This Tractor Destroys The John Deere 2025r! #tractor

A beautiful Coyote cx2510 Tractor Compared this to the John Deere 2025r has a front end loader though that Will lift 450 lbs more and it'll lift it 16 in higher than the 2025r has a skiter Quick attach some bucket hooks bolt-on Cutting Edge this tractor weighs about 500 lb more than the cab 2025r but this Cab has air conditioning and Heat check that Out two range Hydro same tire size as a 2025r this one has the r14s on it front And rear wiper front and rear work Lights rear remote comes standard External three-point control 540 RPM Rear PTO Cat 1 3point hitch lifts I Think it was 400 lb more on the threep Point as well just crushing that 2025r see this one on our website along With anything else we have for sale at Goodworkstractors tocom we ship Nationwide

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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