So we're using a John Deere 1025r with An ideal 48 inch tiller on the back and So Any subcompact tractor you know your 20 To 25 horsepower range or typically what You're going to see using a 48 inch Tiller about the same width as the Tractor but all your Kubota BX series Your massive subcompacts coyote New Holland LS you're basically going to run A 48 inch Taylor at 60 inch is just too Large so this is breaking new ground Here and so we're going to go over this Multiple passes because we're gonna go Down and back for the first handful of Passes and and show you what that looks Like and then at the very last pass We're going to go down back down back so For four total passes show you the Difference it's breaking up chopping up All the side all the grass all the roots That are up on top a few rocks here and There that you're going to see but in Subsequent years once you have that side Broken up you're not going to have to go Over it nearly as often to have really Great and consistent results but in the Beginning if you're putting in a brand New Garden or a brand new food plot You're probably gonna have to spend a Little bit more time that first year Getting everything established

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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