Tips for Making & Storing Homemade Butter | Pantry Chat Podcast Short

We’re all busy and have a lot on our schedules, and sometimes we only have time for a quick podcast. Come listen to this podcast short as we answer your questions in a short amount of time.

Today’s questions answer whether you can rinse your butter in city water/tap water and how else you can wrap butter for storage.

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Uh let's see here uh Katie Johnson on How to make butter I'm new to this but What about the tap water with chlorine And fluoride when you wash your butter Butter good question this is a good Question also wrapping the butter in Plastic what else can you wrap it in I Like the thinking keeping it clean this Is very good yeah Um so you're probably referring to the Butter making videos I think there might Be two of them out there this one is Great it might get a little hard to see On the video hot too feels good Uh and in the video I just go to the Sink and I wash the butter with running Water from the sink I can do this Because we're not on City water so sorry Guys if you're on City water and you do Have fluoride and chlorine in your water And you know anything else that they use In city water I would recommend using a Filtered water or a distilled water to Go ahead and wash your butter with or You know kind of most of the other Things you're actually going to consume So I think that's a great question well And you know if you're if you are on City Water you're probably not really Excited about drinking it either so You're probably filtering or you want a Way to filter it and the berkeys are Great yes and they have fluoride filters And that's exactly what we used when we

Lived on City water is we had a large Berkey and we did all of our cooking With that all of the drinking with it Anything that we had to do that we were Going to consume the water we would go Ahead and just run it through the Berkey So that's really good the second part of The question was asking about storing it The butter in Saran Wrap and not wanting The plastic to touch the butter which is A great thought I really like that you Could use parchment paper instead they Used to have something that was called Butter paper if you look really hard you Might be able to find it that's because People used to make butter a lot more Than we do now and so they used to be More available to actually buy butter Paper which is just kind of like a waxed It's almost like a wax paper like Thinner I'm just thinking I'm just Thinking of the paper that butter from The store comes like a thinner wax paper Pretty much like that so you could use That too but you know what the trick is You guys might have heard me say this I Just learned the trick in the last few Months about how to not go crazy when You're using parchment paper because you Know it comes out and it rolls all up in The tube that it was in like no matter What you do it happens to you too oh This is this is one of these little Tricks just made my life so I was so

Excited about this it solved a very real Problem for those of us to use parchment Paper you take the parchment paper and You crumple it out all up in a ball and Then when you straighten it back out it Doesn't roll up on you Isn't that brilliant I like it okay Brief pause while the train goes we have A train going by okay Well we do have a train who uh that goes Right by the property and sometimes it Gets a little loud so I think it is Moved on now hard to talk over yeah

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