Tilt, Angle, and Offset – This Blade Does it All

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I'm in a really good mood today Because I just picked up a new Three-point attachment And your first thought may be oh that's Just a rear blade But it's a rear blade that angles Offsets and tilts which makes it a very Versatile attachment so I want to really Quickly tell you how I got this and why I got it then we'll go out and put it to Use So As far as why I wanted a rear blade I Started off choosing between a box blade And a land plane and I decided to go With the box blade Because it was less expensive and Seems like a versatile Easy to use attachment and it does a Great job for moving material from one Place to another and a good job of Leveling But One of the YouTube channels that I watch Not a real big Channel but just a good Guy who has a lot of information to Share about tractors it's called k h Tractors and he told me a long time ago I said Brock you need a good rear blade Said it's really versatile and you can Do more with it than you might think and That's been like two years ago when he Told me that and I've been thinking

About it ever since And I've got several specific projects That I think this is going to help me With but mainly I want this not so much For spreading rock or leveling dirt I Want this for trenching and contouring Like the ditch out along our road Both sides of my driveway and drainage Swales down towards the pond So I've got a backhoe and I've actually Got a trencher for the skid loader but If you want to divert water with a Trench you're probably buying pipe and Rock and landscape fabric and if I want To run hundreds of feet of trench I'm Spending thousands of dollars well I Want to divert water without spending All that money so shallow drainage Swales or drainage ditches are a great Choice and I think this rear blade is Going to be a good way to create those Now as far as the specific one I got to Get that versatility I think the more Ways you can pivot the tool the more it Can do for you so having basically six Way I would call it like a six-way blade Because it can it can move in so many Directions that is what allows you that Versatility to to make your drainage Ditches with it now I got this from Iron Craft Now I put out a video a couple weeks ago About who is Iron craft it used to be Called Titan implements which is

Completely different than Titan Attachments they've brought in some more Manufacturing Partners they are now Called iron craft I made a deal with Iron craft to demonstrate some of their Attachments I don't own this and they Aren't paying me but I also did not buy This I get to use it and then at the end Of a period of time I will either trade This in for another attachment or I'll Buy it at a discount and I'm really Excited for that partnership because Iron craft makes good products at Reasonable prices and they've got a Catalog about this thick They make everything for skid steers Tractors excavators you name it they Probably make one And they told me pick two things out of There I picked a simple Articulating blade and something else That I think is really cool that you'll Be seeing soon So that's enough talking let's get out There and see if we can Move some material with this blade [Music] [Applause] Okay I think that'll get her done I'm hoping that'll reach from the Driveway down into my my ditch next to The driveway It might be too wet out here to really

Do this job today but I can find out if It's going to work which is the big Question in my mind all the water on This side of the driveway used to run Down next to the driveway and run all The way out to the ditch by the road but Over time it's kind of filled in and Water no longer flows so the purpose of This project is to dig that Trend ship Back out the way it used to be The problem is it's really a little too Wet to be doing this because I need to Work it from both sides and I really Don't want to get out into this field to Do the second half of the job [Music] I do feel like this blade is going to be Very handy once I get the hang of it one More thing I forgot to mention earlier About iron craft is this brand is Exclusively sold through dealerships so Probably wherever you bought your Tractor offers iron craft attachments [Music] Okay [Music] Every year in the spring I'm frustrated That this does not drain water very well And we get water that pools up up there In low spots and we have higher spots Down here and this is something that Just seems like periodically we need to Regrade this so that it drains properly The problem is I can't really do it

Right today because now I need to go to The other side angle the other way and Come back down and deepen that and even It out and it's too muddy over there I Don't want to tear all that up so for The second time in a week I've started a Project that I can't finish until it Dries out It's kind of annoying did I do that but I couldn't get myself to just sit inside Today so I had to get out here and try This I think it's going to be a great Tool once I get the hang of it and the Ground dries up a little bit but I Appreciate you guys taking time to watch This video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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