Throw Away Your Condensed CREAM SOUP Cans! (Make this HEALTHY and INEXPENSIVE Version Instead!)

Learn to make this quick and easy homemade #creamofchickensoup recipe. Then, mix up a dry #creamofsoup base to keep on your pantry shelf so you can whip up a cream of chicken, #creamofmushroom, cream of onion, cream of celery or any other cream of soup that you need in minutes.

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Mona sodium gluten mate yeast extract Natural flavoring who knows what that is Soy protein isolate there are some Things that just should not be on your Pantry Shelf and you shouldn't be eating Them when you go to the grocery store And you get cream of chicken cream of Celery cream of mushroom soup or any Cream of soups you're essentially Getting something that you're paying way Too much money for for something that's Probably not good for you but don't Worry you can make them at home really Really easily and I think you're going To be surprised how quickly you can do It that is really Good cream of mushroom cream of chicken Cream of celery cream of anything soups Are such a great meal base for a lot of Comfort Foods or winter meals from soups To cast cerles to stews to all different Things but again they're not very good For you and they're actually really Expensive for the ingredients that are In there you can make your own at home Way cheaper and really quickly today I'm Going to be showing you how to not only Make a fresh version of these soups that Whips up in just a few minutes you're Going to be surprised how easy it is and How great they can actually taste but We're also going to be making a shelf Stable mix that you can just keep on Your Pantry Shelf

Pull it out mix it with a little bit of Water or milk or broth whatever you have On hand and you'll have your very own Ready to grab really quick and easy Shelf stable cream of anything soup now When we're making cream of anything soup It really comes down to making a simple White sauce it also is just about the Exact same is making a gravy the only Difference in all of these things are The ingredients that you choose but but They all start with the same basic types Of ingredients number one you need a fat Number two you need a thickener like a Flour you could also use an aerrow root Powder you need Liquid and you need some seasoning That's the basis for all of them with That you get to choose mix and choose All your seasonings all your liquids Your different flavors even the fats That you use to make wonderful different Flavors so let's talk about the specific Ingredients we're going to start with Today for a cream of chicken soup I love To make my cream of something soups with Butter everybody likes the flavor of Butter but you can also use other fats You want it to be a shortening which Just means it's a fat that's solid at Room temperature but liquid once it's Heated another really great option is Using a really good quality home Rendered lard for that today I would

Love to be using my own homemade butter But we don't have any right now so I Turn to my next ve best option which is To get some really good quality butter From Azure standard most of the Ingredients today come from Azure Standard it's kind of where I do any Shopping that I have to do if I have to Get ingredients from outside my own Garden or my own freezer or my own Pantry so we're going to start with a Half cup of butter we also need that Thickener So today we're using a/2 cup Of an allpurpose is flour now aside from Changing this to an arrow root powder if You're gluten-free you don't really have A lot of flavor options on this so just Grab that good allpurpose flour make Sure you get unbleached something that's Good quality and doesn't have a whole Lot of extra ingredients for our liquids Today because we're making a cream of Chicken soup I'm using a chicken broth Now you can see this is actually a Really nicely gelled broth that I have In the refrigerator we had chicken a Couple days ago and then we made a great Broth out of it you could use boxed Broth store-bought broth you could use Your own broth you could use vegetable Broth beef broth like the the options Are really wide and varied but since We're making a cream of chicken soup I'm Using a chicken broth right here we also

Want the cream part right which is milk We're going to go with two cups of just A good quality milk this is just our Fresh raw milk that just came right out Of the milk cow but you can grab Whatever you have in your refrigerator And use that instead now for the Seasoning you get to play a lot with the Seasonings you have a lot of options so Don't feel stuck to what I'm showing you Here today you can take this any Direction that you want but today I'm Going to show you just a really good Kind of basic seasoning that's going to Get you a flavor that you're pretty used To if you're used to the stuff out of The can you're going to want to start With a flavor intensifier now this is Freeze-dried chicken broth powder you Could use a chicken bullion you could Use a vegetable bullion you could use The better than bu on paste um go ahead And check out the blog post that I have Linked for you for the exact recipe and All the exact amounts of this you're Going to want some onion powder some Garlic powder a little bit of salt some Celery salt oo this is so good this is Our homemade celery salt and some black Pepper remember this is a great starting Spot but don't feel stuck with the Ingredients that I just gave you you get To play with those seasonings a lot Let's jump in and see how easy this

Really is let's go ahead and turn our Heat onto medium whenever you're making A cream of your choice soup we're going To start by melting our butter all the Way down now if I wanted to make a cream Of celery or a cream of mushroom soup I Would start by putting this butter in Getting it melted and sautéing a/4 to 1/ Cup of celery um or mushrooms if you Wanted to be really really decadent you Could get some of the really fancy dried Mushrooms Azure carries the porini Mushrooms or the portabella mushrooms And oh my goodness they are absolutely Delicious and they make for an amazing Cream soup like this so good okay let's Get this [Music] Melted as soon as your butter is all the Way melted go ahead and sprinkle in all Of your flour and then quickly stir it All the way in you can use a whisk if You want I don't find that it's usually Necessary but you want to make sure to Completely stir it so that there are no Lumps left and it works out all of those Little bits of flour you don't want any Dry bits you don't want any lumps in Your cream of choice soup right now our Flour is pretty much completely Incorporated it'll keep incorporating Here as it Cooks a little bit but right Now if we took our next step and made The rest of the sauce it would have kind

Of a raw flour flavor so we want to let This cook for just a minute or two just Until it starts to get very very lightly Brown remember we don't want to make a Full-on like copper colored RW we want To make just a slightly cooked cook off All that raw flavor in that flour this Is again only going to take a minute or Two make sure you keep stirring the Entire time All right now we want to go ahead and Add all of our liquid all at once at Least the best we can there goes all That Broth start Stirring and as soon as that's Incorporated add that Milk at this point I like to go ahead And add any bullion or any broth powder Whatever it is that you're using to Intensify that flavor it's just going to Give it a minute to go ahead and Completely dissolve before we take the Next step and before it thickens up too Much so right now we're just going to Stir every so often making sure to stir All the way across the bottom and let it Start to [Music] Thicken All right the soup is all now nice and Thickening and boiling you can see it's All bubbly and starting to thicken up so I'm getting my seasonings all right in

[Music] There I am actually going to whisk those In so that they're in there all the way And right now it's thickening but it's Not quite as thick as you'd want it for A condensed cream soup so at this point You can just let it simmer for as long As you want until it's the right Consistency this is looking really good To me and oh it smells so good let me Take a [Music] Bite Oh this is so much better than anything You would ever get in a can not only is It taste better it's so much better for You like everything about this is just Better but I do know that this takes a Few minutes now this is delicious it's Ready to go you could just throw some Chunky ingredients in there right now And you'd have a ready soup like a Chicken and some carrots oh my goodness It would be so good but sometimes we Need things to go even faster but we Don't want to sacrifice the quality we Don't want to sacrifice the health Aspects of it we don't want the bad Ingredients so now let's take a look at A dry shelf stable mix that you can have On hand for when you need that really Really quick grab and go meal and you'll Be able to just add a little bit of it To some water or some broth or some milk

And you'll be ready to go in just a few Minutes let's take a look at that I love Getting to have this dry cream of your Choice soup on the Shelf now it has a Few ingredients but you're going to see This comes together so quickly first We're going to start with some dry milk Powder you could use a rice a dry rice Milk powder if you wanted to go Dairyfree remember though that a Nonfat milk powder has about a shelf Life of about a year whereas if you go With a full fat kind it's only going to Have about a 6mon shelf life so you'll Want to make sure that you're thinking About that when you're thinking about How how much of this you make and how Long you want to store it same thing Here this is corn starch make sure you Get a really good quality corn starch You don't want anything that has had any Genetically modified anything going on With it so get a good quality corn Starch and again the amounts and the Exact list of ingredients will be Printable over at the blog post so just Follow that link then we have some Potato flakes these can also be by the Term of instant mashed potato potatoes This just gives this a great texture Really Quickly we have some dried onions here I'm actually using my freeze-dried my Home freeze-dried onions but you could

Get just the minc dehydrated onions that You can buy um at Azure at the store Wherever you get Them some dry parsley flakes onion Powder garlic powder some Margam Celery Seed let's see a little bit of salt and Then some pepper now you could use white Pepper if you don't want it to stand out Personally I like the kind of rustic Look of just the black pepper so I Always go with the freshly ground look At how easy that was like that's really Simple it goes together super fast and This is going to sit on your shelf for At least 6 months ready to use we just Need to get a lid on it and get it Really well combined [Music] Shake shake Shake number one rule of everything on The homestead label it All don't forget the Date all right let's take a look at how To actually use this when you're making A recipe using your cream of choice souo Base is actually really easy and you Have a lot of choices with it now this Is just kind of a standard soup base has A little bit of that chicken bullion in It remember you can change that out if You want for a vegetarian bullion even a Beef bullion if you want it but you can

Also flavor things after the fact so Today I'm going to show you how to use This just making a really really simple Dish for my lunch today we're going to Use some chicken and because the chicken Is already going to be in the dish I Want to go ahead and add some extra Flavor and I've got some mushrooms Chopped and ready to go and I even have Some freeze-dried celery that I'm going To throw in and use too so this is going To be a cream of everything soup and it It's going to work out really good it's Going to be really delicious so the First thing we want to do is take our Soup base and we're going to add 2/3 cup Of this to whatever liquid we have now Again I'm using some chicken broth here That I had in the refrigerator if I Didn't have this I could use some milk I Could use some plain old water water if I wanted to I might want to add a few More seasonings to it by the time it's All said and done if I did just plain Water but it does work out great and I'm Just going to add it to the liquid while That liquid is still cold from the Refrigerator this looks really thick It's just because it's that good Homemade bone broth so I'm just going to Stir that up and let it sit for just a Minute while I'm Working okay now I'm just going to toss Just a little bit of butter into the pan

Just enough to grease the pan then I'm Going to throw in my chicken it's Already been uh cut up into nice little DIC Bits and right about the same time I'm Going to toss in my chopped mushrooms These are the wine cap mushrooms that we Grow here in the garden Oh they smell really good I'm going to Put in just a handful of celery you Could use fresh C you could use whatever You have on hand I'm just kind of making This up as I go from what ingredients I Have I'm just going to stir this up Until that chicken is all the way cooked And the mushrooms have melted down just A little Bit okay now the chicken is cooked all The way through those the celery has Kind of Taken on a little bit of Moisture just going to put our broth and Soup powder right on into the Pan and Stir It Up and let it cook for Just a minute it's not going to take Long and it's going to start to thicken Right up so keep an eye on [Music] It okay that took less than 1 minute to Thicken up so nicely look at this Essentially what you have here is like a Chicken pop pie filling especially if You threw in a few extra ingredients Right at the beginning you could pour This right over rice over noodles you

Could just eat it plain you could add a Little bit more broth and make a nice Thickened chicken Stew that was so easy it's so easy to Use it's so easy to make I really Encourage you guys to get this on your Shelf and use it instead of that Store-bought stuff and hey if you want To know something else that will really Make your winter meals easier check out This video right here where you can have Cookies on your shelf just waiting for You to make anytime you have any Unexpected guests come over for the Holidays we'll see you soon goodbye

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