it snow it's like Sleet but it's really small pellets Kind of alternating between that and Snow

And It could be worse Come on Definitely should have set this up Yesterday Foreign Okay I came up here in the shop because I was thinking I needed to reconnect The spreader to the battery and I Realized I left it in a way that was Really easy to reconnect you know thanks To the setup that it has If you guys haven't seen it before this Is my fast cast 2000 I think is the Model number on this It's from Curtis Industries Really nice spreader it's really Designed for spreading salt Or ice melt in the winter but I also Used it for spreading seed this summer So it has this cable right here that you Use to open and close the Chute wider or Narrower for how much material you want To let out at once And then it's just got this wiring set Up We've got A switch that turns it on and off And These two clips right here Are just quick connects and the other End of these is already connected to the Battery I just plug these two in and Then I stick this up in the operator

Station I actually open the front Windshield just a tiny bit stick this Through and close it again so I can Operate it from inside the cab And then I poke my cable controller in Here And we are set up and ready to go When I got this spreader I was planning To pull it behind the four-wheeler but Behind the four-wheeler It was I couldn't tell what was coming Out I couldn't tell how much was still In here and when the The ice or the salt or the ice melt Would stick to the sides I couldn't Reach it to knock it down so what I Found is if I put it on the loader on This receiver I can see what's coming Out the headlights are hitting the spray That's coming out of the spinner I can wiggle the loader joystick and Shake all the contents down And it's just it works a lot better for Me so that's why I'm using it on here But you can put this anywhere that You've got a receiver and you can get it That's a three-point mount All this came from Curtis Industries Which is the parent company that owns Artillion Bag says multi-purpose Kansas rock salt I don't know if different states have Different rock salt Foreign

[Applause] Foreign [Music] Thank you I started off with two bags and two bags Covered a trip all the way down to the Mailbox up around the Actual garage and then back up here ran Out right as I got back up Foreign [Applause] Thank you [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay I would say this is a nice setup For dealing with an icy driveway We have a pretty long driveway I used Four bags of salt and once I got it set Up it only took me maybe 15 minutes or Something not long at all you're just Driving down and back with the switch Turned on so anyway I'll have a snow Clearing video if this keeps coming down And the hard part of that once again We'll just be getting the plow and the Box blade put on the tractor but Next time I need to be more prepared Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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