THIS Part Of Our Off Grid Cabin Is OFFICIALLY DONE!

A woman bought an expensive dress Brought it home to the husband showed Him the bill and he said to her when you Tried it on why didn't you say get Behind me Satan she said I did and he Said it looked so good from the back You're welcome [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Yeah that's nice Makes you want to eat it but then you Know it's not going to taste as good Yeah try it yeah yeah when you tried the The Salt Lick oh yeah yeah because There's molasses in it eh no one of the Bears crapped it yeah right It smells kind of nice lick it Salty Molassesy I can see why they like it try it Come on now happy birthday It's intense yeah I know it's really Salty that's not Apple flavor it's Actually not bad but it's actually not That bad

It's not bad after I got some of it off It was just super intense the first go There's probably going to be somebody Tell us it's going to kill us Okay we'll be dead tonight You're gonna die well see us in the next Video we'll be dead [Music] If the deer can eat it you can eat it it Smells good smells like molasses it's Just like a super intense salt on your Tongue yeah I know right that's how they Like it he died yeah she's kind of weird Too Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign That's perfect and your bowl that you Used for your soup oh yeah right it was A matching set to this all right that's Funny yeah I like that kettle though I Like these Blue vintage look of it you Know what's better with that one too is The one we had before was smaller yeah Here's the little one yeah it works good I saw it actually the other day yeah but That one's bigger so it's better yeah Love Bass Pro and it's very beautiful Fast Pro outfit look yeah yeah the whole Thing Everything yeah we do love it all right Let's eat a donut Yeah let's talk more down

Thank you I have to go dumb I mean who doesn't like a donut really Please do They like donuts [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] You know the failure to follow all Directions can result in injury or death Freaking death every window just set it By the fire that's why Just for spray foam insulation yeah We're taking a big risk because I didn't Read them Way too many instructions to read on There For a minute oh [Laughter] Has it been a minute yet I don't know Holy mackerel really it's been like five Yeah I think it's good enough We're Not Gonna Die And we're dead in 10 minutes I'm good [Laughter] Point it right up towards your open Mouth To coming out It's weird

Oh there's a nail in there shoot a Minute oh there's a bug Craig He's been sealed in there forever Jurassic Park they're gonna make Something out of them yeah let's get him Alone Using sophisticated techniques they Extract the preserved blood from the Mosquito It's expanding nicely yeah it's low Expansion so you only go like Shooting it too crazy she also just put Like 50 of the Gap in We can't see this under your face Oh one window done Dripping Yeah Looks gross Gross you like it It's a gap You're tubing this What the freak And the bottle's empty what do we get The wrong window or something I don't Know But it's a chef pink insulation in that One very good I'm pretty sure we Couldn't get the right size window we'd Have to wait like eight weeks we did so We've got a smaller one yeah if I Remember sorry this seems weird yeah we Were just like out of work yeah that was The nail strip reaches yeah Pretty much

Didn't feel like waiting eight extra Weeks for one window I just added Yeah we're at Acoustic seal it's Grateful at least we got three of the Six Windows done Again yeah one two three two and three Three and a half yeah do you need one More two for this I can and another tube Acoustic seal and before we can do Anything else I guess very good job of a Mess still dry to come this don't Stepping it Foreign Gee Can't access her underneath that because If I push it up and pushing it behind That yeah Maybe something better than the butter Knife yeah Another hammer or something How far will it slide up all the way Then I slide in yeah Well that's sealed good yeah I guess so Yeah There they sound like that Oh it's warm in there more it's dark so We're gonna throw this in this is a Temperature sensor and it's going to set It up under underneath the plummet So we can just see uh with the Temperature on the crawl space is and How it's going and then we have a thing Inside that like shows us the inside

Temperature and it shows us under here We use this in our last place with our Water heater and everything to watch it During the winter And we're going to do the same thing Under there so I got to crawl in there Anyways [Music] It's like I'm being birthed backwards Thanks Freaking door works badly I guess so I need a handle on it Yeah it was a temporary door almost Turned into permanent skirting yeah I Know right looks like it Crap I screwed it up Just here so then you we can see it in Here We just put it under there but it says It seven point nine Celsius And 10 in here And it's minus eight outside I think Or 50 and 46. that'll probably go down a Bit because I just put it there It's warm down there I just walked in There though I'm crawled but it works Good you'd be surprised how well just Keeping the draft out of a place keeps It a lot warmer that's cool that's cool Yes [Music] Foreign Out S

[Music] Foreign [Music] So we just picked up that heat shield There we didn't actually need it behind There but Why not have a little more peace of mind And we like the way it looks anyway Bye get a little bit of peace of mind Just the extra Cost as you can see we See he's shaking it again Do a whole minute boring It feels like an hour yeah Did a good job so the stuff we already Used well it says it's great stuff yeah Yeah Sounds like diarrhea Oh I didn't think so but You got something wrong with your bowels I heard he's straight in there and he's Kind of scarce Come out It could be fun up there We could move this Yeah It's in the way for my taping anyway One more window done Foreign Like whipped cream or something but Yellow whipped cream yeah sponge toffee Or something [Applause]

Do you think you'd die immediately if You tried it no no I didn't want you to or anything it's Just asking Last one well there's the bathroom That's the shower thing These are from the toilet That's a little wrench for the toilet Oh yeah I have some taping this is a Little wrench for the shower Keep it all away from me Okay all right it'll be in the garbage Bit of a bigger Gap up there And the other top ones We almost forgot about the door [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Joy yeah this thing you thought there Wasn't much left you think you're done You're never done [Music] On the last round Okay Staple it and cut it a bit that's pretty Long [Music] So we're finally done that was a big job Yeah one of those ones it just seems Like it goes on forever every couple Seconds we'd be like you know every half Hour or something be like all right

We're done when you turn a corner no We're not done yeah you're like you Didn't tape something or he didn't caulk Some or acoustic seal something or Staple something yeah or something It's just always a lot of spots yeah a Lot of acute steel a lot of tape yeah Yeah by Staples yeah But it's done yeah yeah we're always Like it's like oh yeah just a quick job Get that done real fast just bang that Off no no it took a while so anyways It's uh done now though so we're ready For Probably gonna start getting these Partitions kind of Partitioned yeah right yeah so putting Something up on the walls and getting Doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms so We're not 100 sure we're gonna do there Yet so I guess just check back in the Next one and see what in the world we do Yeah we are going to put roxil Insulation but which is a sound barrier Insulation in between everything yeah so There will be that yeah that's a Guaranteed yeah other than that uh not Sure I figured out probably a little bit Of OSB and yeah because we have some so We're just going to use if we have to Because you know we try to do it on a Budget yeah Yeah that's it right yeah that's it Glad to be done yeah we'll see you later

See you in the next one [Music]

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