Tilling Gardens and Fighting with My 3 Point Hitch

Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we are going to till some Gardens first thing I've got to do is Get the stump grinder off the tractor And that's a little bit of a wrestling Match sometimes and it's way back up in The corner of the shed where I store it So let's get started and see how many Gardens we can get done today Thank you Let's see if this is going to want to Come off today Getting these pins off Requires you to adjust these turnbuckles All the way in to give you a lot more Slack but I think first I'm going to get The top link off and disconnect the PTO Hit it with a little bit of rust Patrol I've got a bunch of videos about how I Don't like these turnbuckles Because They're awkward to adjust when you need To But I had some trouble when I switched To the telescoping style so I switch Back to these Thank you Foreign I think we want a little bit more Movement than that so loosen it back up A little bit so it's got some movement Now I need to make sure that the top Link is centered above the PTO so I'm

Not tilted off to one side or the other I'm going to go ahead and Lube this Mechanism here For the PTO But I'm gonna have to stop and get a tube of Grease because I'm completely out and I Really need to grease this PTO shaft Thank you Splines aren't lined up and I can't Rotate the tiller because I set it down So I switch this to my mid PTO So I can rotate the PTO shaft on the Tractor Foreign Foreign Thank you This is pretty good for irony I pull up Right here to till this Garden And I'm doing four different Gardens Today the second one I'm doing is right There and that's property close friend Of mine that I come out here all the Time and do brush cutting for and uh It's right across the street Doesn't get much more convenient than That I stopped just to check the depth on the Tiller I was thinking I might have Lowered the feet where it wasn't going Very deep but it's almost at maximum so We're we're getting loosened up pretty Good Foreign

Thank you I've been on this property quite a few Times before we used the skid loader to Mow this field out here I've tilled the Garden here and this is where I came to Look at those custom or refurbished axes But this is a new location that he Hasn't had a garden before and we've got A tree over there so we might hit a Little bit of roots but I don't think It'll be too bad Okay Foreign At some point while I was doing this Garden the camera battery died but I did It exactly like all the other ones today So It was a good day's work I appreciate You guys taking time to watch I'll put Links on the screen to more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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