This was a Difficult Decision – Renting out My Equipment

Well guys this was a tough decision for Me but Life's all about tough decisions and I'm doing it so Let's get everything loaded up and I'll Tell you the story as we go along Thank you Foreign Foreign So we're loaded up I've verified with The way safe gauge that I have the Proper amount of tongue weight so I'm Hauling safely if you're not sure what The weight how the way safe gauges work I'm not going to give the explanation Here but I'll put a link at the end of The video To my video showing how I feel like Those gauges and those Hitches make Towing safer but for today's video I'm saying goodbye to my skid loader for A week And I don't feel great about it But I feel like I need to do it so if you Follow along with my videos you know That I'm self-employed I have been for Quite a few years I've got one business Up on the hill where we make a product And Then I I make videos I get a little bit Of money from that and I try to do Tractor work and skid steer work I sell

A little bit of firewood just do a Variety of things to make money on the Side and when I bought the skid loader I Was stretching my budget pretty thin to Buy this piece of equipment With the thought I was going to pay for Itself doing work I was without my truck For a while and you know making money With the machine is harder than it Sounds and I really haven't been getting This machine to pay for itself so I had An opportunity come up Where they're willing to pay me The same amount of money that a rental Yard pays because The people I'm renting it to couldn't Find a machine exactly like they wanted To rent So it's a substantial amount of money Well I'll just say it I'm I'm getting 1500 for the machine for a week 40 hours And another couple hundred dollars for The use of the grapple on it And you know that'll More than pay the payment on the machine And make it pay for itself this month But that means I'll be without it and Doing stuff the hard way again but you Know that's all right I don't rely on This every day but When I got the machine and I started Getting some of these attachments and I Got most of the attachments financed With the machine I've had some others

That are demonstration units for the Channel I thought you know worst case scenario I Could always rent this machine out to Pay for itself and you're taking on Liability and I carry insurance on the Machine and I carry Insurance on me Using it and the people I'm taking it to Are insured But you are taking on some liability You're taking on risk that someone Breaks your machine breaks your Attachment And it just doesn't feel great honestly This is uh It's personal I mean I've put all the hours on my tractor and My skid loader pretty much and now I I'm letting it out of my sight for a Week when Anything Could Happen Now the reason I'm probably the only Reason I went ahead and did it this time Is because you guys most of you follow The channel know the guy who's renting It Uh my friend Billy the place he works is Renting the machine and he's going to be The primary person running it So at least I can trust the person Running it that they're going to try To make sure my machine's taken care of But I just wondered your thoughts on it Would you ever consider most of my

Audience I think owns a tractor Would you ever consider renting out your Tractor for a week To make the payment on it if you have a Payment or if you you know say you don't Have a payment you just you know you Earn your mortgage that week by renting Out your tractor would you do it is the Risk Reward you know worth it is there enough Benefit for that money to risk your Machine being gone And can you get by without it for a week Luckily I've got two machines We're not like a chainsaw or log Splitter you ever rent those out I've Rented out the my log splitter like a Hundred dollars for a weekend And that sounds like nothing right but They came and got it they did all the Work How many hours is someone really putting On this one of these little log Splitters in that time it was a thirteen Hundred dollar splitter if you did that 13 times you've got a free splitter So With with the piece of equipment like This though It only takes one thing to go wrong for You to be in the in the negative and That's why the rental places but I'm Also thinking about it the rental places Make money

They've done all the math that I haven't Done about depreciation And risk and repairs and all of that Sort of thing and they're profitable Renting out machines so Anyway I'm gonna chain this thing down Take it to Billy And for the next week you won't see skid Steer videos it'll all be tractor work On firewood and things like that Leave me a comment tell me would you do This You know I said at the beginning life's About difficult choices I don't want to Rent my machine out But I also I want it to make money and Pay for itself because I've got five Kids and five grandkids and I've got Employees up in the shop and I've got to Make money so Anyway I'm not trying to complain like I Feel like the most blessed person in the World have to have the problem of of What do I do with this wonderful machine I'm not complaining but reality is I Need that machine to make money and I Put out some more listings a couple Weeks ago I did not get any Hits on my listings for people wanting Work when I do get those inquiries Normally they're not as profitable as I'd like them to be So hopefully I can do all of that better Next year but for right now I'm going to

Rent this thing out I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos And I'll see you next time

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